Laughter is the Best Medicine

Try To Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #60 (REACT)

– It’s like a Gerber baby,
like a pissed off Gerber baby. – Shark expert my ass.
– I’m good. Are you good? I’m good. ♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪ – (FBE) We have a challenge
for you today. – Could it be a laugh challenge? – I’m just hoping it’s
not a laugh challenge, ’cause I’m really bad at them.
– (FBE) You’re gonna be doing another laugh challenge.
– Okay. I did okay last time. – I’ve done pretty good. I’m
like a good 75% out of 25. Hopefully I do good.
– Mm, it’s gonna be tough. I got a little funny bone.
– Why do you do this to me? You know I failed. I’m always
the first one to fail! – (FBE) And as always,
all of these videos were submitted by the fans and viewers
who wanna make you laugh. – Yeah, well, you’ve done
a pretty good job so far. – The past couple times
that I’ve done this, I feel like they’ve
brought the heat. – I’m not gonna lose this time,
I am sorry to say. Not this time. – Okay. All right,
yeah, let’s do this. Let’s do this. Come on.
You can’t tell. – (man) ♪ Caress my body ♪
♪ You got me going… ♪ – Oh, it’s the Snapchat filter. – (man) ♪ …crazy, tur– ♪
The light’s green! (buzzer) ♪ …tur– ♪ The light’s green! Gooo!
– It’s like a Gerber baby, like a pissed off Gerber baby. – (man) The light’s green! Gooo! – I’m afraid that’s gonna be me
when I drive, actually. – He should not be doing that
while he’s driving. Just saying. – Oh, it’s little hammer
and nails guy, huh? – (boy) All done, Mommy.
– (mom) All right. Wait! (laughs)
– (laughs) Okay. Oh gosh. That was a good one.
(buzzer) – (mom) Wait! (laughs)
– I’m sorry! (laughs) Little kids doing things that they
aren’t aware is inappropriate, like a little kid flipping off,
I think it’s the funniest thing. (buzzer) – (mom) Wait! (laughs) – Pretty good.
– Okay, this is a hard one, ’cause I could see my little son
doing something like that to me. – He’s just gonna pound it–
oh, here goes another one. – It is funny. That’s kind of cute.
– (mom) That’s not where it goes. – Where do they get these ideas? – (man) This is really happening.
There’s a goat! Why is there a goat? – I love goats.
– (man) Hi! – Wow. A beautiful goat. – (man) Are you a nice goat?
(chuckles) I don’t have food, goat. – He’s so happy about
seeing that goat. – (man) Oh my god!
There’s a [bleep] llama! – (laughs) It’s always
the animal videos. (buzzer)
– (man) Oh my god! There’s a [bleep] llama.
– Whoa! – They run so funny.
– (man) What is going on?! – The biggest moment
of his life right here. – (man #1) They’re the best guys
in town unless you give ’em a hard time.
– (man #2) We love you. – (man #3) Richard, thank you.
That’s very kind of you to say that. – (man #1) [Bleep] you. – (man #3) That’s very kind
of you to say that. – Oh my god.
– (man #1) [Bleep] you. – (bursts out laughing) It’s the unexpected that I love.
(buzzer) – (man #1) [Bleep] you.
– Aw, that’s not nice, bro. – (man #1) [Bleep] you.
– No. I’m good. Are you good? I’m good. – (control) Control, Houston. Please
call station for a voice check. – Aw, Mark Zuckerberg. Mr. Facebook. – (Mark) …Zuckerberg
at Facebook. Can you hear me okay? – That’s awkward for me. – Oh gosh, is it just
the awkward delay wait? – (astronaut) It’s a pleasure
to talk with you today. – (Mark) So I think we should start
by– can you– – (astronaut) Oh, it’s our pleasure. – Try that question
again, Mr. Zuckerberg. – Can you introduce yourselves…
– That’s the worst interview in life. Ever.
– (Mark) …working up there for? – Lag time. – (laughs) Okay,
I’ll give you that one. (buzzer) – (Mark) And is astronaut
ice cream a real thing? – I want some ice cream. – They’re just having fun now. They don’t even care
about the interview. – Wow. Great interview,
Zuckerberg. Not! – (Karl) Something is lurking
deep beneath Evandale Lake. Residents fear a shark…
– Legs! It’s like Jaws, only different. – (Karl) …to find out for more
on the mysterious sightings. I’m joined by shark expert,
Paul Burt. Good morning, Paul. – Why does he have fishing pole? – (Paul) This is the lake
at Evandale at the Gold Coast City Council Chambers where
there’s been a possible sighting of a Noah, the man in the gray suit,
or what we call a shark. – (Karl) I’m gonna give you
one chance to catch this shark. – No.
– (Karl) …one chance and one chance only.
Off you go. Here we go. – He’s trying to catch a shark
with a fishing rod. Wow. So smart. – (Paul) Oh, there we go!
I got a– I’ve got a bird. – Oh wow. He caught a bird.
– (Paul) I got a bird! Look at him!
– Ugh. – (Karl) Oh no. Oh no.
– Oh. – (Karl) Stop now. Stop now.
Stop now, stop now, stop now. That’s enough.
– Yeah, yeah. Oh, you got me. (laughs)
You got me. Damn it. (buzzer)
– (Karl) Okay, okay, stop now. Stop now. Stop now, stop now,
stop now. That’s enough.
– Shark expert my ass. – (Karl) Well, that
didn’t end well, did it? – (people chuckling)
– (Karl) Peking duck, anyone? – Did all that go on the air?
– (anchor) Sometimes, it’s so dangerous sitting here.
– Wow. (claps) He got it back. – (anchor) …all sorted.
– (Karl) Yeah. – (FBE) Hey, Leah. – Was that a laugh?
(buzzer) – (anchor) …so
dangerous sitting here. – (Karl) It’s okay.
The bird’s okay. – (anchor) Yup, all sorted.
– (Karl) Yeah. – (Paul) Duck’s good.
– (anchor) No ducks were hurt in the filming of that sequence. – (Karl) The whole thing
was bullshark. – (bursts out laughing)
Okay, I had to laugh. (buzzer) – (Karl) The whole thing
was bullshark. – (FBE) That’s a smile.
– I know! (laughs) (buzzer)
– (Karl) The whole thing was bullshark.
– Wow. – (Paul laughs)
– (FBE) All right, Will. That was the last video! You won! (ding)
– Yes! Let’s go! (ding)
– Aw, man. It was hard. I was trying to just relax
all these muscles right here. – The good thing
about this challenge is even if you lose, you still win,
because you get to laugh at some great videos.
– Thanks for watching us try not to smile or laugh
here on the React Channel. – Subscribe for
new shows every week. – Bye, everyone. It got me again.
– Hey, everybody! Derek here, one of the React Channel producers.
I know we say it a lot, but we really need help.
We need more videos. We need funny ones!
Put ’em in the comments, and it’ll be in the episodes.
That’s how it works. Do it!

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