Laughter is the Best Medicine

Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #123

– Stop smiling!
Oh, I had it, I had it. – Ah!
– Oh! (Realyoungdae laughs) – I am not smiling any more.
No laughing. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) This is the most difficult
things you guys will ever do, your entire life, because this is one
of those Try Not To Laugh challenges. – Whoa.
– Let’s do it! – And we are known…
– I’m already laughing. – For not doing good at these. – Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
– Oh. I’m gonna fail at this!
– I always fail. I’m so happy to fail. – I’m excited. I’m gonna not laugh
or smile this time, like, I know it. – (FBE) So here are the rules. If you laugh or smile,
during the video or in between the videos,
you’ll get a point, and to win this challenge,
you can’t get any points whatsoever. – That’s a lot of pressure. – Alright, let’s do it. ♪ (mysterious music) ♪ – Shrek. (woman screams) (both laugh) – [bleep] I couldn’t…
(buzzer rings) – Ah, damn it!
(buzzer rings) (woman screams) – (laughs) Okay, okay,
sorry about that. (buzzer rings) – Why was he twerking so slow,
like the Exorcist? – Shrek is just like
a low key sex icon, and I just, I wasn’t expecting to see him
twerking this early in the morning. – That’s cute.
– Yep. – Not funny. – I think thinking about smiling
makes me wanna smile. I’m trying really hard
not to right now. – (host) Good morning, good evening,
good afternoon, ooh, no! – (laughs) He said afternoo-ooh! (buzzer rings) – (gasps) That’s so cute! (Julia laughs)
(buzzer rings) – Wait, what are they doing?
Are they like in the car? – Did he go in for a kiss? – That would scare the [bleep]
out of me. – Oh. (laughs)
That stupid (grunts)! (buzzer rings) – (host) We are still here
in the camel! – Mm-mm. – What.
Is, what? (laughs) Is this normal?
(buzzer rings) – That’s, oh no! That doesn’t, that’s like not a smile,
you know, that’s just a mouth movement.
(buzzer rings) – I wanna be woken up like that.
Imagine? That’d be so cute,
and the (grunts) got me. – I would normally smile at animals,
you know, getting all up in someone’s face,
and getting fed, I believe Twinkies,
but not today. – Aw that’s a cute baby. – (dad) Really? – I can make that face too. – (dad) For two freakin’ seconds,
and look what you do. – I mean, that baby
is the most thug thing I’ve ever seen. (buzzer rings) – He just spilled something.
Okay, that’s not funny at all. – Yes, oh damn it, I smiled.
(buzzer rings) – (dad) Really? – Stop smiling!
Oh, I had it, I had it! (buzzer rings) – That baby’s done jail time. Straight up, just like what,
what are you gonna, clean it up. Alright, you clean up my diaper,
clean up this. – Glad I don’t have to
deal with that at home, that’s just what
I’m thinking about right now. – I was pretty unfased.
– We won that one, we won that one. – Pretty unfazed, cute baby though.
– Solid video. – (Mario) Woo!
♪ (triumphant music) ♪ (cat meows) (Trevor laughs) – Does that count?
I love me some good cat content. (buzzer rings) – He’s just running around, cool. – That’s cute. (cat meows) – No, no, that doesn’t count!
That doesn’t count, it’s over! (buzzer rings) ♪ (triumphant music) ♪
(cat meows) (buzzer rings) – Nah. I don’t feel it on that one, do you?
(liloandshik laughs) (buzzer rings) – That’s wonderful.
You know? I’m not smiling at all. – (FBE) You’re sure, okay? (laughs) – (laughs) Ugh!
(buzzer rings) – That cats need all the points
in the world they can get, ’cause everybody’s like
“oh, I’m a dog guy.” Well, be a cat guy. – (Tyler) Oh no, I hope I don’t fall.
Oh [bleep] (yells) No! – I really like the last little no.
The tone of it was very funny. – (Tyler) Oh no, I hope I don’t fall.
Oh [bleep] (yells)! – Mmm-hmm.
– Dude. – That last part almost got me
when he said “no”! (buzzer rings) – That was more or less
like a cringy edit, but it’s Tyler, so,
and that guy respected. – Love me some
Tyler, the Creator content, but not today,
for this challenge, I don’t. – We gotta win, Julia. I think we’re really
losing right now, though. – Oh sorry, I’m kinda like
dragging us down. – (announcer) Watch this, folks. – I’ve seen this, you?
– (both) Ooh. – It’s not funny.
– Why are you on the football field? Oh oh, the horse is going crazy!
(buzzer rings) – Well I’m not gonna laugh
at them falling, you know? – (announcer) Watch her ability
to roll as she hits the ground. – They commented on the roll? – (announcer) That’s what they
teach you in jiu-jitsu, Joel. – They comment on it.
(laughs) I smiled, I have to. They were like “that’s a nice roll,”
come on! (buzzer rings) – She got thrown.
That looked painful. She can’t breathe right now. – Shout out to the horses. – Dude, those horses needed
to quit. – That’s a hard fall. – Damn, that’s, you can’t
