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Try To Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #64 (REACT)

– ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So, in honor of FBE’s
first feature film, F The Prom,
that is available now on iTunes and all sorts of other places,
links are in the description, so everyone should check it out,
we have you and some of the other cast of the movie
here to do an FBE tradition. A try not to smile
or laugh challenge. – Oh, I’m gonna be
so bad at this. – Challenge considered and accepted. – I’m conflicted, ’cause it’s like,
I wanna smile and laugh, but I know it’s a challenge.
I can’t. – (FBE) So, tell us a little
bit about F The Prom. – I think young adults everywhere
can relate to this movie. It’s a coming of age movie
that hits the right chord, the right note,
and plays the whole set beautifully from beginning to end. – F The Prom is a super fun
high school story of a bunch of random kids
brought together by one motivation to ruin all
the jerks in high school, their greatest night,
which is prom. – It’s just such a fun movie.
It has such a great message at the end, also,
and it takes lots of twists and turns
that you don’t see coming. I just love it
and I’m so proud of it and I can’t wait for everyone
to see it. – (FBE) And because you are
our guest stars, if you lose during a video,
you will be out for that round, but we’re gonna let you
come back in for the next. We’re just gonna keep track
of how many times you get out. – Oh, I’m so bad at these.
I’m already smiling. Okay, okay. – I feel like I wanna do well
because I want to defeat all the actors that I
directed in this movie, so there’s some more incentive
than usual, so we’ll see how competitive I get. – I’m already smiling.
There’s no way. Okay, yeah, let’s do it. – I’m ready and you
are gonna lose. I was talking to myself. – Let’s do this.
Check out F The Prom soon. – (cameraman) Yeah, man.
I’m actually at work and shit, instead of [bleep] rain,
we got lightning and shit. Let’s see if I can catch
some [bleep] lightning. Kechow. – All right, I guess I lose there. – (cameraman) Yeah, man.
I’m actually at work and shit, – There’s nothing funny
about filming vertically. – Oh jeez. – (cameraman) Let’s see if I
can catch some [bleep] lightning. Kechow.
– I can’t do it. – (cameraman) Kechow.
– This is harder than I thought it would be.
I honestly thought I would be able to at least make it
through one. – (cameraman) [bleep] rain,
we got lightning and shit. Let’s see if I can catch
some [bleep] lightning. Kechow.
– Not even funny. – Didn’t expect it,
but wasn’t funny. – (man) For me,
nature’s one of the neatest things on this planet.
That’s why Rodney and I – That’s so stupid. – (man) ‘Cause we want everyone
to know neat nature is instead of just me
and Rodney knowing it. – That wasn’t even funny yet. – (man) Instead of just me and…
– Who is this guy? No!
This is so hard! – (man) Nature is, instead of
just me and Rodney knowing it. – Okay. – This is like me as the
beginning of my career. – (man) How neat is that?
– It is indeed. – I want this guy’s outfit.
– (man) That’s pretty neat. – Pretty neat.
That is a nice tree. It’s a neat tree. – (man) Without a doubt,
coming out in the nature is one of the neatest things
there is to do, but you also have to be careful.
That’s why I always try to pack some heat.
– Wow, I have no idea where this video is going.
What? Wait, no, that doesn’t–
What? – (man) Try to pack the heat.
– He’s got a gun? Okay. – (man) Just a little bit–
pack some heat. – (FBE) You’re killing it, man.
– What? – (FBE) You’re not breaking
at all. – Yeah, I’m waiting for the funny.
– (announcer) Burn! – (Paul) Hi everybody, it’s Paul.
You know, a lot of people ask me after a long day…
– I saw this one already. – I’ve seen this.
I have seen this video and it is so funny.
Oh my God. This is the hardest thing
I’ve ever had to do in my life. – (Paul) You see,
petting your dog… – Oh my goodness,
that dog. – (Paul) You see,
petting your dog… – Oh God.
Oh no. This dog. – (Paul) You see,
petting your dog… – Oh gosh.
– (Paul) Relaxing things you can possibly do.
– It’s like the– – (Paul) It releases a hormone
called Oxytocin. – This is the most difficult
challenge I have ever done in my entire life. – (Paul) You see,
petting your dog… – Oh my God. – (Paul) It releases a hormone…
– Hmm, okay. – (Paul) Which reduces stress.
