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Trying 17 DIY Funny School Pranks and Couple Pranks! Back to School Ideas by Crafty Panda

– Hey guys, how you doin’? My name is Robby, and today I got a bunch
of sweet treats for you. And because you guys know
that I’m nuts for pranks, we’re gonna be pranking
my buddy Johnnie today. (upbeat music) (mouth slurps)
(man yells) (upbeat music) (orchestra blares)
(gremlin laughs) Okay, so the first thing we’re gonna need is some chocolate, then
we’re gonna need an egg. (goofy transition) Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope! Here we go, perfect! Now I just need one of these babies. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, catch a chicken by the toe, if he hollers, let him
go, eeny, meeny, miny, looks like you’re the unlucky one, buddy. Okay, we got our egg. Now we just need to get a
straw and some super glue, so, oh hello, Bulbasaur
what’s this in your ear? There we go. (goofy whistle blows) Ah-ha! Now apparently, we just have
to glue this straw to the egg, let’s do that really quick. The glue’s not coming out! What do I do? You guys can see this egg
very well, there we go. Now what do I do, just hold it? I hope this actually works. Kinda blow on it to make it dry faster. I don’t know if it’ll work or not. (air blows)
(goofy whistle blows) We can do it straw, we
can do it super glue, dry! We’re gonna put some more on. So I feel like this isn’t good enough. Although it feels kinda dangerous that he’s gonna be
eating a super glue egg. I don’t know how I feel about this. I guess I’ll just give that
a second to dry, maybe. Oh my god, I got some on
my hands, it’s burning! Okay, it’s been like 10 minutes. Apparently this is supposed
to dry in 60 seconds. (drum roll)
Let’s see if it’s all good. Nope, that fell right off, and I got it all over my hand. How am I supposed to get that off? Ah! Okay, you know what? I don’t need this darn super glue straw! Just gonna go ahead and
wipe the super glue off and melt some chocolate. Gonna do it without the straw. I don’t need this stupid
straw, save the turtles! Go ahead and put some of this
bad boy in the microwave. Toss that baby in there. Two minutes, and start. (microwave whirs) Okay, yeah, that looks pretty melted. Let’s just toss our egg in there. There we go. Yeah, I don’t need that dumb straw. All I need is this spoon. Save the turtles! Unless you don’t believe
in that sort of thing, you know, saving turtles I mean. I think I’m supposed to wait
for it to harden, actually. Okay, that looks pretty
covered in chocolate, so I’m just gonna go ahead
and put it in a bowl. There we go. I think to make it cool
faster, I’m gonna go ahead and put it in the freezer. And there we go. Wow, I have so many snacks in here! Might as well grab one! Munch, munch, munch, munch! I have a snack to eat while I’m waiting! Okay, how we looking? Yeah, that feels pretty solid. Okay, let’s go onto the next step. Okay, yeah, frozen solid, perfect, I mean we got a little
bit of a mess up on that, but that’s fine, not a big deal. If all pork chops were perfect,
we wouldn’t have hot dogs. I stole that from Steven Universe, so. I’m gonna go ahead and
get our real Kinder egg. Take that out. What? That’s so funny, they
actually keep the toys in a separate thing, instead of putting it inside the Kinder egg now. Anyway, don’t need that anymore. Here’s the chocolate part,
right here, what even? I’ve actually never seen
a Kinder egg in real life, like they were illegal
for most of my life. So I’m just gonna go ahead
and scoop all that out. What even is this, is this chocolate? (Cookie monster munches) Yeah, I definitely think that’s chocolate. Scoop all that out. Okay, there we go. We just go ahead and put
this egg inside of this one. Oh, it actually fits, perfect! Okay, cool. Now let’s go ahead and
test this out on Johnnie! Oh, Johnnie Guilbert! Johnnie, Johnnie, I have
a special treat for you! – Oh, goodie! – [Robby] I know how
much you love chocolate! – I don’t. Oh. – [Robby] It’s a chocolate egg, Johnnie. I know how much you love those! I made it, I didn’t make it. I mean, I bought it especially for you. – This looks terrible. – [Robby] No, Johnnie, it’s good! It’s nutritious! – Do you really want me to bite into this? – [Robby] Johnnie just do it. – Is this really a Kinder egg? – [Robby] Yeah, that’s 100% a Kinder egg. – Oh, okay. – [Robby] Have I ever lied to you? – No, I’ve never had one, let’s try it. Oh, wow! (egg drizzles) – [Robby] I tricked you! You’ve been pranked! – I had no idea! – [Robby] That’s not a Kinder
egg, that’s a real egg! – You want some? – [Robby] No, I’m good. Anyway, I’ll see you later! Try not to get salmonella! (upbeat music) (orchestra blares)
(gremlin laughs) Okay, so first, we’re gonna need an apple. Well it’s a good thing that I have this apple
tree growing out here. Right underneath it, I have my egg plant. This is where I get my fresh eggs. Now let’s see, which one do I want? I think I’m gonna pick this one. Fresh apple, perfect! Okay, so we got our apple. Now we have to cut it to make
it look like French fries. So I know this trick, where you just tap through
it with your knife, and then it turns into
