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Trying 10 FUNNY DIY PRANKS! – Brilliant Tricks and Pranks for Friends By 123 Go!

– Hey guys, how ya doin’?
My name is Robby and today, I’m finally back from New York! Just in case you guys
aren’t like, you know, paying attention to my stories
or whatever on YouTube, I’ve been in New York for the past like, three or four days. Let me show you some
highlights really quick. Guys, we all dressed up as Beetle juice for Tori’s birthday,
– Young money gang. And we’re all gonna go see Beetlejuice. Let’s see, Tori doesn’t
know yet – let’s show her. – Oh my God, that’s scary. (laughter) What’s going on? – [Robby] Surprise! Do you like your surprise? – So scared! (laughter) – [Robby] We did it for
you, happy birthday! – Matching outfits. (animated music) – [Robby] Tori are you excited? (animated music) (animated music) So anyway, yeah New York
for Tori’s birthday, a lot of fun, would recommend
if you haven’t been. And my full month of
traveling is basically over. I was only home home 11 days this month, and now it’s over and
I have time to work on videos now, which actually
makes me really excited. So anyway, before I left, my buddy Johnny actually came to my house for one day, and then we hopped on the
same flight to New York. So, I figured it would be a perfect opportunity to prank him. Anyway, let’s go pull
some pranks on Johnny, ha ha ha ha. – [High Pitched Voice] If
your friend falls asleep, grab their their phone and
trade it out for a shoe. Wake up Maya, it’s for you. Um, hello? Hah! There’s no one there, Maya. (animated music) (animated music) Okay guys, so Johnny is sleeping inside that tent right now. We’re gonna go prank him! (growls) (animated music) (cartoon sound effects) (animated music) (cartoon sound effects) – [Robby] Perfect. Johnny there’s a phone call for you! – Oh. – [Robby] Johnny! – Hello? – [Robby] It’s your mom! – Mom, what’s up? This is my shoe. (cartoon sound effect) – [Robby] Well I gotta
go, you’ve been pranked! (thrilling music) (birds chirping) Well guys, I guess we’re gonna
have to say this one works. Wow, didn’t expect that
to actually happen. – [High Pitched Voice] Put your thumbs out like this, see? Now I’m going to place my glass of juice on top of your thumbs. Well Maya, this was super
fun, but look at the time. Wait, now what happens? I think I may need a little help, here. Oh, man. – Okay guys, so I’ve
actually tried this one on my buddy Chris, AKA Hair Jordan before, and unfortunately, he fricking got it. Here let’s just show a really quick clip. Can you do it? Can you get out of it? Whoa, you did it! So now we’re gonna test this out on Johnny and see if he falls for it. Now let’s do this, ha ha ha. (glugging) – [Robby] Oh Johnny Gilbert!
– Oh. – [Robby] I have a magic
trick I want to show you. – Okay. – [Robby] Come here, let’s go. – [Robby] Okay, so what I need you to do, is I need you to put
your hands on the counter and put your thumbs just like that. Just like that, even, you ready? – Yes. – So, just like that, gonna put this cup right here, just kinda balance it. – Yeah. (crickets chirping) – [Robby] And that’s it! Woo! – How am I supposed to get out? – That’s – you’ve been pranked! (splash) (melancholy Tuba music) – I got out. – [Robby] You didn’t even try to. (laughter) – You could make this one work. – Why? Well it looks like I now
have mess to clean up. It turns out that I’ve been pranked! (growls) Well guys, I guess I’m
gonna go ahead and say that this one doesn’t work. – This one – No it doesn’t work. – No, it works.
