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Trying 11 Funny DIY School Pranks By Crafty Panda

– Hey guys how you doing? My names Robbie and today, we’re going to be doing
some pranks on Tori. (evil laugh) Let’s do this. (upbeat music) (monster roaring) (lion roaring) Okay, so I couldn’t find
any fake snakes at Walmart. So, we’re just gonna have to use this little fake frog instead. Good enough I guess, right? I’m gonna go ahead and use
some of this thread for string. Wrap that around there, cut the extra off, and here’s our little clip thing. I couldn’t find any clothes hangers, so we’re just gonna use this. Gotta tie it around there and perfect! Okay, let’s go test this out on Tori! So, Tori’s actually been catching on to these pranks pretty
fast, so I’m gonna have to be really sneaky with this one. (evil laughs) Hey guys, there she is. I’m gonna be really sneaky. Shush, stop, stop. Okay, perfect. – [Robby] Uh, Tori Dabraski? – Oh my god! What are you doing? – Hey, is there any way that
you can take the Benj out? – Sure! Benjamin, Benjamin, what did you find? Why do you have a frog? What? – [Robby] Oh my god! That frog is attacking you! Benji, get it! Get it Benji! Benji, get the frog! No, get the frog, oh my god. Benji, you’ve gotta catch
it, it’s attacking Tori. Get it, Benji, oh no! – What was that? – [Robby] I got you! You’ve been pranked! – What is it, oh my god. You look like you were
like suffocating him. (Intense orchestra music) – [Robby] We did it Benji, we got her! Oh my god, it’s just spinning. Silly boy! – Wonder if Thomas would
like it, here you go! – [Robby] I got you! – Got me. – Well, guys I guess we
can say this one works! (ding) (swanky music) – (distorted voice) Out of way! Huh! – (Robby) Here’s our sharpie,
here’s our whiteboard marker. Let’s do this! So apparently, um we just
easily just go ahead and pull this out, just like this. Oh wow it does come out! That was easy! Then we go and take
the same one out of the permanent sharpie, oh wow! That one also came out
really easy, I was not expecting that! There we go! Yeah it looks good! Let’s go ahead and test this out on Tori! Let’s just go ahead
and grab my whiteboard. – [Robby] Where the brats? I
brought you yet another gift! That you will love! Are you ready for it? – I am ready! – [Robby] You’ll never guess what it is! – What’s with the whiteboard? – It’s a whiteboard! – Oh my god! – [Robby] I also got you
a pen to u- to use on it! – Want me to write? Want me to draw you? – [Robby] Write whatever you want! – I’m drawing you. – [Robby] Wow! Oh my
gosh you’re drawing me! It looks beautiful, I love it! Oh my gosh, you’re drawing me so good! Wow it’s me! I look like a Peanuts character. – You won’t have pants on, I
don’t know how to draw pants really good. – [Robby] That’s okay.
Wow that really does look like me though. Looks pretty good! Wow!