mess with animals. Leave the animals alone! – (man) Sir, is this out of your seat? ‘Cause this came out of your seat. (Andrea gasps) – (man) Our seat is coming loose! – Oh no!
(buzzer rings) (man screaming) – (man) Another one’s coming out
right now. – That’s so mean. – I’m not smiling
at the roller coaster video. Oh my gosh, no!
(buzzer rings) – (man) Holy [bleep]!
Yo, stop this [bleep]! – This guy’s a criminal.
(buzzer rings) – (man) Hey bro,
you gotta stop this… – I would legitimately
have a [bleep] stroke. That’s cruel. (man screams)
– (man) Hold my hand, hold my hand. – He’s holding his hand!
(Julia laughs) That is so good.
– Okay, I had to laugh at that one. (buzzer rings) – (man) Hold my hand, hold my hand,
hold my hand! (Realyoungdae laughs) – Oh my God. (laughs)
That’s so [bleep] up. (buzzer rings) – (man) I’m so sorry.
– (woman) Oh my [bleep] goodness, are you [bleep] kidding me? – See, that’s just messed up.
– It is messed up. – That’s not even funny. – (man) I’m sorry.
– (woman) Can somebody help me? – This one’s easier not to laugh at,
’cause I just think it’s kinda cruel. – We grew up watching
Final Destination, that’s not funny. That thing is like my nightmare. – That was good.
– Yeah, that was. – I’m glad I lost it.
– Yeah, that was (laughs). – (woman) This thing is huge, Jerry. – Oh my gosh, okay,
I’m definitely not smiling at that. – (woman) Tell me what you wanna do.
– (man) I’m gonna hit it with the lamp. – (woman) Are you gonna kill it? – That’s, no, dude. – Mmm, it’s gonna fly
towards the camera. (woman screams)
– (screams) I knew it! [bleep] you guys!
That is horrible! (buzzer rings) – No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. – Oh!
– Ah! (laughs) You [bleep].
– Hey! – I knew something was
gonna happen like that. (buzzer rings) – Wow, that one actually scared me.
I’m glad this isn’t a no scare challenge,
’cause that one made me jump. – That reminds me of that
one commercial back in the day where it would be like,
it was like a Mazda commercial, and that old, that scary lady
popped out. Yeah, pfft, come on. – That’s messed up. That’s so messed up. – Oh! (laughs) Dude!
(buzzer rings) – Aw, I saw this. – You know, I almost had
a heart attack right there. (Andrea gasps) – What the [bleep] you guys! Why would you do that?
(buzzer rings) (man yells) (King Vader laughs)
(buzzer rings) – Ugh, that almost got to me.
(buzzer rings) – Oh, oh, oh my gosh,
that was so scary! (buzzer rings) – They literally showed the dog
about to get ran over. (laughs) That was crazy. – The car didn’t slow down,
and I was like what is going on FBE?
Are you guys okay? – I was about to be like yo, I haven’t been here in a few months,
and y’all have gotten dark. – (FBE) You did not win,
but you’re still a champion in our hearts and our eyes. – It’s good to laugh every day
as hard as you can, multiple times.
– Oh God! That was way too hard!
I can’t even do anything like that. Aw, these are the worst!
– Yeah. – I lost that so [bleep]
aggressively. – (FBE) It’s okay. – It’s not okay.
This is all I had going for me. I was a champion.
Now what do I have? – The Shrek, and that little
baby girl or whatever, that was the strongest
of the compilation. – Just memes dude,
like is just a giant meme, and a good edited meme,
pfft, right on the money. If you didn’t laugh at this,
you got issues. But we all do! – Thanks for watching us
Try Not To Laugh. – On the REACT Channel! – If you liked this video…
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We have new shows every day! – I’m gonna go laugh
at some memes, peace! – Hey guys, Miya here from FBE. Make sure to follow us
on Instagram @FBE, where you can check out
all the casting calls, get an update
on all of our merchandise, or just say hi to us.

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  2. If you dont laugh,its because you have kids. They say the darndest things, and when you're suppose to discipline them , you cant laugh.

  3. Eugina is so fricking creepy.. In a bad way
    Someone needs to tell her that she's not rly pretty.. She is just so small and strange..
    And ofc her name sucks, but iys just imho )))

  4. 'Joe Wilkinson's insane poem' from the UK comedy show 8 out of 10 cats does count down should be one the videos reactors try not to laugh at.

  5. Who was Judging the Youtubers failing a Video during this Challenge? Often the X would be given to Someone who wasn't Smiling nor Laughing nor Grinning nor Smirking…

  6. I'm so happy to see that you guys got Geo and Julia. 👭 They are awesome! 💕 Shout out to the JK team 🦄 , you guys rock 😉

  7. I feel that this episode was garbage, they weren’t actually funny. Most of them were reacting because it’s screwed up, not because it’s funny

  8. There was nothing funny in this video.

    Seriously, you guys need to replace the guys selecting these videos, as they bite wind.

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