Laughter is the Best Medicine

Try To Watch This Without Laughing Or Grinning #113 (React)

– He’s Sonic! Taco Bell
turns you into Sonic! – More alcohol! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So, it’s time
for another laugh challenge. – Oh, boy.
– Yay! I’ve never done this! I’m excited!
– My very first laugh challenge… I’m gonna win this one.
– (FBE) Today, you’ll have something in common
with the rest of the reactors. – Oh, okay.
– (FBE) And that is that you’re all buzzed.
– (chuckles) Perfect. – Usually, when I drink,
I get really, like, “I’m gonna go to bed,”
but right now, it’s the middle of the day, so I’m kind of like,
“Let’s do this thing!” – (FBE) So, here are the rules.
If you laugh or smile during a video or in between videos,
you’ll get a point. And to win the game,
you want the least number of points as possible.
If you don’t laugh at all, you’ll get prize.
– I like prizes. – I want a prize.
I hope it’s a pizza. (chuckles) – (FBE) Today’s episode
will have one more twist. For every point you receive,
you will have to take a shot. – Ahhh! (giggles)
Look at these cute cups. – What in the communion
is going on here? – Thank god I brought
my own wine, because I don’t lose
laugh challenges, Miya. – ♪ (woman vocalizing) ♪
– (chuckles) It’s the first video. All right, fine. Whatever. (buzzer) – (laughs) I’m already
smiling! No! Oh! (buzzer)
– Think I’m– think I’m Spider-Man. I think I’m Peter Parker.
(laughs) Well! I lost on the first epi–
oh, these are gonna be gone! These are not gonna be here anymore!
(buzzer) – (FBE chuckles)
– (laughs) I hate you! (buzzer)
– ♪ (woman vocalizing) ♪ – That’s a great song. – Nah. I’m in it to win it. (rhythmic thuds)
– Oh, is this Harry Potter? (rhythmic switch clicking)
– Oh, they got the beat going. (Billie Eilish, “Bad Boy” melody)
– (laughs) (buzzer)
– (snickers) Oh my god. (buzzer)
– Nah, I’m still good. You guys can’t break me. – (Ron, distorted) Wingardium Leviosa.
– (laughs) (buzzer) – (Ron, distorted) Wingardium Leviosa.
– (chuckles) Who does this [bleep]?! Fine.
(buzzer) – Oh, this is a bop. – (glass clinking rhythmically)
– Mm. That was fun.
Did not make me smile, though. Or laugh.
– I think the alcohol’s actually helping.
I’m not even sure what’s going on. – Hi! I just ate at Taco Bell.
And let me tell you what this thing can do to you.
– I mean, I know what Taco Bell can do to you. What?
– What the [bleep]? Hell nah!
– He’s spinning fast. I don’t know how he’s
doing that, but I… – It’s just on repeat.
Is he gonna keep going? Ahhh! (laughs) It’s always space.
They always go to space on these ones.
I love ’em. More alcohol!
(buzzer) – Mm-mm, is he gonna be f– (laughs) I can’t. That was bad.
I’m gonna take the smaller shots. (buzzer) – Wait a sec. Sonic.
He’s Sonic! Taco Bell turns you into Sonic! ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
– And now he’s in infinity, which is even better. – The sweet, sweet editing skills.
– Taco Bell is not all that. – Next. – (man) Oh, [bleep]!
– (wheezing laughter) – (man 2) See, this is why
your dumb ass needs to stop running and do the goddamn job.
– (laughs) – (man) Man, I’ma have to
clean this [bleep] up, though. – (laughs harder) Not only did he fall and it got
caught on camera, he got yelled at by his boss.
That was the best. (buzzer) Oh, oh, oh!
– (man) Oh, [bleep]. – (man 2) See, this is why
your dumb ass needs to stop running and do the goddamn job.
– (laughs) Oh, darn it! I have to drink more alcohol.
(buzzer) – (man) Oh, [bleep]!
– (laughs) “[Bleep].” That was pretty funny.
– (man 2) …stop running and do the goddamn job.
– Oh, no! (buzzer)
– I have nothing (laughs) to say.
– (man 2) …do the goddamn job. – God!
(buzzer) – Ah! (laughs)
His ass fell like a [bleep]. (buzzer) – People hurting themselves
is never gonna make me laugh. – (man 2) See, this is why
your dumb ass needs to stop running and do the goddamn job.
– That’s right. That is right. – You ain’t gonna get me.
I’ve practiced way too long with these React videos.
Ya ain’t getting me. – (woman screaming)
(laughs) – [Bleep]. (laughs)
You know what? People’s laughs are infectious.
You’re smiling right now, and I would smile
if you were smiling at me. (laughs) I’m sorry.
Okay, okay. Ahhh!
(buzzer) – (woman screaming)
(laughs) – Okay. (laughs) I was so close! If she just screamed,
I would’ve been fine with it. She started laughing at the end. Hehe.
(buzzer) – (woman screaming)
– (bursts out laughing) Ah, next one.
(buzzer) – (woman screaming)
(laughs) – Oh, that [bleep] crazy.
She crazy as [bleep]. – (FBE) Is that a smile?
– Hm? Ahh! You got me. You got me.
(buzzer) – I have seen that clip before.
Still don’t find it funny. – (man) Whoa.
– “Kid’s laugh had both of us scared”?
– (gasps) Oh, I’ve seen this one! – (boy) It’s so fun at that jump. – (boy 2 laughs aggressively) – (laughs) Here’s to you, devil baby.
(buzzer) – (boy 2 laughs aggressively)
– (laughs) I love this one so much! (buzzer)
– Who the hell is that little kid? – Yeah, I remember that.
Everyone was scared at the laugh, and the kid was like, “What?” – (gasps) – (man) Oh my god.
– Her weave is GONE! – (laughs)
(buzzer) – Oh, [bleep].
That looks scary as [bleep]. – (gasps and laughs)
(buzzer) – (man laughs)
– Oh, she’s so angry. This one’s so hard. – This is like the longest–
there’s so many videos it’s ridiculous. (buzzer)
– #securethewig. – Oh, boy. This is always bad news.
– (man) Oh! – (man 2) Oh my god! – AH! [Bleep]! (laughs) [Bleep]!
(buzzer) – (man) Oh! Ah.
– (laughs) (buzzer)
– I thought the baseball was coming through the screen.
I got more scared– now I’m laughing. (laughs)
(buzzer) – Oh, those cameras are expensive.
He broke that? That’s gonna cost a pretty penny.
Ain’t making me laugh, though. – (man) Oh!
– (man 2 laughs) – Oh!
– (gasps) Ohh! That would hurt so bad! – What the [bleep]?
Idiot! – (man) Oh!
– (snickers) Sorry. [Bleep]. (buzzer) ♪ (upbeat dance music) ♪ – Is everything okay?
– Fantastic. Did he use the beer
as a balance? Fantastic. – (wheezing laughter)
What is happening? Oh my god.
(buzzer) – He’s flexible.
I’ll give him that. – Put it back.
You don’t need it. – Dude. Leave the store
right now, bro. – (man chuckling)
– “When the vodka hits you.” – Been there, sis.
Wow. Ooh! – This ain’t gonna make me laugh.
When the vodka hits me? I don’t drink vodka, so…
– (woman screams) – Mm-mm.
– (laughs) [Bleep]. (buzzer) – (laughs)
– (woman screams) – The scream.
(buzzer) – Hell nah.
What the [bleep]? – (woman screams)
– OHHH! She hit her face! – Yeah, I’ve been there.
– (man) What’s up, dawg? You pretty drunk?
– (Chris) Ah, jumping off the roof. – (man) What?!
– (gasps) No! No! No! – (man) What?! Dude! What?
Chris, what the hell?! No! – Wha– (laughs) Mm.
(buzzer) – (man) What?! Dude! What? Chris, what the hell?! No!
– No! Okay, hold on.
Let me get caught up. Three? Okay, here’s two. Three. This is like the lightning round. Like, pew, pew, pew!
(buzzer) – (man) What?! Dude! What?
Chris, what the hell?! – No, Chris! I’m glad
you didn’t show me the end of that. That looked terrifying.
– (man) What?! Dude! What? – No! NOOOO! Oh, [bleep]!
– (FBE) You won. Congratulations. – Can’t break me! Mm!
What up? – It’s big Shar.
– (FBE laughs) – She always wins.
– (FBE) So, you received the grand prize…
– Is it Taco Bell? – (FBE) …which is, yes,
a $5 gift card to Taco Bell! – ♪ I am the champions, my friend ♪ ♪ And I’ll eat
at Taco Bell in the end ♪ – I’m gonna be… the best… not laugh challenge person here, ’cause y’all…
can’t… break…
me! – If you can not laugh
while you’re drunk, that’s a talent, honestly. Really. That’s a talent that I wanna have. – Thanks for watching me
try no to laugh on the React Channel. – If you like this video,
hit the Like button! – Subscribe for new shows every week!
– Bye! – Hey, guys. Miya here from FBE.
If you like the video, go ahead and follow us on Instagram,
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  1. We hope you liked this video! Just as a reminder, everyone in this video is over 21, (which is the legal drinking age here in the U.S.) and had a designated driver to take them home after. Please remember to drink responsibly!!
    ❤️ The FBE Team

