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Try To Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #56 (REACT)

– This is a thing? (spectators roaring)
– (sportscaster 1) Nobody! – Oh my gosh.
That’s hilarious. – Now I’m starting
to get too confident that I’m not going to laugh. ♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪ – (FBE) Today, we have
actually teamed up with Major League Baseball
to bring you a challenge. – What? That’s so cool. – Oh, no. I used to play baseball as a kid
and I always sucked at it, so I feel like anything baseball,
I’m going to suck at. – (FBE) We’re going to show you
a bunch of baseball-related videos, and you have to try
to get through them all without smiling or laughing.
– I’m already laughing! – I’m a big baseball fan.
This might get me. – (FBE) In addition to this episode,
we’re working with MLB to bring fans an hour long
Facebook livestream on Sunday, August 20th,
with reactors, YouTube stars, MLB players,
and more, to launch the first-ever MLB
Little League Classic being played between
the St. Louis Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Pirates
that night on ESPN. – Oh, that’s so cool.
That’s a cool thing for fans to do because it’s like
your love for baseball and you get to spend it
with other people who love baseball. – I am so excited. I’m actually going to be there. – (FBE) So a part of this partnership
between us and the MLB is we have the honor of having
you in here for this challenge. – Yes, thank you. Thank you, I love these things. You guys are awesome. – (FBE) All right, so as an outfielder
for the San Francisco Giants, how do you think
you’ll do in a laugh challenge made up of MLB videos?
– You know what? I’m at peace with
laughing, so let’s go. – (sportscaster 1) …Hedges.
(bat cracking) – (sportscaster 1) He popped it up.
And they’re coming from everywhere– – Here it comes.
Oh, no, no, no, no. They– who’s going to get it?
Who’s going to get it? – (sportscaster 1) Nobody!
– (spectators roaring) (buzzer) – (sportscaster 1) Who’s going to take it? Nobody!
– That just– That just hurts my feelings. – (sportscaster 1) Who’s going to take it? Nobody!
– (flatly) Oh my gosh. That’s hilarious. – That’s embarrassing. – (sportscaster 1) That’s
embarrassing for the Reds. (bat cracking) – Ooh. Ooh.
– (sportscaster 1) Everybody’s coming. You got it?
No, you got it. I got it.
– That’s sad. – (sportscaster 1) How many Reds
does it take to catch a pop fly? – (sportscaster 2)
I don’t know, tell me. – (sportscaster 1)
It looked like five were there. – (giggling) I lost.
That was funny. (buzzer) – (sportscaster 2)
I don’t know, tell me. – (sportscaster 1)
It looked like five were there. – I’ve done that
so many times in baseball. I feel all their pain.
They all feel terrible. – (sportscaster) Seven or eight teams
that are within a game or two of .500 and that’s all you–
– What? Why? Why the hand? – (sportscaster) This is a bad–
– What’s happening? Uh-oh.
– (sportscaster) …nearby. – Oh! That’s my worst nightmare. – (sportscaster) And I love
how his buddy puts his glove over his face…
– Oh my–! – (sportscaster) …like,
“I don’t want to be seen with you.” – (cracking up) [Bleep]! I was just about to say that,
and the announcer said it first. (buzzer) – (sportscaster chuckling)
– Boy, you had a glove. – Oh, yikes. – (sportscaster) …puts his glove
over his face like, “I don’t want to be seen with you.” – That’s sad, honestly. – (sportscaster laughing) – Now I’m starting
to get too confident that I’m not going to laugh. – (sportscaster) …the assistant
trainer, you can see– – Ooh! – (sportscaster) That’s
a hip check there, man. That’s, uh–
hockey season’s over with. That’s a hip check there, man. That’s, uh–
hockey season’s over with. Trainers are my favorite people
when it comes to sports, so when you see
them trying to do things that normal athletes do,
it’s like– DANG IT! (chuckling) It’s just ten times more funny.
(buzzer) – (sportscaster) That’s
a hip check there, man. That’s, uh–
hockey season’s over with. – I think I’m good. I don’t like people being hurt. – (sportscaster) Especially
in a game like this, a 1-1 game. (chuckling)
– (giggling) Oh my god! – (sportscaster)
That is some fantastic hair… – Oh my god!
