Laughter is the Best Medicine

– Hey guys, how ya doing? My name is Robby and today we’re gonna be trying some pranks
on my girlfriend, Tori. My troom troom. So let’s do this. – [High Pitched Voice] That’s not a head. (upbeat music) – [Robby] Perfect! Okay, here we go. (water splashes) Oh my God! Tori Nebranski, there’s
a baby in the toilet! Oh my God, you have to look at it! Oh my God, I’m so scared! Oh my God, go get it! – What is it? – [Robby] It’s in the toilet. – I don’t wanna open it! – [Robby] Tori, open it, it’s scary! It’s really scary, oh my God! Oh my God, Tori, open it, Tori, open it. Oh my God! (woman screams) (intense music) – And this morning you wanted to know where the baby head was. – [Robby] You’ve been pranked! – What type of poop is that? Ew, can you wash it off? I like my baby head. – [Robby] You’ve been pranked. – He had four. – [Robby] Okay I gotta
go, I’ll see ya later! – [Tori] Okay. – [High Pitched Voice] It’s a little gift. – This is for me? Wireless headphones. Hey, there are too many wires
in my wireless headphone for some reason. Ben! We’ll turn these headphones
into wireless ones in no time. Enjoy! – [Robby] Okay guys. So here are our wired headphones. Here’s our AirPods box with real AirPods. Here we go. How the heck am I supposed to open this? Okay, well, don’t need that anymore. (crash) Put these in here. Wait, so first, I gotta cut these off. Here are our scissors. And boopity-boop. Boopity-boop Wait, I wonder if they’ll
actually fit inside of this. Nope. Nope nope nope. Well, I tried. Okay anyway. Don’t need this anymore. Now go ahead just put those
in there and okay yeah. Looks good. Let’s test this out on Tori! Oh Tori Nebranski! – [Tori] Yes? – [Robby] I got you an
early birthday present! – Oh yeah? – Are you ready for this? – I’m ready. – I got you AirPods! – Oh wow! Thanks Robby. (suspenseful music) Why? What is this? – [Robby] You’ve been pranked! – What did you do? Why did you cut… Why? – [Robby] You’ve been pranked! – Yeah? – [Robby] You think I’d get you AirPods? Who do you think I am? Your boyfriend or something? – You think I have $50
to spend on earphones? – [Robby] Those are like $200. – That’s stupid. Don’t buy AirPods. – [Robby] You’re welcome. – Thank you, Robby. I’ll treasure these forever. – [Robby] Just kidding! These are the real AirPods! – What? Are they actually real ones
or did you just cut off like a second pair and put them. – [Robby] No, I originally
tried to put them in here but they didn’t fit. – Aww, thank you. – [Robby] You’ve been pranked! – Let’s see if I can get them out. I can’t get them out. – [Robby] I know. – Well thank you, Robby. I’ll enjoy these. – [Robby] Well, I’ll see ya later! – [High Pitched Voice] Write
I’m and an ellipses on a mug using acrylic paint. Attach a printed pig nose to the bottom. And here’s your tea, my dear. Enjoy! – So the first thing I need to do is to print out a pig nose. So let’s just look up, why did it pop up over here? I gotta print this bad boy. Okay, after some minor
technical difficulties, we got it printed out. Let’s do this. Okay, let’s cut this bad boy out. And, there we go. Okay, here’s my mug. So after further inspection,
it looks like the nose is a little too big for the
bottom of the coffee mug. Ugh. Well, it’s a good thing I printed two! There we go. That should fit perfectly. Go ahead and tape that
to the bottom, boop! And then on the side,
I’m going to write I’m a. There we go. Now all I gotta do is fill
this bad boy up with tea. Okay, it’s all done. Grab our mug. Pour that in there. Perfect. Tori’s favorite tea. Boopity-boop. And then Tori said she
likes two scoops of sugar. One, two, and she gets a third one. Shh, don’t tell her. Extra sweet, because I’m
an extra sweet boyfriend. Okay. I’m gonna go ahead and let
this cool down for a sec and then we’ll test it out on Tori. Oh Tori Nebranski! I made you some tea! – [Tori] Made me tea? – [Robby] I did ’cause I’m
the best boyfriend ever. – Thank you. – [Robby] You’re welcome. – Is it hot? – [Robby] It is very hot. – I don’t like hot tea. – Well, I gotta go. Well guys, it looks like that
plan backfired a little bit. So I’m gonna go ahead and
put some ice in Tori’s tea. (speedy music) Perfect, that should be enough. Ah, ah, ah! Do you think that’s cold enough for her? Maybe some more. Perfect! Now let’s try this out on Tori. Tori Nebranksi! Okay, let’s try this again. Here’s your tea.