This looks really good Tori Dobransky! You did such good job! Here you go, now try to erase some of it. Oh Tori Dobran- you ruined the whiteboard! Now it’s stuck like that forever! – This is so, what did you do to it? – [Robby] A korman Sharpie! (intense chords) – Why would you do this
to your whiteboard? – [Robby] Wow Tori, I
can’t believe you ruined my whiteboard! – Oh no, I think you can
get it off though, right? – [Robby] You’ve been pranked! – There must be a hack to get it off! – [Robby] That’s a
completely different video. (sad trombone) You guys wanna see that
hack video, you can click right here. Robby sucks. (laughter) Tori Dobran! – No now everyone’s gonna
know you suck Robby. – [Robby] Wow. You’ve
been pranked! I got you! I don’t know how this
is a prank on you though because– – I know this is your whiteboard. – [Robby] Oh man, it
just looks like I need to get another whiteboard now. – There you go, you can frame my artwork. – [Robby] Let’s hang that right up. – Sounds good. – [Robby] Okay I’ll see you later! – Know what I don’t want all this stuff. – [Robby] Goodbyyyye! Bye bye! (game show music) (distorted voice) Aah! – [Robby] So here’s our Skittles! Get those outta here! Now we’re gonna go ahead and make our own! Here’s some clay! All I
have is red clay, so I guess this is gonna have to do! So, I guess make it into kind of a circle! Ah ha! One Skittle down! Two! (steel drum sound) Yeah, that should be enough! Here’s our white paint pen! These things are a little tricky so uh, just bear with me guys. Gotta shake it up apparently. Oh there we go! These
are very sensitive so, just gotta write that S! Oh man this is so liquid-y. S! (steel drums) There we go! Looks like we’re all good! I’ll just let them dry for
a second then we’ll put em in our box! These look good let’s put em in here. (slide whistle sound) Awesome! Let’s try these out on Tori! – [Robby] Tori Dobransky! – Hello. – [Robby] Would you like
to try some Skittles? – Why are they open? – [Robby] I was eating them
and they’re just so delicious! (laughs) – [Robby] They changed their recipe, they taste so much better? (sad trumpet sound) – Why do I – [Robby] You got them all over you! – Why are they all red? – [Robby] I, I – Do you not like the red ones? – [Robby] I don’t like the red. Are you gonna eat it?
Why are you squishing it Tori Dobransky? (squishing sound) – I don’t think these are good for me. – [Robby] Tori! No they’re
good, I just bought that. – But, look at em! – [Robby] I know they look so delicious! – I don’t really know
if I want to eat these. – [Robby] I’m gonna,
here, I’ll eat one right in front of you, you ready? – Okay. (crunch sound) – Mmm! So goo- so good! (sad trumpet) – You dropped it on the floor. – [Robby] Oh sor- I
must uh missed my mouth. (laughs) – [Robby] Okay your turn! – I hate it when that happens! I really don’t wanna
eat these, ’cause I I’m just gonna take a guess
here and say that these aren’t Skittles. – [Robby] They are! – Then why do they squish like this? – [Robby] They’re a new recipe. – Are these even safe to eat? – [Robby] I have no idea. Yeah you probably shouldn’t eat these. (sad trombone) – But why Robby? – [Robby] Because they’re trash. – Why can’t I eat these? – [Robby] You don’t want these. – Oh. I don’t love em? – [Robby] They’re clay. – Oh, that makes sense. – [Robby] Well, I guess, you got me! – No you, you got me! (failed video game sound) Right? – [Robby] I don’t know. (sad trumpet) – Checking out Benjamin. Here you go, I make gift? And uh, oh my god. – [Robby] You killed my Skittles! – This woulda been so gross. – [Robby] What are you,
what are you doing? You ruined my Skittles! Wow Tori Dobransky! – Here’s the box. – [Robby] Oh gross! – Where’d the actual skittles go though? – [Robby] Well, I’ll see you later! – Hold on I want some Skittles! (swanky music) – [Distorted Voice] J’aarrrggh! – [High Pitched Voice] Hahaha! – [Robby] Tori Dobransky! Oh my gosh! – What? – [Robby] Look at this,
there’s a coin in the bottom of this bottle! – What? There is? – [Robby] Yeah! Look it!
It’s right at the bottom! – Wow that’s so cool! – Look it! (splashing) (intense horns) (laughs) (mysterious piano) – Ah my eyes! Oh that actually hurt! – I’m sorry! – Oh oh! – Ah I’m so sorry! – Oh my eyes! Ah, that
actually hurt so much. – I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! – Water got up my nose!
Can you hand me a towel? – I’m sorry! Yes! You want the wash towel? – I can’t see, the water
got all in my eyelids I can’t open my eyes!
