Laughter is the Best Medicine

Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #120

– (man screams)
– Okay. (chuckles) – (snapping) Snaps.
Snaps for the recycle. – (FBE) That was a laugh.
– (voice deepens) Snaps for the recycle! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today, we have
a laugh challenge for you. – I’m so bad at these.
– (FBE) Yeah? – Literally, I lose every time.
– It’s so hard, especially with animals.
I can’t. – I do very poorly.
I’m one of the worst, I think. – I’m in one of those
giggly moods right now, so I don’t know how that’s
gonna work for this. – (FBE) So, here are the rules.
If you laugh or smile during a video or in between a video,
you’ll get a point. And to win this challenge,
you need the least amount of points as possible.
– Okay. Let’s get it. – Easier said than done.
If something makes me laugh, I’m not gonna hold it in.
I’m just gonna let it rip. – Sharon’s not laughing.
Soulless Sharon just walked in the door. – (Homer whistling)
(loud crash) – Oh, I love these.
– ♪ Nants ingonyama… ♪ – No, this one can’t get me.
– I’m really trying not to move or anything– oh!
(laughs) (buzzer)
(loud crash) – ♪ Na… ♪
(buzzer) – Awww. Homer– oh.
♪ Karumba ♪ – Oh, no. I really honestly
wasn’t expecting that. – It’s only because I’ve seen
these memes before, and I love them a lot,
but I knew what to expect, so I could hold it back. – Oh, I’ve seen this one.
(clapping) This is a classic, yes! – Oh, I remember when I was little,
and I would put on my dad’s T-shirt to sleep in. So fun. – What is she doing?
– Is she just eating a cake by herself? Because I get that.
It’s one of those nights. – The only thing different
than that in 32 is your tears that’ll be flowing
in the middle of night while you dig into that cake. – I’m kind of scared
of what’s gonna happen to her. – She’s gonna get scared.
– Oh, she has no idea still. – (mom snickers) – (girl screeches)
Mama! – Aw, that’s just so cute.
(buzzer) – (mom snickers)
– (girl cries) Mama! – (chuckles) Dammit.
(buzzer) – Ahh!
– (girl screeches) – (FBE) Is that a smile? Yeah.
– Ah, [bleep]! (buzzer)
– ♪ I only love my bed and my mama ♪
– (man yelling) – [Bleep]. (chuckles)
(buzzer) – That guy thought
he was being jumped. And then he’s down. – (laughs) Okay. I’m sorry.
I hate when people do pranks on random strangers
when they’re cruel, but this is funny.
This is, “Oh, you think I’m gonna chase you,
but instead I’m just gonna…” (buzzer) – (laughs) That’s just
a funny concept, but a [bleep] dick move.
But it’s so funny. (buzzer)
– ♪ I only love my bed and my mama ♪
– That’s so [bleep] up. Oh. (laughs)
(buzzer) – I feel like this is chaotic good.
– This is the hetero humor I’m not here for. – I can’t with them. – That moment of total fear
and then hysterical laughter is a fun moment.
– (sighs) I wouldn’t wanna hang out with those boys.
They’ve probably never taken a dance class in their life,
and they probably just watched one tutorial on how to do this.
Not subscribed. Unsubscribe. – I’m gonna laugh
at every [bleep] one. – (man screams) (man screams)
– (chuckles) Okay. I’m happy for him.
(buzzer) – (man screams)
– The [bleep]? Why is that funny?
It’s not even funny. – (man screams)
(buzzer) – My heart is beating
so hard right now. – (man screams)
– How rude! – He’s so [bleep] up.
That’s not cool. – I just think that’s mean.
People are just trying to do their job.
– See, I would be like, “Where’s my money?
What we doing?” – That’s mean. I don’t like
the ones where they pick on people at work.
– Where’s that plastic cup going? Into the ocean. Poor sea turtles,
all of those straws. – Made it through one.
That was funny, though. – Did I pass that one?
– (FBE) Yes. – Okay. Good. – (FBE) No smiling in between.
– Oh! (laughs)
(buzzer) – (woman) Good– ooh. – (laughs) “Ooh.” (laughs)
(buzzer) – (woman) Good– ooh.
– “Ooh.” You’re getting fancy
with it now. (buzzer)
– (woman) Good– ooh. – I don’t like that. (chuckles)
Oh! (laughs) (buzzer) – (woman) Good– ooh. – (laughs)
(buzzer) – (woman) Good– ooh.
– That’s a technique I have not seen before.
– Boom, bitch. Ouch! – (woman) Good– ooh.
– Oh my god. That almost got me.
And that’s wrong for me to even think to laugh.
That’s messed up. – That’s multi-talented.
She’s jump roping and a somersault
at the same exact time. That’s honestly talent. ♪ (“Friends” theme song) ♪
– Oh, no. – Is this gonna be a…
– ♪ Life was gonna be this way ♪ ♪ (rhythmic clapping) ♪
♪ Life was gonna be this way ♪ ♪ (rhythmic clapping) ♪
♪ Your job’s a joke ♪ ♪ …be this way ♪
♪ (rhythmic clapping) ♪ ♪ Your job’s a joke ♪ – That’s so dumb. (chuckles)
(buzzer) – How did he do–
I wanna do that with my phone. How he do that?
– I love all the variations that I’ve seen of this video so far,
whether it’s this song or the Two Door Cinema Club song,
where they go, ♪ Dun, dun ♪ ♪ Da, da, da, da, da ♪
I– okay, I laughed a little bit at the end.
I made myself laugh a little. (laughs) (buzzer)
– (man) Dad, what’s for dinner? – (man 2) Dad, I’m hungry.