– Ah, thank you. – [Robby] I am loving boyfriend
that made ice cold tea. You got to chug, chug, chug–
– I don’t chug tea. – [Robby] Chug, chug, chug. You’ve been pranked! – What’d you put in it? – [Robby] No, look at the bottom. – What? I’m a pig? – [Robby] You’re a pig! I got you! That’s a pig nose!
– What? You’ve been pranked! – Wow, Robby. It’s not very good with ice in it. – [Robby] Okay, I’ll see ya later. – [High Pitched Voice]
Place a silicone phone case on parchment paper. Cover all the holes in
the case with hot glue. Dissolve gelatin in some water. Add dark food coloring. Pour it into the case. Take the jelly out of
the case when it hardens. – What? Who’s that? What happened to my phone? Ha ha! You fell for my prank. – [Robby] Okay you guys. So here’s our phone case. This was the cheapest one
they had at Walmart and, as you can see, it’s also a glitter case. Wow. Isn’t that fun? Okay, anyway. Here’s our parchment paper. Nope. Try this again. There we go. Then we have to apparently
plug up all the holes. I’m just gonna go ahead
and plug up all these holes with some hot glue. Now for these holes. Are there any other holes in here? I don’t think there are. I’m gonna go ahead and wait
for the hot glue to cool down for a little bit. But while we’re doing that, we might as well make our gelatin. How do I do this again? Okay so here’s our gelatin. Here’s our cup. Go ahead and put that in there. Looks good. Put our water. Then we mix it. Yes! Perfect! I think I was actually supposed
to get this kinda hot first. I’m gonna go and actually put
it in a microwave safe cup. Oh! Oh my gosh! That is some thick gelatin. My goodness. Okay. Maybe I should add more water. Okay. Let’s toss this in the microwave. Okay, that’s nice and hot. Now let’s add our black food dye. Here we go. I’ve never seen black food dye
before so that’s interesting. Oh that is so dark. Wow. I am impressed by this. Okay I’m gonna go ahead and toss this on a plate that way. If it gets anywhere,
it will, ya know, just leak onto the plate. Okay so this jello is really
hot so I’m just hoping it doesn’t melt the hot glue. Here we go. Oh. Okay, now I’m gonna go ahead and toss this in the fridge for a little bit and then we’ll test it out on Tori. Okay, now it’s done! Now I just have to try and,
oh boy, get this out without messing it up. I don’t know how easy this will be. Here we go. Come on. You can do it, jelly phone. Just maybe pull on the edges a little bit. Ah! Careful, careful. Just like brain surgery. Oh it got messed up a
little bit right there. Okay, here we go. And. Come on! Ah, I got it! Woo! Okay, now let’s go test this out on Tori! Tori Nebranski! – Yes? – [Robby] You got a phone call! It’s a phone call for you! – Robby, this is not like a phone. – [Robby] Get the phone! – Can I eat my phone? – [Robby] You’ve been pranked! – What is– – [Robby] That’s a jelly phone! Take that! – How weird! This is a great phone. – Well, I gotta go. I guess we’re gonna have
to say that this one works! – I don’t think it works, Robby. – I think it works perfect. What are you talking about, Tori? Well, time to do the
only responsible thing. You ready? (toilet flushes) Wet phone, you will be loved and missed. RIP. – [High Pitched Voice] What
happened to your eyebrow? We need to wax it right now. Trust me, I know what’s best for you. Honey, do you really still have
that strip on your eyebrow? It’s just…honey! (man screams) And so, my eyebrow is still here. – [Robby] Okay, so
there weren’t very clear instructions for this one. But what I think I have to do
is take some parchment paper. Cut it in the shape of a wax strip. A little bit more like,
yeah, that looks pretty good. And we get our honey. And just kinda put that on there. Yes! Perfect! Smudge it around with
my finger a little bit. Yeah, that looks pretty legit. Okay, now for part two of the prank. Here’s our baby wipe. Take that out. That looks pretty good. Then we get our glitter. And just kind of, ooh that’s a lot. Okay, it’s fine. Just kind of put that in there. And Tori will never be the wiser. Okay, let’s go ahead and
test this out on Tori. Oh Tori Nebranski! – Yes? – [Robby] Here you go? (Tori screams) It’s a wax strip! (Tori screams) Get it on your eyebrow! I got you! It’s on your leg. – That’s so gross. (Tori screams) – [Robby] Oh my god, let me get you. – What is this? – [Robby] You’ve been pranked! That’s not a real wax strip! That’s honey! – That’s so gross. It’s so sticky. – [Robby] Here, I got you a wet wipe. – Aw, thank you! Did you put more honey on this? – [Robby] No, why would
I put more honey on that? You’ve been pranked! It’s glitter bomb! Double pranked!
