Laughter is the Best Medicine

Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #10 (ft. FBE STAFF)

– Oh my god. – Damn, this is gold. – (cracking up) I don’t know why it’s so funny. ♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪ – (FBE) All right, so today,
we’ve got a challenge for you. – I’m guessing I’m
doing a laugh challenge. – (FBE) We’re gonna
show you a series of videos– – We’re gonna be trying
not smile or laugh while watching. – (FBE) You got it.
– Ah, I knew it. – Great. Excellent. I’m having a really good day today,
so I’m very smiley. – Of course you are. (giggling) You bring me in on these
because you know I’m bad at them. – These are hard for me,
but I won on the last one, so maybe I can keep my streak. – Today, I’m just gonna tap
into my inner deep dark thoughts, but if I need to laugh,
I’ll just laugh. – Game mode on. – (child) This is Talking Carl. – (shrill voice)
This is Talking Carl. – Oh my gosh. I’ve seen this. – He starts talking
to himself or something? – (shrill voice)
He repeats everything you say. – (child) And he’s
gonna get in a fight. – Let’s fight, Carl. – (shrill voice) And he’s
gonna get in a fight! – (child) My voice
is higher than your voice. – This is gonna get really loud. – (shrill voice gets shriller)
My voice is higher than your voice. – (shrill garbled speech)
– Oh, great. – (shrill garbled speech) – This is about
to get real intense. – (shrill staticky voice) – I saw this on Tumblr before
and it was titled “Ariana Grande Vs. Mariah Carey.” – (ear piercing staticky voice)
– Mm-hmm, it’s a bit annoying. – It started off as cute,
and now I’m kind of stressed out. – Not funny.
It’s really annoying, actually. – (static)
– That doesn’t make any sense. – (static)
– (exhaling) That was really stupid. – That was just annoying
and expected. – First one, done.
Yes, next. – (announcer) You’re
watching Hello Wisconsin. – Hello, Wisconsin.
I’m from Minnesota. – News faux pas
can get me, usually. – (anchor 1) We’ve been waiting
for this all show long. – (anchor 2) I know, I’m excited. – (anchor 1) Strong Man Duo
Chop and Steele are here in the studio.
– I love this video. – (reporter) Strong Man Duo
Chop and Steele are here… – (chuckling) Wait, sorry. Their names are Chop and Steele? That’s ridiculous.
They look ridiculous. (buzzer) – (reporter) Strong Man Duo
Chop and Steele are here– – Goals. – They got a tire, okay. – (Steele) You can still do
all these strong man– – These guys are great. – Oh, what are they wearing? – (Steele) That’s what
we want to show you. – (Chop) Yeah, but the actions– – Wow, I really want to laugh
at those pants. Holy cow. – (Chop) We’re
gonna reverse roles here. – (Steele) Okay.
– (Chop) I’m Chop– – What is this? – (Chop) He’s gonna be
doing the chopping. – Aaah, damn it. Okay. (sighing) I lost.
(buzzer) – (Steele) They always say
don’t try this at home. Go ahead and try these at home.
– (Chop) okay. – (Steele) One!
– What is he even chopping? – (Steele) One!
– (Chop) All right, perfect. – “Perfect.” (chuckling)
– (Steele) Two! – This is funny.
(buzzer) – (Steele) One!
– (Chop) All right, perfect. – Okay. – (Steele) Two!
– I can do that. – Mm-hmm. I just can’t look at the pants
and I think I’ll get through it. – (Steele) That’s a little big. – This is unimpressive. – (mumbling) If I just
frown a lot, it’ll be fine. – (Chop) Ready, go. (crunching)
– (Chop) One. – It’s the core strength
that really helps with this. – (Chop) Two.
– I can do that. (crunching)
– (Chop) Four. – Is this serious?
I feel like this isn’t serious. (crunching)
– (Chop) Five. – (Steele) All right, so that’s five
in probably under 10 seconds. – Goddamn it! (laughing) They’re just stepping
on baskets. (buzzer) – (Steele) All right, so that’s– – Okay, something
tragic has to happen soon. – (Chop) Well, a lot of times
what we like to tell people is that you have to let life
bounce off of you. – Okay, life lessons. – I’m gonna read the ticker
to ignore the pants and prevent from laughing. – (Steele) This is one you
don’t want to try at home unless you got, you know–
– Oh my god, really? – (Steele) Why don’t you lift up
your shirt to the back here. He’s built up quite a callus
out here, so we just go. One, two… One, two.
– (Chop) Okay. – (giggling) What the heck? Why is he just throwing
sticks at his back? What kind of exercise stuff is that?
(buzzer) – (Steele) One–
– Wow, that’s impressive. – (Chop) Okay.
