Laughter is the Best Medicine

Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #8 (REACT)

♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪ – (Finebros) Today is gonna be
a Don’t Smile or Laugh challenge. – Okay, sounds good.
I’m gonna try my best. – Oh my god. For me, that’s gonna be hard. – I make myself laugh. When I talk, I start laughing. (laughs) – I’m gonna bite my tongue.
I heard that that helps. – I’m just gonna hold
duck face the entire time. – (holding back laughter)
I don’t think I can do it. ♪ (Awolnation, “Sail”) ♪ – Classic but not gonna get me. – (in tune with music)
Cat, cat, cat. Cat, cat, cat. – It’s, like, staring into my soul. – Oh my gosh. I love this video so much. – Is that that angry cat? – (muttering) I already want to laugh. – This cat’s in time with
the music. It’s pretty good. – Mm. Sail! – That’s a big cat. That cat– oh [bleep]. – Oh, that was hard. Okay. Okay, I’m good. Next video. Bring it on. – Have you ever had a dreams… – Oh my god, no. (laughs) I know this video. When I saw this video, it was over. (buzzer) – (boy) …that you, um– you had– – That’s…
– …you could– – Oh, I smiled and laughed.
(buzzer) – (boy) You– you want– you– you can do so– you– you do– you could–
– That’s kinda annoying. – (boy) …you want them to do you
so much you can do anything? That you, um– you had–
– So cute. – (boy) You w– you could– you want– – See, little kids always get me,
guys. They’re too cute. – (boy) …do– you could– you–
– (mimics stammering) – I got this.
– (boy) …you could do anything? – Yes. – (Finebros) You’re smiling.
– No!!! Ugh! (buzzer) (deep flatulence) – Is he farting? Is that farting? – Kinda looks like chocolate milk. – Okay, that’s just gross. It’s not f– haha. (inhales deeply, giggles softly) (buzzer) – Potty YouTube entertainment. – Who spends their time doing this?
I don’t understand. – It’s poop. It’s just all about poop. (flatulence continues)
– This is weird. (flatulence stops, squeaky fart) – Oh my god. – That’s a lot of poo. – Welcome to Jurassic Park. ♪ (soundtrack) ♪
– I love this movie. – Oh, this is the first one. All right. ♪ (soundtrack builds) ♪ ♪ (melodica playing Jurassic Park theme) ♪ – Isn’t that the song? – (Finebros) You smiled!
– (whimpers) No! No!! (buzzer) ♪ (reedy music continues) ♪
– This is, like, really bad music. Did I laugh? Did that count?
Does that count as laughing? And now I’m smiling. (laughs loudly) Oh my god!
(buzzer) ♪ (discordant notes) ♪
– (Dr. Alan Grant) They do move in herds. Not really funny. – (man) Are you good?
– (woman) Mm-hmm. (launcher clicking) – (man) Ready?
– (woman) Go. (older woman screams)
– Oh my… (older woman screams) (smooching) (man crying) (smooching) (man crying)
– (suppressed snicker) – (Finebros) That’s a laugh! – Oh no. (buzzer) ♪ (hip-hop music) ♪ (in video: brief laughter) – (man) Ready for the test? – (hums)
– (woman) Obviously. No!!! No!!!
– Whee. – (woman) No!!! (ding)
– (Finebros) Congratulations! You won! – Yay. That was so hard. (ding)
– Yay!! (ding)
– Woo! Unh! (ding)
– That was torture. (ding)
– I did it? It’s over? (ecstatic) I’m so happy! That was so hard! I was literally biting my mouth so hard– like, my lips like this– that they hurt. – Thanks for watching us
try not to smile or laugh on the React channel. – Subscribe for new shows every week. – Have a video you think will break us?
Leave it in the comments. – You– you– have you– you– you– have you ever had a dream
you– that you– bye. ♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪

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