Laughter is the Best Medicine

Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #77 (REACT)

– Oh yeah, that’s me. – Breathe, breathe, breathe,
breathe. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Okay, so today
you’ll be doing a don’t smile or laugh challenge.
– Okay. I want to win this time.
I’m gonna win. – I believe in myself.
I’ve done it before, so I feel like I can do this. – Let me get all my smiles
out right now. You know what?
I’m feeling confident today. – I’ve done okay a couple
of times. A couple of times, after
the first two, I just broke up, so I don’t know. – (FBE) So as you know,
all the videos were sent in by fans around the world.
– Y’all are probably gonna beat me.
I mean, I’ve never been able to win one, but I’m
gonna try. I’m gonna try my best. – I’m ready.
I’m gonna fail, but I’m ready. – I’ll probably fail,
but challenge accepted. – Okay, (groaning).
Let’s do it. – (cameraman) Uh oh, Nicholas.
This train is gonna crash into these five people.
– Okay. I like trains, so–
– I like trains. – (train horn) – (cameraman) Should we move
the train to go this way or should we let it
go that way? Which way should the train go?
– Go straight and sacrifice yourself. – Is he just gonna take it
off the track? Aw, kids are so pure. – Genius. – Nope.
No. – Nice.
Just take them all out, kid. – (kid) Uh oh.
– That boy was a savage. – “When your friend makes
you a drink.” – “When your friend makes
you a drink that’s 90% vodka.” I die. – No! – Holy moly. – Oh yeah, that’s me.
That’s me, that whole… oh yeah, that’s me. – Don’t laugh at the baby.
Don’t laugh at the cute child. – Goes back.
Aw, [bleep]. – I wanna smile so bad
’cause it’s so cute. – And he drinks again? – Can’t relate.
Not 21. – Oh my God.
Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe. – ♪ (trumpet) ♪
– Not sure what he’s doing. – ♪ (trumpet) ♪
– Soulful. – Miles Davis, there he is.
Nice. – ♪ (trumpet) ♪
– That’s pretty good. – This is really creative. – Okay, I’m feeling confident.
Can’t give up now. – Oh no, I think I’ve seen this. – ♪ (high pitched singing) ♪ – Don’t laugh, don’t laugh. – ♪ (high pitched singing) ♪ – It hurts.
The sound hurts. – I always wondered why he
just has a random bottle of Jergens,
but then I’m like, I have a bottle of Jergens
in my car, too. – ♪ Mask on
[Bleep] it mask off ♪ – The guy’s really into it.
He’s crooning back there. – ♪ Mask on
[Bleep] it mask off ♪ – No.
I’m not laughing, that’s just irritating. – It’s kind of annoying
after a while. – (slowed down) While. – ♪ (high pitched singing) ♪ – Ah, this is difficult. – That’s good. – Oops. – I just don’t wanna quit.
It hurts, but I’m not gonna let the laugh take over. – (anchor) On the air,
good morning. We’re doing open phones.
– (caller) Am I on the air? – (anchor) Yep.
– (caller) [Bleep]. – (anchor) Thanks.
– Okay. – (caller) [Bleep].
– (anchor) Thanks. – Damn it, no! – (caller) [Bleep].
– (anchor) Thanks. – So glad that one was
over so quickly. Those get me every time. – (woman) I see you don’t
have a lifeguard here at your beach.
– (man) I’m not at the beach. This is a bathtub.
– Really? – (man) What are you doing here?
– (woman) You can relax. You’re safe now.
Your lifeguard is here. – That’s great acting. – (man) Okay.
– I’m with him. – (whistle)
– (woman) Get out of the water, there’s a shark.
– (man) A shark? – (woman) Get out of the water.
There’s a shark– – I sneezed.
Damn it. – (whistle)
– (woman) Get out of the water, there’s a shark.
– (man) A shark? – (woman) Get out of the water.
There’s a shark in the water. – (man) Wait a–
there’s no shark in the bathtub.
– Oh my God. – (woman) Aren’t you glad
you had a lifeguard here to save you?
– Wow. – (man) There’s no need
for you to be here. – Some jokes–
some are just too long that it’s not even funny.
It’s like, I’m still trying to follow the lifeguard
reference and she didn’t even have lifeguard.
She just had a red– did they run out of budget?
Is that what happened? She just had to do red?
Okay. – (FBE) So, that’s actually
the last video. You won.
– I won? Can I smile?
– (FBE) Yep. – Yeah!
You guys have no idea how hard that was. – Honestly, I feel like at
this point, I just need tips from those of you who
won this, because I don’t know what to do anymore,
’cause I haven’t won any of these. – This is a challenge I never
really mind losing, ’cause basically if I lose,
it just means I had a good day. I’m laughing and smiling.
It’s a win win solution and you guys get to try
your best to make me laugh. – Thanks for watching us
try not to smile or laugh on the React Channel. – Don’t miss out on all
our new shows. Subscribe. – Submit a video in the comments
that you want featured on the show. – Goodbye everyone. – Hey, I’m Katie,
a React Channel producer. Thank you so much for
watching this episode. If you wanna see more
FBE content and behind the scenes vlogs,
then go ahead and check out our other YouTube channel,
FBE2. Bye guys.

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