  2. I don't think I have laughed harder to these videos before this….like omg I think I lost my voice…..Ashby was freakin killing me!! OMG! I was gone just dying to his reaction to the baseball flying towards the camera. Freakin Izzy, this girl had me laughing with her! Like why does it take for you to look at someone off camera to laugh….lMAO!! Guys I love this video so much lol I am still laughing

  3. So you had been doing a lot of try not to laugh challenges, but there should be a little twist . In the Laugh challenges there should be the water edition , so you have to give them a bottle . (Just follow the rules below)

    RULES :
    1. Before the video starts give them the bottle/glass of water
    2. Drink it before the video starts
    3. The water must remain in your mouth
    4. If they spit it out they get a point

    I hope you can try this !!!

  4. I'm pretty sure Danny was drunk half of the time he was laughing😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Anyone think that Danny was just like screw it I wanna drink and just starts laughing on every vid when it just started

  6. As soon as I saw Ashby I knew I lost. He always cracks me up. I’d love to drink with Danny tho! He’s such a cutie!

  7. 10:02 Danny like laughed and immediately reached for the shot lol he was like ooh free alcohol and laughed on purpose lol luv you Danny hahaha

  8. 10:02 Danny like laughed and immediately reached for the shot lol he was like ooh free alcohol and laughed on purpose lol luv you Danny hahaha

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