– It’s like a hybrid between a dog and an eighth grader. – (Paul) It lowers your
blood pressure. Plus, people who pet their dogs
are five times more likely… – Does not look relaxing right now. – (Paul) Okay, we’re done.
– Aw, and then he just stops. That’s adorable. – (Paul) Okay, we’re done.
– That was really funny. Like, really funny. – Oh no, this is prom.
(gasps) They’re gonna fa– (gasps)
– (woman) Oh shit. – Nope, not smiling.
Muscles are not gonna move. No, I can’t.
I tried so hard, but that one was so funny!
Oh, it was just so perfect. – (woman) Oh shit.
– Okay, it’s not fair that you play it more than once,
’cause I could do it and now I can’t. – Uh oh.
I’m sensing a slip and slide. Oh. – He saved himself halfway, though.
Good for him. – They’re never gonna
live this down. – See, this is me.
This is actually me, if anybody knows me in real life.
I just trip and fall all the time. – (man) Is there any way you would
wanna come to prom with me? – Aw. – (girl) I already have a date.
– Oh, that’s embarassing. – (girl) I already have a date. – I’ve never seen that
actually happen before. – (girl) I already have a date.
– Oh, that’s so sad. – (girl) I already have a date.
– That’s just not doing your research. – “We were filming a group
project for our Sci-Fi class and Charlie was the host
of our ‘game show.'” – “He was supposed to ask
Emily what it felt like to win our game.
But he asked this question instead.” – (host) And our big winner, Emily.
– Uh oh, this is gonna be good. – (host) One final question.
Prom? – (Emily) Really?
– (host) Really. – (Emily) Are you kidding me?
– (host) I’m not kidding. – Props to him for doing it
like that. Probably the smoothest one. – (laughs)
He is so awkward. – (Emily) Can I get back to you?
– (host) Yes. – (Emily) Okay.
– His laugh, his laugh is very uncomfortable
in that moment. – (Emily) ‘Cause of Zach.
– Did she say “‘Cause of Zach?” [Bleep] Zach.
Charlie’s where it’s at. – (host) Yes.
– (Emily) Okay. – Ooh, teen awkwardness. – (weatherman) Same thing
for Sunday, this is through five p.m.
A fairly quiet weekend. 88 in Mobile, Fairhope.
88 in Pensacola. (farts) – Ah, there I go. – (weatherman) 88 in Mobile,
Fairhope, 88 in Pensacola. (farts)
– Wow. – (weatherman) 88 in Pensacola.
(farts) – (weatherman) Pensacola.
(farts) – Nailed it. – That was really funny.
I love fart jokes, though. I mean there. – (man) A bottle of red wine!
(wheezing) – Oh no.
I can’t do it. – (wheezing) – (laughs)
That’s so stupid. I hate myself. – Is that really his laugh?
He’s joking. This doesn’t seem
like it’s a joke. – (wheezing)
– Wow, I want that noise to stop. Wow, I don’t like this part. – The hand. – (wheezing)
– No, I can’t do it. How long is this video? – It’s like a pre emphysema
laugh on this guy. – (wheezing) – He needs to go see a doctor.
That’s a wheezy laugh. – (FBE) You did it.
You made it all the way through. – Is that it?
– (FBE) That’s it. – That’s all we got?
I say back to the drawing board. It’s gonna take more than that. – Those were hysterical, you guys.
Oh my gosh. I don’t know how I’m supposed
to make it through any of those without laughing. – I felt like this was going
to be okay and then a fart,
which adds to how lame it is to lose to the fart. – I didn’t even get through half.
That’s how good these videos are. Wow, people are funny. – That was seriously the most
difficult thing I’ve ever done in my entire life,
so kudos to you. – Thanks for watching the F The Prom
cast laugh challenge. – Don’t miss out on all our
new shows. Subscribe. – Hey everybody, Derek here.
Thank you so much for watching this special laugh challenge
and please go ahead and support FBE by checking out our very first
feature film F The Prom. It really is a great, fun movie
full of heart about how messed up popularity can be, especially
in high school. The link’s down in the description.
Go check it out!

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