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Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #41 (REACT)

♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪ – (FBE) Any idea what
we got you doing today? – Yep, I do. – Is it a laugh challenge? – (FBE) We’re gonna
show you a series of videos. And the challenge is you can’t
smile or laugh while watching. – (sulkily) Okay. – I’m already smiling. – I’m done with you guys.
I say this every time. – I suck at these so bad. – (FBE) As before, all the videos
we’re gonna show you today have been submitted by the fans. – (snickering) Yeah, you guys are gonna– You guys always make me laugh. – I will beat you. – Good luck. It’s not gonna happen. – (FBE) You ready to get goin’?
– Let’s do this. – Let me get it all out! (silence) – “When your friend’s shooting
for his first eagle”? Oh nooo. Oh, golf. – Oh, eagle, the golf. (birds chirp lightly) – (man) NO!! NO!!
– That’s messed up. – (man) NO!! (silence) – (snickers) (laughs)
– (man) NO!! (giggling) (buzzer) – (man) NO!! – (snickers) I play golf, so that was,
like, super relatable. (buzzer) – There it goes. – (man) NO!! – Well, that wasn’t very nice. – That was kinda more
messed up than funny though. – I feel bad for that guy. – Steve Burton is a very humble.
– Mm-hmm. – Oh. It’s always the news ones. – (Paula) …why he never
told us about this. – (David) Yeah, he’s an alligator
wrestler. Take a look. – Alligator wrestling.
– (man) Come a little closer. (overlapping speech)
– Oh god. – (Steve) Do they know each…
– I like animals. – (man) Hold him tight. Hold him tight. – Oh, no, no, no.
– (Steve) I am! – (man) Hold him tight. Hold him tight. – (snickers)
– (Steve) I am! (buzzer) – (Steve) Do they know each… – (man) They– no, hold him tight.
Hold him tight. Hold him. – (Steve) I am!
– (chuckling heartily) They should not have
the amateur holding the big one. (buzzer) – (Steve) I am!
– (man) You got him. – (Steve) I… am!
– (man) Oh, it’s okay. All right. – (hollering) (buzzer) – (man) Oh, it’s okay. All right. – Breathe, breathe, breathe,
breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe. – (David) Steve was holding an alligator that decided it wanted to get away and maybe have Steve as a snack. – I love how she’s cradling
the alligator like that’s gonna help. – (David) And no one was hurt.
– If I could laugh, I would. – (Paula) …fixing his jacket.
He’s very dignified. – (David) We’ll be right back. – My heart is, like,
starting to race a lot. And then my face is starting to hurt. – (man) I’ve got it.
I’ve got it. Here they come. Logan, here they come. – Cute kids. Kids are always a problem. (motorbikes zipping by loudly) – Aw. That’s just adorable. – (giggling) Sorry. Children are just– (laughs) (buzzer) (moterbikes zipping by) – Man, that kid’s happy. – (stiffly) He is so cute. And funny. (motorbikes speed away, Logan laughs) – Don’t do it, Chelsea.
He’s not that adorable. I think I’m doing good right now,
but it really hurt. (vacuum whining) ♪ (harmonica plays epic note) ♪ – That’s not, like, funny,
but I want to do that now. – Don’t do it. ♪ (harmonica plays epic note) ♪ (cracks up) Dang it. I knew that was gonna happen too! (buzzer) ♪ (harmonica plays epic note) ♪
– That shit’s clever. – That’s very good.
Very clever. Very smart. Very annoying! Oh my god!
Don’t let my family see that. They’ll try it at home. – That wasn’t funny at all. (thud) – Babies. Babies getting hurt. It’s always
very common, very exciting. – Oh, it’s gonna be one of those things
where he’s gonna fall. He’s gonna fall back in.
Yep, I saw it coming. – That hurts. – (man, Australian accent)
All this banana plantation and not one ripe banana.
– (imitating) The banana plant. – (man) Oh wait, there’s one. – (banana) I’m ripe. Pick me. Pick me now. (buzzer) – (man) Oh wait, there’s one. – (banana) I’m ripe. Pick me. Pick me now. – Does he have a pole up his butt? – (banana) Pick me. Pick me now. (ding)
– (FBE) You won! – Can I smile now? All right. (ding)
– I wanted to laugh at the little boy and the banana one. (ding)
– Heck yeah! I won! That’s what I’m talking about! (ding)
– (ecstatically) What? Ha! HA! In your face! – (FBE) What do you want to say
to the fan that got you to laugh? – You guys are too good.
Where do you guys find these? – Why?! Why?! – Whoever chose that video,
you sure got me, ’cause it was amazing. – Why do you have to do this to me? Can’t you guys just, like,
submit some easy videos so I can just win once? – Thanks for watching us
try not to smile or laugh on the React channel. – Let us know in the comments
how well you did. – Bye, guys. You got me this time,
but I’ll get you next time. – Hey, everybody. Derek here, one of the producers
for the React channel. Thank you so much for watching.
We make so many videos. There’s just so many of them. We don’t even know
what to do with them all. Maybe you should watch some.
Check them out below.

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  2. Can you guys do a try not to cry challenge where you have any of the react people listen to fan suggested emotional songs or watch a songs music video? Just music, no clips of sad scenes from movies or anything of that nature, just songs.

  3. Can you guys do a try not to cry challenge where you have any of the react people listen to fan suggested emotional songs or watch a songs music video? Just music, no clips of sad scenes from movies or anything of that nature, just songs.

  4. I really like Ary, but the super noticeable really light foundation on her face was really distracting. Especially when her skin tone is way better than mine and she wears light foundation better than me. She is better than me in two things dammit.

  5. I usually only ever laugh at someone else laughing just cuz it brings me joy to see people smile. But since I've started watching these it's gotten easier and easier for me to not smile or laugh and I don't know if it's just me exhibiting better self-control or if I'm just losing my general happiness that I usually hold due to the realizations about how small and insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things on this cruel and unforgiving planet that is doomed to one day be consumed by the one thing that gives it life and energy, showing that death is inevitable for everyone and everything.

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