– It doesn’t. – You made a mess. – [High Pitched Voice] I don’t recognize this person at all. Is she new in town? Okay, this is weird. Wah! (screams) Looks like you really scared Vicky, there. – Woo, okay guys this one looks like it’s gonna be a lot of fun. So the first thing I need to
do is flip my shirt around. Oh yeah, flipping my shirt around, that’s definitely gonna sell it. Oh yeah, ah. Yeah? That looks a lot different, am I right? Oh that’ll definitely throw Johnny off. And we’re gonna go ahead and get a wig that I stole from my girlfriend. Put this on my face, Uh. Just on my face like that. Oh yes, then maybe we can
put the beanie like that. Yeah, what do you guys think, convincing? Yeah, pretty good? That look good? I can’t tell, ’cause I can’t see anything. Okay, this is what it looks
like from the opposite end. I probably should have set up two cameras. Okay, let’s go ahead and
test this out on Johnny. I really hope I’m recording myself ’cause I can’t see anything. Okay, hidden camera, check. Main camera, check. Let’s test this out on Johnny. Oh Johnny Gilbert! – [Johnny] Yeah? – Come here, uh, come
here I have something, I have something to show you! Yes! – What are you doing? Why are you looking so scary? Uh. – Johnny, come close. – I don’t know if I want
to, you look really scary. (dramatic music) – (laughs) You’ve been pranked! I got you, you thought
I was looking that way, but I was looking this way the whole time. – Oh is that what was happening? – [Robby] And, you’ve
been hidden camera’d. – Oh my God. I’m on a TV show? – [Robby] I got you. – Where’s Ashton Kutcher? – Woo! Oh my gosh guys well, I guess we can say that this one works! – Poor camera. – You’ve been pranked. – I’m gonna leave. – [Robby] Bye Johnny, I’ll see ya later. – Bye. – [High Pitched Voice]
Fresh hot fries and dip. Oh hey girl, wanna join me for lunch? For those of you that
don’t like to share food, this prank is perfection. That doesn’t feel like a fry. – Okay guys, so Johnny is over there, and he’s currently eating Panda Express. So I’m gonna go ahead and ask him if he wants some ketchup. Let’s do this. Hey, Johnny Gilbert! – Oh, hi. – [Robby] Oh, I see you’re
eating some Panda Express, uh, would you like some ketchup? – Um, for my Chinese food? – [Robby] Yes. – Uh, sure. – [Robby] Here! (loud splattering) Ew, that’s so cold. Oh my god. – [Robby] You’ve been pranked! – Here do you want a handshake? – [Robby] Nope! Dude you’ve been pranked. I gotta go! Woo! Well guys, I guess we can
say that this one worked! (laughs insanely) – [High Pitched Voice] Grab the Nutella you’ve hidden in the bathroom cupboard. Grab a glob of it and
hold it on your finger. Now, it’s showtime. Okay, here you go. Oh my gosh, thank you so much. Is this your poop on me? – Okay guys, so I’m in the
downstairs bathroom right now, and uh, here’s our Nutella. All I gotta do is call Johnny Gilbert. Oh Johnny Gilbert! Oh Johnny, I seem to have
forgotten, uh, the toilet paper. Can you grab me some toilet paper? – [Johnny] Oh, okay I’ll get you some. – [Robby] Yes, thank you so much. Yes. Okay, that’s perfect. Johnny, where’s the toilet paper? I’m needing the toilet,
can you hand it to me? – [Johnny] You want me to open the door? – [Robby] Yeah, open the
door and hand me the… hand me the toilet paper. – [Johnny] Oh, okay. – [Robby] Oh thanks, Johnny. – [Johnny] Oh, that’s really (beep) gross. – [Robby] Oh, thank you so
much; I really needed that. – Oh my god, that’s so gross. – [Robby] Johnny thank you so much. – Ew. – [Robby] You’ve been pranked! I had toilet paper the whole time! – Then, is this still poop? – [Robby] (laughs) yes. – What are you eating? This smells pretty good. – [Robby] I’m just kidding. It’s Nutella! You’ve been pranked! Double pranked! Woo! – Ew, it’s Nutella? That’s disgusting! This is way worse now. – Whew! Well guys I guess we’re gonna have to say that this one works! – [High Pitched Voice]