– Oh no! – [Robby] You’ve been double pranked! – Why would you do this to me, Robby? – I love you! Okay, well, I’ll see ya later! Goodbye! Oh Tori Nebranski! – Yes? – Come here. I want to show you a prank
I was gonna do to you, but I thought that it was
too mean so I decided not to. – I’m ready. – You ready? Okay. – It looks like someone’s
being dragged out. – It’s pretty crazy. Let’s watch it really quick. – [High Pitched Voice] Oh cookies! I’m in the mood for a snack! – Isn’t that nice? Cookies! – That’s nice! You were going to make me cookies? – I was gonna make you cookies. But they’re not for the faint of stomach. – Add laxative? Oh no! No, don’t. That’s awful! – Aren’t you glad I didn’t
add laxatives to your cookies? – I am so glad you didn’t. Don’t do that! – Guys, do not drug your girlfriend– – Don’t–
– or friends. That is not the correct thing to do. – Don’t drug anybody! – Okay, this was the part
two to it, are you ready? It’s kind of extreme. This is what happens when
you take the laxative. – Okay. – [High Pitched Voice]
Oh I feel kind of sick. Are you sure the cookies were fresh? I need to go to the bathroom right now! But another surprise is waiting
for Ben in the bathroom. – You ready? You ready? – [High Pitched Voice] A sharp surprise! – Why would you do that? Imagine that’s your only
toilet in your house and you set it up for this prank and then you have to use
the restroom afterwards. Like, why? – How long did that take them to make? That would be honestly like the worst. Imagine sitting down and like your whole butt is just bleeding. – Honestly, but, that is a
very emo toilet seat though. You could probably like
take that off and like decorate the rest of your house
with it after you’re done. – Anyway, aren’t you glad
I didn’t do those to you? – Thank you. Thank you for knowing
where like the line is. Don’t drug me please. Thank you, Robby. (kiss smooches) Good job. – Anyway, I’m going go and
not make more pranks for you. – What? – Get out of my room! Let’s go do some more pranks, heh heh heh. – [High Pitched Voice] Break a toothpick. Use lash glue to attach it to your lip. Ah! Help! A toothpick is attacking me! It was just a prank. – Okay guys, so for this
one, we’re gonna be a little extreme and use a bunch of toothpicks. So the first thing we gotta
do is cut them in half. And boopity-boop. Woo, and there we go. Here’s our eyelash glue. Now I just gotta start
gluing this stuff to my lip. Here we go. First one. I’m gonna put it right
where my piercing was. I think I have to hold it for
a sec, so, ah man, oh, okay. Put a little bit more on there. I think I should shorten
these a little bit. Ooh. There we go. Onto the next one. Oh that works way better. Boopity-boop boop boop boop boop boop. Okay, yeah, that looks pretty extreme. That looks very extreme. Oh my goodness, that looks really cool. So before we test this out
on Tori, let’s do everyone’s favorite part of the video! Recreate the thumbnail! Woo! Okay, got our green screen all set up and. (camera shutter clicks) Yeah that looks pretty
good, let’s do that. Okay guys, now it’s time
to test this out on Tori. Oh no! Tori Nebranski! Tori Nebranski! Ow, ooh, I need your help! Ow, ooh. – What did you do? – I was trying to pick some
meat out of my teeth and I stabbed myself multiple times in the face. – Why did you do it multiple times? – I tried to get one out with
the other one and it just kept going and going and going
and it hurts, it hurts Tori. – At least there’s no blood. I think you’re okay. – (Robby screams in pain) Ow, ow, ooh! – I can’t kiss you. It’s scary. – Tori, I don’t need you to kiss me. I need you to get, ah! You’ve been pranked! – What, you mean you didn’t
stab yourself in the face with eight toothpicks? – Ow! You’ve been pranked! I got you! I bet you never saw that
coming, did you, Tori Nebranski! – No. I never suspected it even for a moment. – Ow! Ow! Well, guys, I guess we’re
saying this one works! – Woo! – Okay guys, thanks
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