Laughter is the Best Medicine

Try Not to Laugh or Grin | Funny Vines May 2017 (Part 2) | Best TBT Vine Compilation 2017

yeah yeah honey coming out to do same I’m a god like a brother bringing Leo how to fail cut it cut it cut it cut it cut it cut it down look at my dab look at my dab look at my dab look at your dad hey Caitlin watching some sale ever you means nothing nowhere to go man you need to go yourself you was trying to look like the station born dad I got a question for you officer I got one question for you whoa what are though sir the dinosaurs have escaped oh fuck again how far we got dogs face yes makeup that sparkles good good something where your mouth can be your fucking eyes fuck yes Marlene your speech was so good nobody like that even my trials is like improv and all the gold watches you support the global guy so he broke up with me yeah why are you looking out need to cry but my foundation with $48 someone order a big sausage pigeon I did oh I don’t have any money for the fucking order of pieces the government you know fuck I go hard and a motherfuck thank you you know I just love nature oh my god kottkatt goodbye you love me Carla okay I would I just got too much to do tonight when you’re playing Monopoly with your girlfriend and she too keeps cheating oh god I go to the boardwalk to the dog sir are you on drugs no I’m on my seat I mean he’s not wrong okay haven’t I said okay bye-bye movie snitcher everybody sit still get back hey it’s just me the janitor so who’s got the weed a unit of cover cop yeah what are you doing on the roof uncle Alec I lost a friend babe are you smoking crack up there yeah all right just one more question yeah well they’re at four stop what makes the perfect woman your own personal guy oh no I mean for female Ghostbusters the feminists are taking over I’m an adult version want to go out I don’t know what a good or bad no you sure I’m not going to bet Oh ain’t you see I’m I’m going to bed step up in this bitch like I’m the one you bitch that so you’re from the future you’re 2016 so the world’s not going to end in 2012 oh well you’re going to wish it it’s not about – a new Toyota bought me a car hey bro yeah what’s going on man there’s no TV in here my bad dude can you throw me a new look roses are red violets are blue why why’d you leave me Karen what did I tell today I look good I didn’t even try a person I like a judgy relative a person I like four years ago a friend but suddenly want to take a group photo that’s definitely going on the internet chainsaw you look like an Aussie you’re acting out what’s up Jackie I’m teaching my doctor allergic to peanut butter really no Daniel you’re on plane look there’s a cameras room uh-huh no this is a cram for 20 what’s your emergency there’s someone in my house no I’m not I miss my brother I miss my brother I miss my brother Dan knucklehead nigga can take it for business young miss hello Jessie long beautiful body Oh me how know what’s going door hey I’m ready for appropriate polar bears are dying the ice caps are melting humans are secreting all the natural it is all giggety giggety giggety read it off put it off put it off rock it if it is rockin it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take it take a picnic bag Bob Zack SOT you can get in trouble jack she’s such a snake wait a minute who are you all right here on my truck that’s what my truck this sick weight the we mix God you used to call me on my iPhone rose-gold 6s plus 64 gig goodbye thank you but we haven’t just removed the headphone jack we’ve also removed the camera and the screen oh my go ahead girl come see this they got a ramen noodle exhibit you know that your favorite be careful children that’s a lot of sodium oh fuck there it is how did you take down Captain America we shot him into the legs because his shield is the size of a dinner plate and he’s an idiot in area with that hey dude do you want thing for dinner chicken nuggets you know I think I just need some time say no more I understand completely oh no oh I’m falling so I’m thinking my time on my back a mailman when he got justice letters Jonathan I don’t love you anymore we did it you’re gonna be a father it’s incredible hey what are you doing there’s no music playing they asked me how are you and you’re fine did you forget I was just address tonight a man with dark and if there are any fear here tonight tell me does this sound like Shakira

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