For this you’ll need a lock of hair, and the sound of a razor. Well, looks like Kelly’s about to get a fresh cut. Press ‘play’ on the sound of your phone, and leave behind a lock of hair. Um, Kelly? Is that your hair? – Okay guys, so here’s our shaver. (silly laugh) I decided to use a real
one instead of the app, because I feel like it would be a lot more realistic. Luckily, Tori just dyed her hair black, so I’m just gonna steal
one of her extensions. Ah, this is.. this is too perfect. Johnny will obviously
never see this coming. (loud bang) (tinkling) (suspenseful music) (suspenseful music) – [Robby] Haha, I got you! I shaved your head. – I don’t even have that long of hair. – [Robby] I got you! – [Robby] I shaved your head Johnny, see? This was your hair, this was
attached to you a second ago and now it’s not! – Why would you do that? – [Robby] You’ve been
pranked! This isn’t real hair! This wasn’t even stuck
to you the whole time! – Aw, I had no idea. – Well guys, I guess
we’re gonna have to say that this one works! – [High Pitched Voice] See these noodles? They look harmless, right? Stick them in between
your teeth, and watch. Now, make your friend give you a stretch, and bite down hard. (crunch)
(shrieks) Don’t worry Vicky, you didn’t break your bestie’s back. (suspenseful noise) Okay guys, so here are our noodles. (loud chomping) Ow, ah. That kinda hurt, ow! Be careful when you put
dry noodles in your mouth, (loud crash) Okay, let’s try this. – Hey Johnny! – Can you help crack my back? It hurts so bad.
– Okay. – I just need you to.. (suspenseful music) (loud crack) Oh! Oh my god, that felt so good. Can you do it again? – Yeah. (loud crack)
Aw! Aw, my back! Ow! Oh! Oh! Johnny, you destroyed me! I can never walk the same again! – Was that a prank? – You are pranked! It was noodles the whole time! – That was scary. I felt it vibrate and everything, I was like ‘uh’!
– (laughs) – I got you! – Ah! (loud slap) – Okay guys, well, I guess
we’re gonna have to say this one works! – [High Pitched Voice] This sneaky prank involves a blow driver
the will deliver a.. brand new hairstyle. Get your hands on some nearby baby powder, and lightly sprinkle
some into the blow dryer. Now put the cap back on, and wait for the magic to happen. Looks like kelly is ready
to dry off her hair. Baby powder right in the face! (loud slap)
– Okay, so for this one, I’m not actually sure if it’s safe. (thrilling music) So one thing really, that crossed my mind when I saw this. Did you know that if you put flour and you just like, make a big burst of it, and then light it on fire, it will make a giant explosion? – Yeah, isn’t that pretty frickin scary? So, I wanted to do some research
before I actually did this. That way I don’t like, you know, light Johnny on fire or something. Anyway, I came across this article where a guy tries it on his wife, and the hairdryer literally lit on fire. (laughter) (screaming) So long story short, I don’t think I should do this one. Anyway, baby powder and flour
are both very flammable, when you add a lot of oxygen to it. So definitely don’t do that. Don’t try this at home, okay? Woo, okay guys, now it’s everybody’s favorite
part of the video, ready? Recreate the thumbnails! Woo! Okay, so for this one, I think I’m gonna need
to go to the bathroom. Woo, okay! We are on the toilet now. Here’s our Nutella. Just gonna… (suspenseful sound effect) Uck. This is not gonna be fun. Just gonna… (squishing) Uh, yeah. Aw, yes. Look, this is just as fun as it was the first time. (chuckles) Uh, it’s so nasty looking, dude. Eh. I think I’m all ready to
recreate this thumbnail. Okay, let’s do this. Ready, and.. (camera shutters) Yeah, that oughta do it. Woo! Okay guys, thanks so much
for watching the video. If you liked it, make
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