(buzzer) – This guy looks like a Troll doll. – (sportscaster) That
is some fantastic hair, by the way. – It really is. – (sportscaster) …Krusty the Clown.
– The Johnny Bravo hair, though. – (sportscaster) I’m still
going with Heat Miser from… – How do you get your hair
like that underneath a hat? – (sportscaster) That
is some serious flow right there. – That’s why baseball
players wear hats. – Is that gum? – (sportscaster) Oh, well.
– (chuckling) (buzzer) – (sportscaster) Oh, well.
Somebody got him. – It’s always fun when you do that. – (sportscaster)
At least it’s not the hot-foot. – Does he know that it’s there? – (sportscaster) Less painful,
more embarrassing. – This is actually
really painful not to laugh. – (sportscaster) …have a 8-0 lead,
and everybody’s having fun. – Aaaaah!
(buzzer) – (sportscaster) …8-0 lead–
– Is this a thing? – (sportscaster) Wait, what?
(water bubbling) What’s going on?
– He looks so confused. – (sportscaster) He realizes
now that he is the victim… – Got him! – (sportscaster)
…bubble on the cap joke. (chuckling) Ah,
it’s fun to have a 8-0 lead. – Oh my gosh. At least that guy kind of killed it
or else it’d be funny. – He has no idea. – I’ve never heard of this before. – (announcer speaking indistinctly) – That’s really funny.
His face is so serious. There’s no– oh! (laughing) He’s mad about it. (laughing)
(buzzer) – (FBE) All right,
since you’re our guest star, we’re gonna let you keep watching
and see if any other videos crack you. – Two changes? All right. – (announcer speaking indistinctly) – Oh, how unfortunate. – Oh my god. (spectator whistling) – I can’t! Gosh dang it! I can’t do it anymore.
(buzzer) – He looks like he
knows exactly who did it. (spectator whistling) – You can tell he feels
very conflicted about it. He’s like, you know,
I love baseball, but I have to put up
with this [bleep]? (bat cracking) – (sportscaster 1) High pop… and this one’s headed
towards the catwalk. I think it’s up there. – (sportscaster 1) Did it hit it?
– (sportscaster 2) No. – It never came down, did it? It’s up there.
– (sportscaster 1) It’s stuck. It’s stuck.
– Oh, it got stuck? – (sportscaster 2) The sky is falling!
– (chuckling) That’s great. – (sportscaster 1) He was deked.
He thought he had– (buzzer) – (sportscaster 1)
He thought had a beat on it, that he was coming over there–
– I’m trying really hard not to laugh. – (sportscaster) A lot of fans
have a good time with the K as always,
but whenever a baseball– – Oh, is it going
to be a dancing one? – (sportscaster)
They are excited to get one. – Yep, that always happens. Usually, I’m trying
to throw it to a kid and some adult that’s sitting down
and not paying attention just jumps and clobbers the kid
and catches the ball. Fans, stop jumping
and stealing balls from kids! (buzzer) – (sportscaster laughing) – That was really funny. – He kind of looks like Frozone. – This guy is amazing. Watching this live is so fun. (spectators cheering) – Oh! No, dude! Oh my god. – See ya! Oh, whoa, god. (laughing) That one’s awesome.
(buzzer) (bat cracking) – (sportscaster) Cabrera over,
but misses into the seats. – (sighing) – (sportscaster laughing) – (chuckling)
(buzzer) – Oh, somebody– I laughed! No! I really didn’t think
I was gonna lose and I thought I was
gonna make it through that one. Damn it!
(buzzer) – That guy will remember
that for the rest of his life. – That’s not weird at all. – (sportscaster)
Consider yourself honored. – (FBE) Daniel?
– Oh, is that it? – (FBE) You won!
– I’m so happy right now. – Yay! I never do good on these. – Well, I came in
with a lot of confidence that I wasn’t
going to be able to laugh. There’s some funny videos in there,
and I really enjoyed it. Thank you. – Hey, guys, it’s Katie
and Tom from FBE. – And I am so excited
because myself, other reactors, YouTube stars, and MLB players
will all be heading down to Williamsport, Pennsylvania,
playing fun games and challenges for a Facebook livestream
later this month. – It’s all happening
at 12:00 PM on August 20th before the MLB Little League
Classic at 7:00 on ESPN. – Bye, guys.

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