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Try To Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #55 (REACT)

Oh, God the B-movie no no no no to actually digest. Did you just start and what was happened? Today we have another challenge to throw your way I hate challenges ok what’s the challenge where how do you watch a series of videos however if you laugh or smile? You’re out kind of trot Kong’s No, I could be fine good. No problem The fans are once again seeing if their submissions are going to get you to crap I feel like laughs that is a problem So you got a good shot. I’ve won one That was it and that was the best day of my life. I’m already laughing. I’m trying out – ok ok All right My guys have been on a roll for the past like two years basically already mad at you Thank you for making me laugh as well every time I come this Big movie gone wrong, I’m scared. Oh God the b movie no no no no no I love the b movie you like jazz. I mom, why did you? Cross aah oh, shoot what the heck? I’m on my own That’s not funny. I was very close ok horse hi, I Just Gonna watch that again a poor dog Hi, Ha I Love to laugh, so if I lose though what I had fun laughing all right? The dog got busted get them off the kitchen counter Hi now for Buffy alright But scared me oh my God So I like someone’s house someone has a bowling lane in their house Yeah, oh My God like abuse of the dog yeah That’s Gonna do it again? Hmm, not funny This is getting cruel And it’s not funny poor, baby with the right prop and make it an entertaining shot slicer knocks on the pulpit like you and Ma Hey, I didn’t dog the shot I Didn’t dog the shot sock oh my God Buddy come on Come on. Oh my gosh another dog video come on That’s a cute doggie. You’re gonna do this is what my dog does see watch buddy Never come see come on kill him you can do it my bacon strip Come on Do what he did? What a baby, he’s adorable not right, it’s club on the tree, but really cute your voice it, okay boy That was very cute actually That’s like my heart’s like a little happy right now Goats are hilarious oh my God Me, too kid me too plate broccoli on spotify beef beef Plate broccoli on spotify Alexa not beef what why does it say beef? plate broccoli on spotify Beef what? I had to laugh at that one Plate broccoli on spotify like beef and broccoli Beef what what is wrong with Alexa? She’s a carnivore? Is that a place in a point for him to raise that or is it a done deal by the country of manually? It’s actually an opportunity for members of Parliament to To actually digest it is a start and what just happened the documentation that is so going very nervous I would feel very nervous and the opportunity for proper engagement is making me nervous even after you. Oh my God I mean very nerve-wracking champion It’s time for cat massage. Oh my God notch Amazon is heading noticing having me How big back yeah remember the old Simon and Garfunkel? slow down You’re moving a feeling it’s going to be kinky you guys that says a lot about my feel a little bad for the sweet English caution if your kitty doesn’t like her fur disturbed she may tell you to shuffle out the door and Caution either they like this or they don’t Caution this is 10 to tell McKaela don’t fight Damn, it these are the prominent chocolate – marching and a real al-Abadi danger. This is a really Not the cat just massage Jesus So you lost that killed me. You definitely have some good ones this time. I always get hit with the hardest stuff in the beginning They come with the beggars, and it’s like you’re here with tightenin Tyson hook, and it’s over Thanks for watching us try not to smile or laugh on the react channel Subscribe for new shows every week submit a video in the comments you want feature on the show Bye guys hey guys I’m zack reset the react channel Thank you so much for watching and if you’d like to set some you hit that like button. Yeah

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  2. Is Mark the father of Zack because they kinda look similar? I mean look at their eyes! Am I the only one that thinks and sees that?

  3. 3:37 when u playing floor is lava challenge but you want the bacon

    4:18 maybe she was saying "beat" cos he said broccoli

  4. Hey Zack! Nice to meet you. Would you tell Katie that she has fans who think she's awesome. Thank you very much. Lol

  5. I couldn't stop laughing when I watching the beef video and I also have an Alexa. Alexa heard the people in the react video saying her name and responded and I can't stop laughing, it's just too much for me

  6. Dude wtf these were so easy. none of them made me want to laugh. Also, Mikaela did not grin, she opened her mouth to say aww

  7. 3:05 I swear, I saw that at a MM crack video. The guy who did the pool thing is Jumin and the dog is Elly (ironically, Elizabeth 3rd is a cat)

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