Laughter is the Best Medicine

Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #124

– Did I laugh? (laughs) – That was so stupid!
Why did I laugh? – You cost me this challenge,
Sofia, wherever you are! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So I hope you’re in a bad mood
because you’re about to compete in a Laugh Challenge.
– Oh no! I am never good at these. – I’m like easily triggered
when it comes to laughter, for sure. (laughs)
(squeaks) – (FBE) Well you know the rules.
– Okay. – (FBE) If you laugh or smile at all,
even between videos, you get a point, and the person
with the least number of points wins! – Okay, hopefully me today,
probably not! – I used to be really good, but then all of a sudden
I started failing, and now I think I’m in a rut. So I’m hoping to get
out of the rut today! – I swear I try,
but let’s be real. (laughs) – (FBE) Alright, are you ready
to get into it? – Let me let it out.
Aha! (sighs) – Let’s get into it.
Shall we? – (Krista) Hi, my name’s Krista. I am auditioning for
the one-man role for It. – I’ve seen this! – (Krista) Hiya Georgie!
(laughs) Hiya Georgie! (laughs) Hiya Georgie! (laughs) – Wow. – Whoa. – (Krista) Hi Pennywise.
You wanna float!? – (laughs) The first time it happened,
I was like “this is weird,” and then the second time,
it was just funny. (buzzer rings) – (Krista) You wanna float? – (laughs) I’m in a good mood,
I’m sorry, but, that was good. (buzzer rings) – You walk down the street
in L.A., people look like that. – (FBE) (laughs) Austin. – [bleep]
– (FBE) You’re totally smiling. – I made myself laugh
with my own joke! Are you killing,
are you kidding me? (buzzer rings) – Ugh, I mean that’s a talent though. That’s a solid talent though. Gotta give credit
where credit’s due. – That was really hard.
That was so funny. – I’m scared, but not laughing. – This is incredibly funny,
and I would be laughing, if this wasn’t a laugh challenge. – I told my brother
to edit this music, video with music
and this is what he did. – ♪ Don’t call me angel ♪ (Mikaela laughs)
(buzzer rings) ♪ Don’t call me angel ♪
– Oh my God! (buzzer rings) – This is something
my boyfriend would do. – ♪ Do do do do ♪
– This is very funny. – Yeah, that one was aight. – I feel like she should have
expected that. – Sibling rivalry,
doesn’t get me. – His singing was nice. Almost sounds like me
when I sing. – On most occasions,
I would have laughed at that. But this is a challenge,
and I’m feeling competitive today. (llama moos) – No, don’t do this to me,
I love animals! – Oh, did I say babies
and animals get me? ‘Cause babies and animals get me. (llama chirping) – (laughs) I’m sorry,
what the [bleep] was that? (buzzer rings) (dog giggles) – Aw, these are like dogs laughing,
it’s so cute! – Aw! – Someone broke it. – All of these animals are broken. – I like how the other husky
is just completely over it. He’s like this is the one
you brought home? This is the one you brought home? (rooster laughs) – (laughs) The laughing rooster. (buzzer rings) – Why would you do this to me? Animals laughing.
– That one’s funny. That one’s really funny. – Okay. The animals are evolving. – Oh my God, these are so hard!
Okay, we’re good. – You notice that when you
see people smile or laugh, there’s like a natural tendency
to copy them. I think that’s what
you’re trying to get out of me. Not gonna do it. Look at this face made of stone. – I think I’ve seen this,
I think I’ve seen this. – (man) You owe me $20!
– (man) For the $20! – (man) $20!
– $20? Lemme get bet, I’m putting $20 on the table right now
here we go. $20.
– (man) Let’s see what you got, huh? – Okay, spot him, he’s spotting. – I feel like this is gonna
turn out so badly. – I’m nervous about
what’s gonna happen. (man farts)
(men laughing) (laughs)
(buzzer rings) (man farts)
(men laughing) – (laughs) It was his laugh.
That wasn’t the fart joke, I swear. (buzzer rings) (man farts)
(men laughing) – (laughs) I hate boys. (buzzer rings) – (laughs) Damn it.
(buzzer rings) – And then you hear
everyone else’s laugh, and then it’s funny. I’ve been in a very similar situation,
see I’m gonna make myself laugh. [bleep] (laughs) See, why do I keep talking? (buzzer rings) (man farts)
(men laughing) – What makes it funnier
is the laughing! – That was very funny. And I’d usually be laughing. But today I simply cannot. – It’s cute, you know,
like I’ve been there before. Not at the farting
with the bench pressing, but dude.
Watch the smiles, bro. – Nice.
That was a nice one, nice. Nice rip! – I typically try to anticipate
the outcome, and I feel like that’s my strategy,
but with that one, I just like, I didn’t know what was going on. – I think it’s the fact that knew it
that made it funnier. ‘Cause I knew what was gonna happen,
