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Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #22 (REACT)

♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪ – (Finebros) Today we’re doing another Don’t Smile or Laugh Challenge. – Oh, I’ve been wanting to do this! – I was watching a video that made me cry, so I’ll try to think of that. – Ugh, I’m smiling already! – (Finebros) These videos were
all chosen by viewers all around the world
who think their submissions will make you lose the challenge. – I didn’t know it was around the world. – Bring ’em on. (chuckles) I’m ready. – Guys, please. I’d like to win something. – I passed last time. Let’s see
if I can keep up the kill streak. (silence) (sharp breaths playing in succession) – A strange-looking man.
What the hell is he doing? – He might have asthma. (repetitive gasping) – (stoically) Not impressed.
Not impressed so far. – I’m actually concerned for him. Oop, I did smile. Dang! (buzzer) (raspy breaths continue) – (titters) No!! I laughed when the video
ended when I was like, “How long is this video gonna last?” (buzzer) (incessant wheezing) – That was pretty good. – Okay. Round one, not too bad. – (speaking Dutch) – Oh, I’ve seen this. I can’t laugh at something
I’ve already seen. (woman speaking Dutch)
– She’s gonna fall. (woman yelps) (splash)
Called it. (woman speaking Dutch) (man replies)
(woman yelps) (splash)
– (chortles) Dang it!!
(buzzer) (woman speaks Dutch) (man replies)
(woman yelps) (splash)
– Ha! Not– NO!! (buzzer) (woman speaks Dutch) (man replies)
– Whoa, whoa. (splash)
– (chuckles) I was ready to grab her, you know? (buzzer) – No, he can’t fish her out with that. – (woman) Woo! (pants) – (deadpan) I’m sorry. – Two down. (man speaking Italian) – Something unexpected. (hums monotonously) (man speaking Italian) – Poor little doggy. – (jittery humming) (clears throat) I was clearing my throat. Honestly, I was clearing my throat. (buzzer) (man speaking Italian) – I think the poor doggy died. – (woman) I was sweating. – (reporter) Sweating because a man bear was roaming through
Tina Marason’s backyard. Tina was too stunned to get a picture. But this is what the bear
probably looked like, except real. – Wow. – (reporter) A few minutes later,
the bear was spotted behind this home in Moreland Hills. This recreation identifies how witnesses say the bear escaped into the woods. – That was actually aired? (buzzer) – (reporter) This recreation
identifies how witnesses say the bear escaped… – Oh my god. This is– I would be laughing real hard right now. But that’s actually– oh my god. – I wouldn’t want to find a real bear. – (reporter) One resident describes
her horrifying experience when she first realized
the complex was on fire. – (woman) Well, I woke up to… – Oh, this lady.
– (Sweet Brown) …go get me a cold pop. – And I smiled. Dang it, I know this lady. This is so funny though. It is. (buzzer) – Nope, I saw this one too. – Whoa, this is an oldie. – (Sweet Brown) And then I thought
somebody was barbecuing. I said, “Oh, Lord Jesus, it’s a fire.” Then I ran out. I didn’t grab
no shoes or nothin’, Jesus. I ran for my life. – I’d be excited too
if I just escaped a fire. – (Sweet Brown) I got bronchitis. (with Jasser) Ain’t nobody
got time for that. – All right. (ding)
– (Finebros) You won! – That was easier than last time, guys. (ding)
– Okay! (laughs) I think you guys need to try harder. (ding)
– Now I can smile? (chuckling) (ding)
– (squeals) This is only my second time, and I’ve done like 100 of these. Woo!! I feel alive! – (Finebros) What do you want
to say to the fan out there who suggested the video
that made you lose? – Great job. – I don’t know how you
found that, but good job. – You, sir/ma’am, made me lose. But it was pretty funny. – (Finebros) What do you want
to say to the fans who tried to get you to laugh but failed?
– Hey, good try, man. Um, but you’re gonna have
to try a lot harder than that. – I think it was a very good attempt
to make me laugh and smile. But I decided no to this time. – I have to say you did choose
some PRETTY good videos. But not good enough. – Thanks for watching us
try not to smile or laugh on the React channel. – Want more laughs? Then subscribe. – Bye, everyone. – Bye, guys. I will never lose
another challenge again. ♪ (imitating celebratory beat) ♪ ♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪

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  1. i love your videos and i want to go on the react channle please i wanted to go on try not to laugh please im your bigs fan!!!

  2. You should play a nick jr. video called, NICK JR. STORIES GISELA'S MOON MISSION. It is impossible not to laugh

  3. Get the try not to laugh challenges from TwinkieMan or the Try not to Laugh for the reactors! They're hilarious but obv don't allow kids to participate and put viewer discretion

  4. OMG when u pause at 0:09 you can see this creepy picture on all of there videos you should look it's not lies I can't believe what I saw

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