Laughter is the Best Medicine

Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #7 (ft. FBE STAFF)

– Hey, guys, before you enjoy
the staff taking on the laugh challenge, we wanted to tell you
about a brand new show we’ve been working
on from FBE called Quizzical. – It’s a game show
that’s part puzzle, part quiz. Be sure to check out
the very first episode on the React channel
this Friday, November 25th, followed by more episodes
later in December. – So, without further ado,
enjoy this episode of Staff Reacts. ♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪ – (FBE) So today we have
a challenge for you. We’re going to show you a series of videos and you can’t smile
or laugh while watching. – All right, let’s do it. – No smiling, no laughing, got it. – This time, I want to win. – I’m not prepared right now! – I laugh at everything, so I feel like
I’m going to fail. – Not expecting to do well. I’m just a man of laughter. I like to smile.
I like to laugh. – I can put on my serious game face. We’ll see. I’m gonna give it a shot. – Okay, I need to focus. – Let’s go! – What really happened
on that Thursday here at Augusta… – I’ve seen this one. – (reporter) … that lead
to Chris Wood’s death. (gagging) What the [bleep] is that?! Shit! (spitting)
– You all right? – (report) I’m dyin’ in this
[bleep] country-ass [bleep] up town. – (cracking up) (sighing) That’s so great. (buzzer) – (reporter gagging)
What the [bleep] is that?! Shit! (spitting) I’m dyin’ in this [bleep]
country-ass [bleep] up town. – (chuckling) (buzzer) – (reporter spitting)
I’m dyin’ in this [bleep]… – (cracking up) I’m sorry,
it’s just hilarious. Oh. (laughing)
(buzzer) – (reporter) Shit flyin’ in my mouth! – Nope.
– (reporter) [Bleep]! I can’t see.
– I feel bad, you know. – (reporter) Let’s get the [bleep]
out of this country… – That’s why you shouldn’t go outside. You should just stay inside forever. – Oh man. Ohhh man. – I wouldn’t like that either.
I wouldn’t like a fly in my mouth. – (speaking Italian) – “Go for a run, Panchino.” Oh. – (speaking Italian) – What? (snickering) No, no, that was so– no, come on. (buzzer) – That’s not child abuse,
that’s animal cruelty. (buzzer) – (speaking Italian)
– Poor dog. Dang it. (laughing)
(buzzer) – Oh, that’s– that’s really cute. – He just wants his dog
to go on a run, and he can’t. – (cooly) Stone cold. – Um, keep taking your calls…
– (gasping) Josh! What up, buddy? – (Josh) Josh’s Movie Review, who’s this? – (caller) Is– is this a new show?
– (Josh) This IS a new show… – It’s like early day of YouTube. – (caller) Brand new?
– (Josh) Yep, brand new, dude. You’re watching the first one.
– (caller) Well, I gotta do this, brother. It’s your first episode.
CUM IN MY MOUTH!!! – (Josh) No. – (caller) …do this, brother.
It’s your first episode. CUM IN MY MOUTH!!!
– (Josh) No. – (laughing softly) God damn it!
(buzzer) – (caller) It’s your first episode.
CUM IN MY MOUTH!!! – (Josh) No.
– Rude. – Yeah, no, no, no, no to any of that. – Oh, that’s so sad.
– (mom) You okay? You okay?
– (child) I’m not– (mom laughs) – (mom snorting) You okay? You okay? – (child) I’m not–
– (mom laughs) – (laughing) Crap!
(buzzer) – I love it when children hurt themselves. – (mom) You okay? You okay?
– (child) I’m not– – (mom laughs)
– You guys have to play it over and over, don’t you? ♪ (tuning guitar) ♪
(loud footsteps) – I love this video.
This is great. – I love Elvis.
He’s so handsome. (shoes squeak)
(discordant guitar sounds) (Elvis snorts)
(discordant guitar sounds) – This is almost, like,
more like cringy than it is funny. (discordant guitar sounds)
– (Elvis) Yeah! (guitar twangs)
(Elvis guffaws) – That looked fun. – (FBE) Guess what?
– Did I crack a smile? What?
– (FBE) You won! – I did? (gasping) I won! (laughing) – Really? – Yes! (laughing triumphantly) – (sighing) My goodness.
That’s awesome. Yes! – (FBE) What do you want to say
to your coworkers who won the challenge?
– You guys all suck for beating me. (laughing) – I’ll get you next time, definitely. – Congrats– it’s like a bitter congrats. I’m mad, but, like, good job. Whatever. – Thanks for making Staff Reacts possible. We love doing it, and we love
that you like watching it. – What else do you want
to see the staff try? Let us know in the comments. – See you next time, everybody. Bye! – Hey, guys, I’m Zack,
a producer for the React channel. Thank you guys so much for watching, and make sure you subscribe
for new videos every week. See ya!

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  1. Thanks for watching everyone! We're excited for our new game show QUIZZICLE debuting next week, and love getting in front of the camera a change for Staff Reacts every week! We're making 12+ series a week across here and the FBE channel and it's all for you! Thanks for the support every week! – FBE Staff

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