but just forgot when. – I’m gonna keep believing
in myself. Today is a good day. – Not letting it break me.
Not gonna let it break me. Let’s keep going! ♪ (8-bit music) ♪ – Ash uses soccer ball,
super effective! Oh, little Pikachu. – Ouch! (laughs)
Slow motion. (buzzer rings) – No, not the slow replay!
(screams) – That’s a really funny Pokemon joke, only if you’re a Pokemon fan,
you’re gonna get it. I got it, but I won’t laugh. – That’s basically me
playing Super Smash Bros. against Pikachu players,
with five items on. – Did you actually know
that Pikachu’s weak to soccer ball? – I thought it was just like a balloon
for a second, but then I heard the thud. – The actual human inside that costume
must be hurt! – He’s fine, everyone’s fine!
We’re good. – Oh, I saw this one
yesterday on Twitter. – TikToks!
I love TikTok! – Please don’t Rickroll me,
oh thank God. You’re good, you’re good!
You’re good, you’re good! (person screams)
(Brittany laughs) – Just his face how he does like,
(screams) (buzzer rings) (Ashby clears throat) (Ashby laughs)
(buzzer rings) – (laughs) Why am I? Dang it happiness,
you screw me over once again. (buzzer rings) – Oh my God. Why did it make me laugh after? That was so stupid,
why did I laugh? (laughs) (buzzer rings) – Feeling pretty good
about myself right now. – I find them funny,
I’m just choosing not to laugh. I can’t laugh,
that’s the point of the game. I can’t laugh! – Oh no, kids always get me.
– She’s so cute. – No, she’s so cute!
Stop it! – (mom) Sofia!
– Uh oh. – (mom) Did you take my phone?
– (Sofia) No! – She’s bold! – (mom) Give me back my phone!
(Sofia laughs) – (laughs) Oh my God.
I’m a sucker. You cost me this challenge, Sofia,
wherever you are! (buzzer rings) (Sofia laughs) (Ashby laughs)
(buzzer rings) (Sofia laughs)
– Oh no! That was so cute!
(buzzer rings) – She’s so cute! I don’t even care anymore!
(buzzer rings) – (FBE) Mikaela, I can
see you laughing. – (laughs) She’s so cute!
(buzzer rings) – That one’s hard not to laugh to,
because she’s so cute. (sighs) Did I laugh? (laughs) (buzzer rings) – My heart!
That was my favorite video! – Kids are evill.
They’re adorable, but they’re evil. – Children are demonic,
exhibit A. – Can’t, can’t talk right now. Just try the next video. – (sighs) Let’s go. – I’m feelin’ great. As long as it’s not
an animal video, or a cute baby video,
I’m chillin’. – (man) You think it’s smart
to be laying out here? – (dog) Yep.
– (man) Are you sure? – (dog) Yep.
– (man) Penn, there is poo everywhere. – (dog) Oh, poop!
(Austin laughs) (buzzer rings) Oh, poop!
(Ashby laughs) – No! (laughs)
(buzzer rings) – (dog) Oh, poop!
– (man) Yeah, that’s right, poop. – (dog) Poo.
– Poop. – Aw that’s so cute. – (man) Ever plan on cleaning it up,
or do I have to do it? – (dog) You do it.
– Aw! – (dog) You do it.
(Jeannie screams) – (man) I would not roll around
if I were you. – That is too [bleep] cute!
(buzzer rings) – (man) Roll around if I were you. – (laughs) Listen, after Sofia
cracked me up, it was just like that’s it,
I’m out, I’m out the cage, I’m laughing.
(buzzer rings) – (dog) You do it. – You do it, that’s right!
You do it! Nope, you do it,
you pick it up. That almost got me. – (man) Roll around if I were you. – Oh, he’s so cute!
I’m tearing up. Is that a smile?
I don’t know if that’s a smile. I’ll give it to the dog.
That dog was so cute. I didn’t laugh, but I smiled. I love dogs.
(buzzer rings) – How cute, we’re good though.
We’re good! – Cute pup.
– Cute. And kinda funny,
but not funny enough to make me laugh.
– Not funny. And I won.
(bell rings) And I won!
And I won! – (FBE) So Jeannie,
you did really well today. You only got a couple points there.
How you feelin’? – I’m feeling pretty great. I feel like I have more self control
than ever before. – That’s the best I’ve ever done.
I surprised myself. – I didn’t laugh at all of them,
and that’s always an accomplishment. – I did so medicore.
Unless I win completely, no laughing, I will not be satisfied. – You walk away feeling
a little bit better when you laugh. – I feel great.
I feel so happy, I laughed so much. If you didn’t laugh,
you failed. (bell rings)
– Yeah, you can’t compare when you can’t compete. – Keep laughing, keep smiling,
and share to the world. I can’t do that. (laughs)
Couldn’t share it yet, but now I can,
so here it is, yeah! – Thanks for watching us
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  4. Fck man im kinda creep out on the girl who didn't even laugh a single one.. Must be hard on your boyfriend i think… I feel bad for the boy.. Must be hard on him to make her smile.. I know this is a challenge but come on this aint natural…

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