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Try Not to Laugh – Top 10 Worst X Factor Auditions (Cringey)

Hi, how are you? Thank you [very] much good. What’s your name? Jay stop valentine [my] [speech] a star, and when did you [started] music? I was like 16 I start doing gigs and you think you can win. I’m sure I’m sure my life eh Okay, what you’re gonna sing for us. I might have those eyes on the back hallelujah, okay, okay? Good luck package very Major there the [Bahaha] [Cookie] composing Yeah Yeah Hallelujah Hallelu [are] you to a kitchen chair? She broke up home and she cuts your hair? I’m from It’s not so one you see the light. It’s a call. It’s a broker Yeah I’ve heard a lot of russians of that song But nothing a stranger’s died you find that sound like a dope? I couldn’t my reminder were [Lira] strange or underneath it’s [like] really weird Are you serious now? It’s nervous. Yeah, we’re not connecting [the] dots. It’s not as usable as maybe you’re hearing inside of your head, okay [we’re] gonna Vote right now. You need Korea Gonna have to be a no for [me]. No for me. It has to be a no for me lugar formal. Thank you for coming Often even when I walked in up with them softly after that yeah, [oh], definitely didn’t expect that you and Your name is champagne Champagne right and how talented are you? well [II] might say in my opinion I [think] I’m very talented, but I’ll leave it for you three or to judge me and champagne Why have you got two pairs of sunglasses? Louis [epis] image left image fitter playing guitar so [champagne] would you think [lace]? He’s [fun] to see ya Then I can do He [palestinian] There’s nothing to wear Hardly Butterfly How do we fight [interest] are you? Thank you? You came in you called yourself champagne. You sounded like house wine. I mean that sort of sums up a performance There you are that’s the problem cricket the console so we can see what you’re all about that’s better. You know There’s no point are sitting here pretending that someone who is a bad sound alike is going to do well That’s the reality it’s a penny because the image is really good looks like he’s works in a poultry factory He’s got two pairs of sunglasses and a plastic microphone. How can you say the English in which is good [when] it’s different It’s [really] [looks] like [the] deli counter. It’s saying absolutely yes, that’s what it was a white. No. [no] honestly champagne. It’s not good enough Champagne champagne champagne we’re going to say no, okay, louie yes, or no Champagne please okay, you’re not going to change my mind champagne champagne We’re not going to change our mind honestly no no champagne your flat What’s up with your name? Dylan Dylan Wall smell [freud]. How old are you doing 18 18 and where y’all from? Kentucky how’d you can’t hear from Kentucky did you drive actually I [sold] my truck and And come here man. I’d get airplane Kickin be here [Rosina] right there. You know and be there You know doing like to get a ticket here. Yeah, so this competition really means a lot to you the world man do you want to be a singer more than anything, so [what] would you do with a five million dollar recording contract? What’s the first thing you would buy? That’s rough Okay, [gillis]. I’m guessing talking is not your strong suit, [so] [we’re] going to go straight to the singing Are you ready ready? I’m ready. Oh Okay, I got this tall rule is who got it? I’m throwing it. Oh got it, okay? Thank you. Drop. It is new Daddy I bet on more popping the gurkel [the] [breakers] right [a] [live] advocate I got niggas ticket you get it if you throw it here bang bang for personal damn You land [up] first [off]. Oh, [you] got your buck [dipper] I’m talking about It but I want [not] matter check your bladder. [oh] Dylan Dylan Dylan Dylan that was horrible I Think it’s time for you to leave the stage [hourglass] the sponge it’s right there. It doesn’t matter that it’s rainy feeling because a matter of Act stupid sponge below This final don’t care about the fun this fine. Don’t care about the fun [disciplines]. I want to publish his [oh] one was fun He sold his truck to do that wow thousand thing What’s your name? My name is villain hello [coolant] and here you aspire to be like I can be a bigger challenge on wow Yes, and what you can assign for today train engine sweat my shuttle gosh, okay? When you’re ready [hey] with nothing in