– (Steele) Three– – That’s– (cracking up)
I don’t know why that’s so funny. I held it together
for so long during that one, and then I don’t know!
(buzzer) – (Steele) Three.
– Good exercise, I guess. – (Steele) Five. – (sighing haughtily) When will this
be over? Oh my god. I want to laugh
at these people so bad. Oh, thank God. – I just can’t tell if
the news reporters are like, “This is a joke,”
or if they’re taking it seriously. – That almost got me a few times. ♪ (discordant music) ♪ – What the–? (in video: loud wailing) – Is this like Cirque du Soleil
or something? – I’ve seen this before.
It’s not funny. It’s freaky. – This is so weird. – Oh my god. Is this like a social statement
they’re trying to make? (uncomfortable silence) (pipe clanging)
– No! Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha! (giggling) What the hell is this show?
(buzzer) (pipe clanging)
– (giggling) Dang it! (laughing) What is this video? What is he even doing? What is this performance art?
I want to know all the answers. (buzzer) – Oh my god.
(pipe clanging) Oh my god. – Mm-hmm, go for it.
Mmm, mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
(pipe clanging) – I have so many questions. – (Gump) What’s my destiny, mom?
– Oh my god. I love Forrest Gump. – She’s gonna say
something ridiculous. – (mom beatboxing) – I knew it! – (mom beatboxing) – I’ve– okay, I’ve seen this video. – (mom beatboxing)
– Damn, this is gold. This is go-o-o-o-old. – (Gump joining in) – No, he joined in. (whimpering)
– (Gump and mom beatboxing) – (Gump) Mama always had
a way of explaining things so I could understand them.
– (snickering) – (mom tooting like trumpet)
– (giggling) That last line made it all worth it.
(buzzer) – (Gump) Mama always had
a way of explaining things so I could understand them.
– Oh my god. – (mom tooting like trumpet) – Oh my god! – That was two thumbs up. That was the best video
I’ve ever seen. (ambient nature sounds)
– Nice day today. – Oh, no, animals. Oh god, that’s
my weakness, are animals. Pssssh– shit! – Oh, no, please.
– (critter) Allen! Al! Allen! – Oh my god, I knew
they were gonna do that. – (critter) Alan! Alan! Alan! Alan! – (mumbling) Mmmm, so cute. – (critter) Al! Alan! Alan! Alan! – It’s not gonna get me. – (critter) Steve. Not Steve.
– Oh god. Not Steve. No, nope, no Steve.
– (critter) Steve! Steve! Steve! Steve! Steve! Steve! Steve!
– Fish face. (sighing) God, that was the hardest one. – That was so funny,
you don’t even know. – (shark) Hey, boys,
plankton break over. Pull your fish fingers out, come on! We have some scuba–
– Oh, no, another animal! – (shark) You know the drill.
Everyone into position. – (grumbling)
– (shark) Okay. Two, three, four. – ♪ Duh duh ♪ – ♪ Duh duh ♪
– No. – ♪ Duh duh ♪ – ♪ Duh duh ♪ – ♪ Duh duh… ♪
– (sighing heavily) This is a very good one. – ♪ Dun dun dun dun dun dun ♪ ♪ Bum bum bum bum ♪
– (shrill toot) – I cannot stand when they give
animals human voices. This is my kryptonite.
– (shark) Use the gills! Brian, I love it! I love it!
You’re even scaring me! – Wow, that was so freaking hard. That’s like bad lipreading
of the ocean. – Do you wanna
go on a date with me? – (over phone) Not really.
– (sympathetically) Oh… – Ooh, harsh. ♪ (depressing music) ♪ – I probably would’ve said
that too, honestly. – He looks like he
would be my brother. (buzzer) ♪ (funky music) ♪
– Oh, shit! ♪ (funky music) ♪ – I’ve come this far.
I gotta do it. – I love this beat.
♪ (funky music) ♪ I can’t smile, though,
to really show my appreciation. Oh, that was a good one. – (FBE) You made it!
– OH MY GOD! No, I– oh!! – I’m literally so excited that I–
I’m so bad at this normally because I laugh, and some of those
were really freaking hard and I wanted to laugh so bad. – Losing is fun
in this game, so it’s fine. If you didn’t lose,
that sucks for you. – Thanks for watching us
try not to smile or laugh on the React channel. – Don’t miss out on
all our new shows. Subscribe! – Bye, guys. – Hey, everybody, Derek here…
– (off screen) Alan! – …one of the React channel
producers. – (off screen) Alan!
– Thank you so much for watching. – (off screen) Alan! Al!
– Thank you for watching this– – (off screen) Alan! Alan!
– Thank you for watching. Subscribe. – (off screen) Steve! Steve! – Subscribe, see you next time,
bye and thank you. – (off screen) Steve! Steve! Steve!
– (wearily) Okay.

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