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TRY NOT TO LAUGH – The Best Funny Vines Videos of All Time Compilation #46 | RIP VINE March 2019

[Music] welcome back everyone we continue the best vines of all time with compilation number 46 this one features all your favorite vines from your favorite Viners let’s get started alright welcome to McDonough’s what would you like yeah I get cheap chicken nugget but you like to barbecue sauces oh yeah I’ll take a girl I am NOT walking under that only rock you could find me under it’s doing the rock down thing to me little boy who told you you can wear that shirt I know it give it to me you call at the same time every morning hello beep wait bill Rick from high school Rick Wow I love you como estas right nope wait don’t know underlay what does that mean nope I don’t know either you know you’re doing ok class you should be on chapter 5 a Frankenstein just assign this book I didn’t even read the cover page hit shaken not stirred what is the shaken think bad boy everything you’ve got in the bag ok ha ha yeah what was was this story time she waited every day with their arms outstretched for a hug and she was about to get one you are just like your father leave me take my kids but you know only on the weekend and that’s about everything oh yeah and don’t forget to feed the super B’s wait wait what are super B’s Austin I told you to clean your room before you go on the Xbox oh my go ahead girl cool see this they got a ramen noodle exhibit you know that’s your favorite be careful children that’s a lot of sodium I’m full next Friday yeah I’m gonna be full that day hey Robbie my pencil fo can you get that for me I can get that ass for you what I think here I had a package for mr. Michi but I see you’re not home I’m right here you ready to kill some people homes Simona homes I’m always strapped it’s cuz good homes but Jones they kill me oh is that a hair in my food that is disgusting I’m never eating here again waiter tickle test hey Grande you mind giving me what I said would you mama let me get this sentence what do they selling can I know honey I’m gonna take a trash out don’t forget yourself oh I get it yeah she’s underage and she’s driving a vehicle this is dangerous [Applause] tell me why you’re grounded I was doing karate when you told me Todd you and what happened I broke it so what do you do I’m a dental hygienist yeah mm-hmm that looks fake ain’t nobody gonna read any of em books Oh girls somebody put this in my Honda he said what’s good D and I said ma and he’s been treating it like a buffet ever since my pants hey Jesus we still on for Friday Friday the Last Supper or what ah supper normal supper with the fellas you know just hey okay we gotta go there’s a tornado I gotta watch this game but you might die if I don’t watch this game I will die dude we’re going the wrong way what why you see this arrow is pointing this way that arrow has veins on it to k-16 you guys are lucky they don’t treat you as well as I do in college turn around turn around what did you do to your head Harold tell me I’m beautiful Oh Gerald does metrosexual mean that you get turned on when you ride the subway why would that be a fish my phone’s dead why why do you ask like urging tree I’ll have a margarita on the rocks you’re from New York duh what’s the capital of New York New York City so water on the rocks oh that’s me cacti did you forget to put the sunscreen in the bag whoa fur congratulations you’ve made it to the weekend yes and tomorrow you have chores what was that for April Fool’s hey I’m here hey I’m here for the job interview hey I’m here to interview for a position in your company so there you go I’m not surprised loud another round of shots turn down for what [Music] Kyle what are these no nose must be follow me here Oh big booty 19 oh dear god help me a beer run can I see the squad car I don’t know can you set a squad car you know when I win whoa I win y’all when I lose it’s just a game dude who cared Real Talk it’s hard out there I can’t feel my face I’ve got a glock in my rari I’ve been drinking since now laughs hey little bug where are you going to the bar Roger to find a real man where do you get off definitely not in this house so you’re graduating college in May how do you feel you know my liver says thank God but my heart says he’s not yet hey I can’t see me at 2k huh oh give me a kiss dear hello is grandma Jessica show you how to boogie welcome to mom because Mother’s Day is coming up okay my sister she’s a mom today we join don’t forget to take your pills mom well I was in the mid Pawnee Woody’s Coachella it’s a music festival Roger where I flashed my tits to Guns and Roses Oh twice honey what the hell is Twitter where I post my thoughts on things and pics on my cleavage I don’t follow you now I’ve already blocked you Richard hey though my son’s runnin low on tokens you’re gonna have to buy more no how about you give him some tokens before you start children well what did I say about going outside the perimeter get hit by a golf ball say a number five you look like a girl number five blue 26 where’s OB blue when you get these 26 inches enjoy your stay Thanks hey mom can I go alone have you washed your room yet wash you’re grounded hey man you ready to roll yeah let’s go up up down down BBA it didn’t work Frank cheat code watch out for jump scares that game can be scary and put the milk back no you press excellence where’d you get the gun and you killed everybody okay no no much this one back at it again with the white junkless come on oh my god gorgeous I don’t know is it just me or do these be going quicker than my dad tomorrow we bathe in the blood of our enemies down here ah Tyler I can’t make it tomorrow John you got became you can hang gorgeous Oh God Richard put that thing out before a squirrel mistakes it for an eight corner baby on board I saw that woman’s stomach and it’s definitely not three six weeks more like embryo on 4 July oh one second Anthony she’ll tell me you broke Teddy’s iPad I’m gonna check down your treehouse real talk what’s done is done you get what you give clothing time Bob did he uh pop boom Jim Bob you know what I did he said he didn’t want to take her back oh yeah I want you to die cut his leg off you cut his leg he’s been doing this for two days she thinks it’s street fighter well it’s not honey we should go to couples therapy I don’t know what therapist is gonna fix the size of your all right I get it Luanne well I sure as hell don’t you gotta catch those baby that’s a can of corn the oven mitt we’re making cookies right here we go what will pop see things like what the end of the year have a couple words for you guys I’m resigning I hate you all nine-one-one help it’s not a phone what a jar of peanut butter no it’s just a prop for the [Music] [Applause] booty call Chelsea are you ready for a meet up what are you doing on the roof uncle Alec are you smoking crack up there yeah yeah no you watch your grandma go to work that’s it for this week’s vine video if you liked that let us know in the comments below and hit that notification bell for more funny videos every single [Music] you [Music]

43 thoughts on “TRY NOT TO LAUGH – The Best Funny Vines Videos of All Time Compilation #46 | RIP VINE March 2019

  1. Why are there no black wemon with any of these black men in any of these videos. I guess black familys don't own cameras 😂😂😂🖕that

  2. Watch 3:53 and stop at 3:58 jjajajajjaajajjajajajajaja😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅

  3. You don't know the definition of scared until you teach your 12 year old sister how to drive a stick 😂😂

  4. why does it always have to be a video on strictly fails/vines/kids/animals? its those videos that never even make me smile, but are just filled with various fillers so people can get a certain amount of videos made all at a certain length. videos that are actually funny are not the ones always labeled under any of those categories, but are just a legitimate grouping of clips that the channel genuinely thinks are funny. That's how it used to be, and i really wish to see that day again, where i can look up a youtube video labeled as "funny" and actually laugh at it. but sadly, that day will never realistically come and there will just be more and more videos like this one as time goes on.

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