– Oh, no. Make something yourself! – (Dad screams)
– Yeah. He’s fed up. He’s had enough. – (Dad screams) – (Dad screams) – (chuckling)
All these videos are just, like, what the [bleep]?
(buzzer) – I’m holding my hands so tight
so I don’t laugh. – (Lucas gasps) Oh my god!
– Love him. This is me. – (Lucas) Oh my go–
– I’ve never– Okay. (laughs)
I’ve never seen that version of it before.
(buzzer) – (Lucas) Oh my go–
– [Bleep] Lucas! You guys got Lucas up in here?!
(buzzer) – (Lucas) Oh my go–
– Dumb! No! (buzzer)
– (Lucas) Whoa. Oh my go–
– I’ve seen so many of those. They’re so good.
I love Lucas. – (Zuckerberg) …Sweet Baby Ray’s
Barbecue Sauce, that is– – Is that the guy from Facebook?
– Oh, god. – (Zuckerberg, distorted) Sweet
Baby Ray’s… – What the hell’s happening?
(distortion increases) – (Zuckerberg, distorted) We
have just applied the… – (laughs)
(buzzer) – Sweet baby ribs.
– (Zuckerberg, distorted) We have just applied the Sweet Baby Ray’s.
Sweet Baby Ray’s… – No.
– Who [bleep] thinks of this stuff? – It’s almost like it went from him
and it morphed into his soul. – That’s not funny to me at all,
like at all. – (FBE) You’re smiling.
– Is that– (chuckles) Well, I–
I can’t help it if I’m nice. (buzzer)
– (man) Oh, hi there. – Oh, VSCO. Sksksksk.
– Oh, I love the VSCO girl memes. – (man) Oh, uh, my hydro flask.
– I like this one. (buzzer)
– (man) You have one? No? Take mine. I’ve got more.
– Oh, man. That’s so true. – (man) Just thinking
about the turtles– I love the turtles.
Gotta save the turtles. Okay, say no to straws.
– Ah. Ah! – (man) …metal straw.
Do you have one? No? Come on. Here.
Use mine, all right? – (laughs)
(buzzer) – (man) …save the turtles.
– Oh my god. – (snapping) Snaps.
Snaps for the recycle. – (FBE) That was a laugh.
– (voice deepens) Snaps for the recycle!
(buzzer) – (man) Come on. Here.
Use mine, all right? You may have noticed
my scrunchies. I have two. – This might be funny
if I knew what a VSCO girl is. – (man) Yes. And friendship
bracelet time, okay? – I’m dying.
– (man) …be fun. Sksk. I oop. – Sksksksk. And I oop.
And I oop. And I oop. Okay, we’re fine. We’re fine.
(buzzer) – I don’t know what a VSCO girl is.
And you know what? I think my life is fine without it.
– That was interesting. ♪ (hip hop music) ♪
– This is gonna be so cute. – Oh, is she gonna be– oh!
Oh, [bleep]. – She’s getting it.
Oh my god. She’s so cute. – (giggles)
(buzzer) – Yes. – Oh. – (laughs) Oh my god! I’m doing so bad!
(buzzer) – She’s adorable. – ♪ Who taught ya how
to move like that? ♪ ♪ Throw it back ♪
♪ You my old school crush ♪
(clattering) – It’s dangerous.
– Oh, no. What happened? – Did he put his butt
through the back window? – No!
– (man screams) – Pfft. Okay. (laughs)
I– it was– (buzzer) – (man screams)
– That’s tough. That’s… (chuckles) And cut.
(buzzer) – (man screams) – (laughs) What?!
(buzzer) – (FBE) Are you ready
for the final video? – Oh my god, yes.
I did horrible, but yeah, give it to me.
– I can make it through this last one.
This is my mission now. – Last one. I can’t laugh. – (boy) …H-K-O-D-E-R, jeep. – (laughs) Really?
(buzzer) – (boy) …E-R, jeep.
– Kids trying to spell or read is hilarious.
[bleep] – (boy) …R, jeep.
– J– (snickers) Sorry.
(buzzer) – (boy) …R, jeep.
– (woman laughs quietly) – (laughs)
(buzzer) – That’s something I probably
would’ve done as a kid. I was pretty dumb.
– That was definitely an educational video
on how to spell jeep. (chuckles) – (FBE, amused) Was that a laugh? – No.
– (FBE) That was a laugh. – (laughs) It was
an upside down SMILE! (buzzer)
– (FBE) So, you didn’t laugh at any of the videos.
Congratulations. You’re one of our champions.
– (sighs happily) Ah, thank you. (laughs)
– What? Color me not surprised.
– Hoo, that took everything out of me. I feel like I lost 40 years
off of my life. – Thanks for watching me
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  2. 3:02 couldn't agree more. -.-
    I obviously didn't make it without laughing. Someday I'll win. xD Though I think I actually won once some months ago, but it was a night I was very depressed so I don't think it counts.

  3. Sharon's a BOSS at these challenges! It'll be a sad day for legions of FBE fans (myself included) when she finally cracks up.
    You all thought Brock Lesner ending The Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak was bad…

  4. You people should try México's humor. Is amazing and not convencional at all. We'll make a joke on everything

  5. What the hell is a VSCO girl? And what about that video is supposed to be funny? I literally have no idea what part of the video is meant to be funny! What is going on?

  6. Yep I feel that dad just screaming at his kids. I too have been fed up before and just screamed at my kids demanding me make dinner

  7. Anyone recognise Jonathan as that kid in Transformers 5 that got threatened to be punched after he was gonna rat Mark Walhberg to the authorities?

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