Laughter is the Best Medicine

Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #23 (REACT)

♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪ (silence) – (Finebros) Today, we’re going
to show you a series of videos and the challenge is you
cannot smile or laugh while watching. – Damn it! – (sighs) My god. – Oh, easy. – I’ve never won. Never. – I have potential
to actually do this, but will I? I dunno. – (Finebros) These videos
were chosen by the viewers out there who think THEY can make you laugh.
– Okay. Well, we’ll see. – Just let me breath
for just a second here. – Oh, this’ll be a quick one. All right. – (soft laughter) I already lost. – And, finally, tonight a case
of caught with your pants down, quite literally, for jockey Blake Shinn
in the first race at Canterbury. Shinn’s silks slipped off at the start, but it was only after he passed the post–
– (stifled laugh) You can’t– you can’t throw
an ass at me in the first video. (buzzer) – (reporter) …the full view
of the rear of the field, ironically. – (chuckling) Oh my god!
The first one! (buzzer) – (reporter) …slipped off at the start–
– (scandalized gasp) Oh noooo! – (reporter) …past the post–
– Honestly, what can you do at that point? – (reporter) …of the rear
of the field, ironically. The horse–
– It’s amazing. Which butt’s better? – (reporter laughs)
– Not funny. – (reporter) Not much of a concern
to you? Well, that’s sport. – (triumphantly) Yes. – Got through the first one. ♪ (haunting music) ♪ – (dancer croons eerily)
– God, what is this? – What are they doing in the background? What is this? – I’m guessing this is supposed
to be super artistic. – Somebody actually thinks
this is an art form, which is absolutely phenomenal to me. (squeaking noises)
– This is weird. – (squeaking continues)
– (bursts into laughter) (giggles)
(buzzer) – Oh, he wishes. Whaaaat? – I don’t want to be rude, but honestly,
have you seen the stuff like “Only white people do this shit?”
Like, I swear… I laughed, fuck. (laughing) What is going on?
Like, who does this? (buzzer) (banging pole)
(audience laughs) (snickering) (laughing) – Dude, that’s an easy way to get me, man. (laughing)
(buzzer) (banging pole) – I wonder if he has a grandfather
about 65 years old who can do that. – “Disney pronounced
in different languages.” – Disney. – “Deez-nay.” – Disney. – “Dis-nay.”
– “Dis-nay.” – (black dude) Deez nuts!
– Deez nut– – (black dude) Got ‘im! (silence) – Did you get me?
(buzzer) – Disney. – “Deez-nay.” – Disney. – “Dis-nay.” – (black dude) Deez nuts. HAH! – (mockingly) Ha. Ha. Ha.
– (black dude) Got ‘im! – Disney. – “Dis-nay.” – (black dude) Deez nuts!
HAH! Got ‘im. – Was that really a language? – That joke is so overused. At this point, I don’t even care. – Oh no, you guys. No.
– (owner) Speak! – (puppy) Fuck!
– (owner) Good boy. (fighting back laugh) – (hushed) Oh, and it’s a puppy. Damn it. – (owner) Speak.
– (puppy) Fuck! – (owner) Good boy.
– Oh my god! I’ve seen that before. – (owner) Remmy, sit.
– Oh, no! Look at how cute!
– (owner) Speak. – (puppy) Fuck!
– (owner) Good boy. (silence) – (owner) Remmy, sit.
– Oh, that’s cute. – (owner) Speak.
– (puppy) Fuck! – (owner) Good boy. – That’s not what a puppy says! ♪ (steamy music) ♪ – Okay, Nicki Minaj. (moist fart) (prolongued fart) (double fart) (loud farting) (rhythmic farthing) (strained grunt) (farting continues) – No, that’s not funny. That’s silly. (farting in unison)
– Oh no. (fart) (more farting in unison)
– (heavy sigh) – Shake your asses, girls,
but you’re not being funny. You’re just being– I don’t know– rude. (chuckles) There, I laughed. (laughs) Okay. But I got through a lot!
(buzzer) (moist farting) (farting in unison) (deep exhale) – (Finebros) You won!
– YEAH! Ha! Ha! Can I laugh now? – I did it? I am so proud of myself. – Oh, heck yeah.
Oh my god, okay. – That was really hard.
My face hurts. – Pathetic. Pathetic.
I cleared ’em easy. – (Finebros) What do
you want to say to the fans about their attempt
to get you to smile or laugh? – Nice try. – Stop picking the fart ones!
They’re not funny! – Some of you guys were suggesting
some pretty good videos, I’m not gonna lie. Some of you guys just need
to step your game up. – (Finebros) What do
you want to say to the fan who suggested the video
that made you lose the challenge? – You got me! You found my weakness. – You guys caught me with the good ones. – It was a wringer. It wasn’t fair. – I’m not even mad.
You picked a good video. But, still, I hate you. – Thanks for watching us try
not to smile or laugh on the React channel. – Subscribe for new shows every week. – Bye! – See you guys! Bad dancing gets me every time.

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  1. You guys should put this video "Wrecking Ball FAIL CHAIR!"
    Blue! (the channel) super funny!

  2. You guys should do, teens react to DashieGames, he's super funny espicially in his super mario maker and Mario Kart 8 videos.

  3. Next video suggestion: Family Feud Funniest Moments #3 at the 2 miniute 25 second mark. I lose it every time. Lol.

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