my place. I see Frightfully [hey], I know you Celebi Spain [have] [a] [seat] Betweenness yes come to you Hey But what was that you sang? Syngenta Celine dion my heart will go on that. Wasn’t an arm and arm, and I’m I mean look darling It’s not to see you. Have a bad voice Honestly conserve never heard anything like that in my life. I mean you were singing notes which have never been invented It was powerful, [but] it was just out of tune babe. All right louie yes, [Eleven]. No cheryl you know Nothing nice for me. We have to know How the lens performance has gone down well like this much I just want one good Pure name and a Celtics offer okay. I’m sophie. Are you from [hotly] toes? I’m sophie is this your first audition. Yeah in front of a live audience like this. Yeah, okay? Who’s with you today? My mom my dad and my honey and are they supportive? Yeah very good Okay, okay. What’s it [song] love you. I do by Jennifer Hudson Okay You saw Miss Ma Yeah Because you got me [on] guys. Oh, God [Nico]. Oh Well, let me start off by saying you sophie our beautiful girl. Thank you. I’m not Gonna Lie you have power and projection Unfortunately we were missing the pitch and the tone Yeah, you need all of those things I want to [try] [and] be encouraging, but it was vocally really really bad So pierson-El to me okay. I’m gonna have to say now right now [Felicia]. It’s a night for me before no, sorry If I was my child, I would say something, I think Mr.. [oncologist] an autopsy done really well you know for the work [oughta] [make] the change more one thing Hello What’s your name? My name’s the Omkar judge, okay? Why are you here wrong car because I believe I’ve [got] what it takes to make the x factor. Are you gonna win? Yes? I am good. Who are you as good as Michael Jackson Daniel, Bedingfield? George Michael all right All right, you know I [going] Where are we done to the world? Look what we done Were about all the peace that [you] [pledged] your only son Did you ever stop to notice? all the children Dental world Did you ever stop [to] notice? Was crying at the sweep? ah Or a yoga photographer, I thought now the flair thought out the foldable. [oh] Wow, our we doesn’t be sure Doesn’t know What the hell the heck wow my [voices] are there, so it is a seriously? I am a tree performer I’ve been in karaoke finals without looking the screen, and I’ve had [95%] of the audience on my side I’m going to be on this review, Annika it is one of the worst I’ve ever ever heard Did you win? Hello Hi, boy, alright, and here. [we] got here Anton and [so] [alan] [says] and what makes you different from everyone else in the charts today? Well, we got [along] [spat] over it was if we had to say one. [we’re] probably like p diddy in Russia Okay, but you sounds honest or any things on his own he sounds a bit [like] [a] ghastly as well Right so [IP] [really] oh sure and rick astley. Okay. It’s good look and Guys presume you think you can win what happens when you win? What’s the next stage well? We won’t be worldwide selling artists okay off you go okay, [I’m] whoa, whoa mysterious girl Your body comes to mind with your body come on with your body I Stop and stare at you walking on the Shore. [I] Just come to treat a man was to make [booklets] all the charcoal scene Are you taking a berber? Anger when I look at you, oh fall in love No [doubt] you look so fast [we] all Wanna make you mine yet. Come on. Just leave me be please one I love woman that the love I’ll just use lonely [men] whoa nothing like a kid Yeah, one, just let me be please Maestro I’ve been [it] [smaller] hands and death it. Just come on say now guys come on. Come [on] We know what [we’ve] know a good enough. I’m not disrespectful We’ve usually pretty good. [hello] Anton said I mean it was just crazy bad This chance we will [prove] [to] you will be run which we can get written jobber with your sons You [are] just whenever I didn’t like this one. Show [me] the world absolutely [we’ve] heard nothing like this alright Let me yes or no no cheryl yeah, no, I don’t think you’re right, please please do [-] um guys Come on guys guys guys guys get a note Yeah, the other reason [lagom] [on] [ice]. Ye? better to live like A Haunting one of the mine see you mine, our god’s sake it’s a long time on Bonnie arjun singh on no I’m single Bronson guys because I’m really here oo s you – cheese which [which] song [you] [go] to leave put the Bill When having a [mole] jerry I’m new to the [show] yeah. I’ve [been] [jordan] yeah the best. I can do okay, okay? I’m gonna start okay, okay? Okay, can I ask you a question aaron Aaron, but to get a little bit more about you. I’m hannah Like Jeremy 348 yeah, I live in London. Okay, got it I’m gonna Begin yeah, yeah in a one being the one making a benefit fucking went for me and the entire human race now People talking you can’t enough with the living It’s gonna better [for] [you] But you went for me one for Guinea in the world Thank you Thank you Danny next rounded off Adnan Louie never Good Carol Ten out of ten for trying okay? Thank you. Yeah, I’m gonna go along with cheryl on that that doesn’t mean you’re going through to the next round But I mean effort everything kel great okay, thank [you] everyone anyway? again So aaron you didn’t get through look you can turn supplier. Nothing there. Which is great, okay? I think you should be happy with that. Thank you. Thank you Hello, hello, sir and what’s your name [swede]? Where are you from I’m from west London, but originally I come from France put your job I’m a [waiter] Katrine assistant to watch your ambition if you come one dream in the whole world What would it [be] my biggest dream is to record an album? What are you going to sing? I’m gonna sing vision of yeah, is your love And it was harder to give it to me Again that was not vision of Love by Mariah Carey Fuck your next song I can sing you a hero if you want No, I know what it’s going to sound like [see] you on hero and oh oh I am for you oh [hey] Oh my God His 120 puzzled here, okay. This was like something out of star Wars [I] couldn’t literally could not understand a word. It was a language which has never been in heard or Invented nobody in a million billion years would play that version on the radio and see you know our Best person here over the house it wouldn’t happen, but most amazingly This slot was singing along [with] you This means this lot for me or mad and I can tell you I’m not the mad one here sometimes you’re wrong Gonna have to vote Louis. I currently enjoy your performance. I think you’re very very a difference Well, you’re not right with this competition No Say no never ever it’s over So it’s all over [for] fluid he goes home with its dreams of becoming the next mariah in Wow What is your name? He’ll godly? He’ll I take it. You love to [think] yeah Yeah, I’m classically trained [Kennel] and stuff and then started writing in my 20s. Hi, gio What are you gonna? Sing doing that I wrote and it’s just a feel-good song I’ll best of luck. Thank you [I] Must plug with this button, and I’m gonna take you up touch the [hump] system um too much it just enough Put a smile how I get around Get me down Does not add us. I don’t ask for much. We can do built with the stars literally Let’s do don’t be a prude I in the box complete all the people actually it never ceases to be a part of others or not [if] I’m coming I Never stop it. I’m [done] almost like I’m trouble where it’s all going He’s going to the way What the bloody hell was that I got I’ve got float on kill Gentle Belly but you know here I came here, and I’ve put five million dollars on the line here and and That is I bet what you’re thinking genuine me. I have other songs too, but appear I Like this little colony I bet that : we lose Koala Okay, so listen that was offensive disgusting the space room Upsetting get him out of the building oh Yeah, [vo] I’m a little [thomas]. [hi]. I’m gonna have to say no [a] [cheerless] [a] nose, so that’s the box we’re going to save you I think

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  2. If Nicole took singing lessons, she would actually be pretty good…she has range, but she needs practice to work on her pitch.

  3. I just wanna say the first guys attempts at runs were really bad he has an ok voice but he needs to learn how to use it

  4. That no. 9
    Symon was so rude like what the heck the contestant sang it properly yet he didn't let him finish… Symon is not that perfect yet he was rude in front of the contestant

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  8. 18:14 the one on the left hasn't a bad voice…..but te problem was that they didn't work together: in fact the other one has the role of "backing vocals" only.

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