Ah that hurts so bad! (spits) Well guys! I guess we
can say this prank works! (spits) Aww, that hurts so bad. – [Tori] Oh I’m sorry! – Can I, Tori I need a towel. – [Tori] I can’t find any! – There’s paper ones in here. Ow my eyes! – [Tori] Are you okay? – There’s paper ones right in front of me! (upbeat music) – [Distorted Voice] Aahm num num num, num! – [Robby] Okay so here are our doughnuts! Ah ha! So first of all I’m
supposed to make a little hole in this? I’m just gonna go ahead
and use my popsicle stick. Just put that in there!
And just kinda do that! I actually hate the smell of mayonnaise, so I’m gonna go ahead and
use whip cream instead. I’m just gonna put that in! (sliding whistle) Whoa! Some came out of it! Ooh that’s some good whip cream! Mmm! Some came out of
the middle hole, so I just gotta get that out of there. Get outta there! Okay let’s go ahead and
test this out on Tori! – [Robby] Oh Tori Dobransky!
I got you a doughnut because I love you! – Aw thank you! – [Robby] There’s nothing in it trust me! – Yeah! – There’s nothing bad, it’s just frosting! Don’t worry about it! – I don’t like real doughnuts though! – [Robby] It’s, it’s
okay. It’s more glaze! Take a big ol’ bite Tor! – I don’t want to take a big ol’ – [Robby] Take a big ol’ bite, Tori! – What is it? – [Robby] It’s definitely not mayonnaise! – That’s not mayonnaise though. – [Robby] Because I hate mayonnaise. I was supposed to use mayonnaise, but I used whipped cream instead! – Oh that’s a lot nicer okay. (chomp sound) – [Robby] Oh no! You
got, you got whip cream in your mouth. You’ve been pranked! – Oh no! (laughs) – [Robby] Oh no! It got
outside the hole again. – It’s not bad! – [Robby] Well, I guess we
can say that this one worked! I’m good you can have it. I’ll see you later! Goodbye I love you! (upbeat disco music) – Here’s our glue! Here’s our bag! Let’s go
ahead and open this up! Let’s put this in here a little bit. Yeah that should work! Then we get our mustard just
kind of put that in there! (squishing sounds) Okay that should do it! Now we put the cap back
on, just like that! Okay! Now we’re gonna ahead
and cut all the excess off! (squeaking sounds) (xylophone and hitting sounds) Well that looks about as
good as we’re gonna get! Let’s test this out on Tori! – [Robby] Tori Dobransky
I got you some glue so you could make your cotton swab Eiffel Tower like you’ve wanted to make! – Thank you! – [Robby] Now you can get started! – Oh no! Oh no! – [Robby] Tori what’s wrong?! – I don’t know! – [Robby] What did you do to your glue? What did you do to this poor glue? I pranked you! It’s mustard! – Can you just like drink it then? – [Robby] I mean I guess you could. It was very liquid-y
when I put it in there. – I know, I don’t really
know if I wanna drink it. – [Robby] I got you, I pranked you! Well guys I guess we
can say this one works! – [Robby] I really gotta go – Oh please don’t leave me with it. I’ll leave you with your mustard goodbye! (upbeat music) (abrupt angry horns) (funky music) (abrupt angry horns) (glass breaking sound) Fine then so here’s our bag of Doritos! All right so we gotta
take out these chips out. Yeah don’t need these anymore. And we’re gonna go ahead
and get our gummy worms! We’re just gonna put all
these bad boys in the Doritos! Oh yeah, perfect! Tori Dobransky will never
tell the difference. Yeah that should be enough! Now let’s go ahead and
seal this up with our parchment paper. Okay got our parchment paper. Gotta line it up like that. Put it over. Then we get our flat iron,
and we kinda just do this! Yeah I feel like this is gonna work! Oh no, it melted the bag! Hopefully she doesn’t notice! Well, let’s test this bad boy out on Tori! – [Robby] Tori Dobransky! You know how you said you
wanted Doritos earlier? – Heck yeah! – [Robby] Well here’s some Doritos! – Aww thank you! – [Robby] I know you wanted them. – It’s so heavy and it’s squishy. How? – [Robby] It’s a new kind of Doritos! Oh the package must
