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Try To Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #80 (REACT)

– Okay, this one’s hard
because this is something I would do. – That’s adorable.
I love Lucas. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So, as you may
or may not have guessed, we have a challenge for you.
– Oh, wonderful. I’m so great at those.
Any time you guys have me do a challenge, it’s just
automatically, my brain is like, “Oh, let’s do exactly that.” – (FBE) We’re gonna be showing
you a handful of videos and you can’t smile or laugh
while watching. – Oh boy, okay. – Why do you always
put me in these? I’m bad at this. – I’m disciplined enough,
if I’m not supposed to smile or laugh, I can probably
pull it off, but I mean, that’s not much fun. – I always try my best
and when I do win, it’s still not fun,
’cause you didn’t get to laugh. – The idea of that makes
me not smile, but then when the videos play, it makes me laugh.
I’m the token “Hey, let’s get Jim to laugh.” – (FBE) So, as always,
the videos were submitted by our fans across the globe
to try to get you to break. – They have to be really funny.
Some of these are silly or they’re stupid.
If it’s really, really funny, it’ll make me laugh. – Thank you guys for
sending it out. We wouldn’t be doing
these videos without those submissions, so thank you. – (cameraman) Yeah, yeah.
Dr Seuss. – Wocket in my Pocket.
I remember that one. – Oh, he’s gonna rap to it.
Oh no. – (cameraman)
♪ Wocket in my pocket ♪ – Okay, it’s too god. – (cameraman)
♪ There’s a wasket in your basket ♪ – Oh, I already smiled.
I lost. – (cameraman)
♪ Did you ever have a feeling ♪ ♪ There’s a wasket in your basket ♪
– Okay. – (cameraman) ♪ Or a
nureau in your bureau ♪ – ♪ Wocket in my pocket ♪ – I can’t.
[Bleep]. – I like this.
This is good. You should record this. – This is stupid. – Dr. Seuss, the original
lyrical genius. – (cameraman) ♪ Hope I
never leave it ♪ ♪ You can’t come
You’re forbidden ♪ ♪ I don’t care if you believe it
That’s the kind ♪ ♪ Of house I live in ♪
– I like the guy in the background just
screaming, you know. That would be me
in this situation. – (Lucas) Hi everybody,
it’s me Lucas today. – This is so cute. – No, no, not Lucas. – (Lucas) Let’s start off
with the front walk. – Oh, he’s my favorite. – Okay, I’ve worked with him.
He is– this is him all day. – He–
oh my God, that was so good. – (Lucas) Next is a one
handed walk over. – That’s good. – I do not know anything
gymnastics. I am literally like, no. – (Lucas) Oh hi, everybody.
I didn’t see you there. – He’s so cute, you guys.
Come on. – (Lucas) Oh hi, everybody.
I didn’t see you there. – That’s adorable.
I love Lucas. – (Lucas) Here is
the middle split. – Man, that kid’s flexible. – Lucas.
He’s too much. – My daughter does gymnastics.
She can do a lot of these. Oh my gosh. – That’s not funny,
but the kid is good. He’s a very good gymnast. – Oh, he’s trolling him.
That’s hilarious. – ♪ One foot in front
of the other ♪ – It’s so bad. – I love videos like this. – Are they taking a bandage
of the father ’cause he hurt his foot? – ♪ Walk this way ♪
– Okay, this one’s hard, because this is something
I would do. – There’s a lot of songs
that talk about walking. – ♪ I’m walking on sunshine ♪ – At first, he’s so mad
and now he’s just like, “This isn’t ended.” – Ay, walk it out. – Guys, whoever’s submitting
these, you better do better. – ♪ Talk a walk on the wild side ♪
– Oh, he had shoes on at the end. Nice, got shoes on. – (man singing)
– (sitting man) Robert, that don’t look like it.
– Oh no. – (sitting man) Robert,
it goes down. – (Robert) It don’t.
– Oh no. – (sitting man) Robert,
it goes down. – It goes down. – (sitting man)
It do go down! – (Robert) Oh. – Oh my God. – Judge Judy. – (narrator) Is this man
barking up the wrong tree? – Stop everything.
This is so important right now. – (older man) I told him
to get the hell out of my trees. – Why are you messing with
Santa’s avocados? – (Judy) What would prompt you
to do something so stupid, Sir? – (man) Guacamole.
– (narrator) Next Judge Judy. – I’m sorry. – (man) Guacamole.
– Guac– wow.
– (FBE) So, this is the end of our videos.
You won. – Ay, let’s go! – Oh my God, what?
I’ve been doing these for so long and I’ve
never won one. – You gotta do a lot better
than that. – Those were really, really good.
I literally want that Wocket in my Pocket
on my playlist now. – Thanks for watching,
everyone. – Don’t miss out on
all of our new shows. Be sure to subscribe. – Submit a video
in the comments that you want featured on this show. – Bye guys. – Hey guys, Alyssa here,
a producer from the React Channel always here to make you
laugh and if you haven’t had enough laughs today,
head on over to FBE2 where you can subscribe
to more vlogs and behind the scenes footage.
See you next time.

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