have gotten uh uh ruined in packaging. – In a fire? Oh it doesn’t look like Doritos! – [Robby] I got you, you’ve been pranked! – Thank you! – [Robby] I’m just kidding Tori Dobransky, here’s some real Doritos! – Aww thank you! – [Robby] Well, I’ll see you later! With my next not prank and I won’t I totally won’t be pranking you. I won’t, no more pranks today! (swanky music) – [Robby] So here’s Tori’s
glasses, here’s our lock! Let’s go ahead and put these on here. Gotta get the keys off first. (Mysterious piano) Okay! Just gonna go
ahead and open that up! Ah! Perfect! Now we’re gonna
lock up the glasses! This is perfect! She’ll
never be able to use her glasses now! Let’s go ahead and test
this one out on Tori. – [Robby] Tori I found
your missing glasses! I know you’ve been looking
all over for these! – Oh no! – [Robby] Wait, oh you uh you undid it. (laughs) – You’re supposed to put it
around this thing, Robert. – [Robby] Oh! I uh I got you! You’ve been, you’ve been pranked! I-I gotta go! AAAhhh!! (upbeat music) (sudden intense music) – [Robby] So here’s our water bottle, here’s our scissors. Now let’s go ahead and heat
up the scissors a little bit. Yeah, that oughta do it! Now we’re just gonna poke a
little hole in the bottle! Right there! Oh come on! I just need a- oh okay ah-a! Look, there we go! Okay! It worked! Now let’s go ahead and
try this one out on Tori! – [Robby] Tori Dobransky! Tori Dobransky! I have another very special treat for you! I know that you love water, so
I got you this water bottle! Aren’t I the best boyfriend ever? I notice that you didn’t have a drink. – Aww thank you! You’re
right! Thanks Robbie! – [Robby] Wait, nothing happened. (Sad trombone) – All right so let’s… – [Robby] Oh well, you’re
not drinking it right. You have to drink it like this. – How would anybody drink water Robby? – [Robby] Oh! Oh you got it all over you! Oh my god Tor! You’ve been pranked! I got you! – It has little holes in it! – [Robby] I stabbed it! I never thought you would
suspect that one did you? – No, oh my, you totally
got me with this one! – Here you go! – [Robby] Well, you’re
welcome, I’ll see you later! – Come back, no come back! – [Robby] I’m taking Benji with me! (swanky guitar) (sudden intense keyboard) – [Robby] Okay so here’s our coffee cup. Let’s just go ahead and cut out the bottom really quick. (xylophone ploncking) There we go! Sick! Looks good! And we add our bag. Put that in there. Ah ha! Add our water. (water sloshing) That should do it! Put the lid back on. Now all we gotta do is
remove the extra bag. Let’s just break out our scissors! Cut the extra off. (xylophone plonking) Ah ha! Okay! Well let’s go ahead and try this out on Tori! – [Robby] Oh Tori Dobransky! – Oh hello! – [Robby] Here’s that
coffee that you asked for. – Aww thank you Robby. – [Robby] Aren’t I just
the best boyfriend ever? – That just tastes like water. – [Robby] Oh they must have
just got your order wrong, you should look at it. – Okay! (falling anvil sound) – [Robby] Tori, you got water everywhere! – Well I- – [Robby] What am I supposed
to do with you Tori Dobransky? – I don’t, why why’d you give this? – [Robby] You’ve been pranked! Starbucks didn’t do that, I did it! This was a prank! – Well thank you! – [Robby] You still think
I’m the best boyfriend ever? (laughs) – [Robby] Oh are you okay? Well guys, I guess we can
say that this prank worked! – Hoo! Okay guys, thanks so
much for watching my video. If you liked it, make sure
you give it a thumbs up or looked some of it. It’s right down there! You guys wanna watch me
do even more fun pranks? I have a whole playlist,
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much, I’ll see you guys again real soon! Peace, love and WiFi. All right, okay, bye! Aaah! (dwindling music)

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