whatever shape you want. So ready, one, two, and. (hit connects) And it works, see? Let’s put these off to the side! There we go. Let me get our yogurt. Apparently we’re just supposed
to kind of flop it on there. (yogurt splashes) There we go, let’s kinda
flatten it a little bit. Yeah! That looks like a perfect egg yolk. Then we have to get out peach. (Robby grunts) Oh my gosh, that was harder
to open than I thought. Get our peach, and
then, I’m gonna go ahead and cut it in the shape of an egg yolk. And there we go. Okay, so now we have our fries and egg. I’m gonna go ahead and test
this out on my buddy Johnnie, who’s staying with me right now. Johnnie, johnnie. Johnnie, I made you breakfast! – Yeah! – [Robby] They’re fries and egg. Do you like fry and egg? – What is, ew, why are they? These are apples, these are not fries. – [Robby] No, those are fries. Aren’t those such good fries? – It’s not a good apple,
I can tell you that much. This is not getting,
that looks disgusting. You’re lucky I’m your friend,
’cause this is disgusting. What is this? – [Robby] That’s your breakfast! It’s good, it’s good? Johnnie, why’d you spit it out? I am offended! (eerie music) Wait, what are you? Well, I hope you enjoy
your breakfast, I gotta go! (upbeat music) Okay, so here’s our pen,
got our water balloons. We realistically only
need one, so there we go. Then I need to take this
bad boy apart somehow. Maybe if I grab some pliers? Will that do it? There we go! This is a lot harder to
get out than I thought. Oh, man. There we go! Okay, now I just need to slip this in here without getting it all over my hands. There we go. Now apparently I just have to squeeze all of the dye into there. Is it working? It doesn’t really feel
like much really happened. I’m gonna try it again. This time with the pliers. Ah, got on my hands! Yeah, perfect, now it’s all over my hands. Tie it off, boom! Seamless, easy peasy! Then we get our stapler,
kinda place it in there. Yeah just like that. Perfect, now it’s time
to test this bad boy out. Johnnie I need your help! – Okay. – [Robby] I have this important documents I need stapled together,
but I can’t do it myself. Can you help me? – Yes, this looks totally
normal, yes, of course. (multiple strikes connect) It’s not working. – [Robby] You’ve been pranked! Johnnie I tricked you! – [Johnnie] Oh, jeez. – [Robby] You have been
completely pranked! How does it feel? – Doesn’t feel good. – [Robby] You’ve been pranked. – What am I supposed to say about this? – [Robby] Well, I’ll see you later. (upbeat music) ♪ When I lead you to the dance floor ♪ Okay, so here’s our highlighter. I’m actually gonna use an Expo marker because I don’t have another highlighter because I forgot to get
one ’cause I’m a smart boy. Let me just go ahead
and write all over it. It’s perfect, Johnnie will
never suspect a thing! Johnnie Guilbert! – Oh, yeah? – [Robby] I know you’re studying for your Boy Scout exam, so I got you this and also a highlighter. – Oh, sweet, thank you so much! – [Robby] No problem, dude! That way you can highlight all the stuff for your Boy Scout exam! – Oh, that’s great! – [Robby] You’re doin’ really good! Also, you’ve been pranked! Look at your hand! Oh, well, oh, like, oh. Your hands have nothing on them at all! – [Johnnie] Nothing. – Well guys, I guess
we’re gonna have to say that this prank doesn’t work. (upbeat music) (orchestra blares) (upbeat music) Okay guys, so here’s our chocolate box. I actually don’t have an old banana, but I do have an onion and an apple. So let’s just go ahead and
shove these bad boys in there. Perfect! Okay, let’s see if Johnnie
will take the bait. Oh, Johnnie Guilbert! – Please, please, don’t be another prank. – [Robby] I’m really sorry for all the pranks I’ve done, Johnnie. I really want to apologize. – Okay. – [Robby] So I actually got you this box of chocolates. – Thank you! – [Robby] No problem! You’ve been pranked again! – But why? – [Robby] You’ve been pranked! Those aren’t chocolates, that’s an onion. – Joke’s on you, I like onions. Oh god. – [Robby] It looks like
you really like that. – Yeah, no. – [Robby] You’ve been pranked! – Stop! – Okay, guys, well I guess
we’re gonna have to say that this one works! (upbeat music) (gremlin laughs) Okay, so here’s our scale, perfect! Oh, Johnnie Guilbert! – Oh, hello. – [Robby] You wanna see who’s heavier? – Sure, yeah. – [Robby] Let’s just set it up. Here I’ll go first! – [Johnnie] Oh, all right. – [Robby] Yep, 146 pounds! I’m a big man, SpongeBob! – All right, now it’s my turn. – [Robby] Okay, Johnnie,
now it’s your turn. Oh man, Johnnie, you
need to lose some weight! You’ve really gained a
lot, you’re a big man! – Sponge, I’m a big man. I’m big, big man. – [Robby] 190 pounds! – [Johnnie] Damn, bro! – [Robby] Damn, dude! You’ve been pranked, Johnnie! – [Johnnie] Oh, jeez! – [Robby] I’ve had my
foot on it the whole time. – Oh, I really didn’t even notice that. I had no idea. – [Robby] You’ve been pranked! – Oh wow. – Well guys, I guess
we’re gonna have to say that this one works! (girl snores) – [Girl] Oh, this gives
me a fabulous idea. Use this opportunity to give
them a temporary tattoo. Use a red pen to create the open wound, and outline it in white to
make it look more realistic. – [Girl] Oh my gosh, whew! – Okay guys, Johnnie’s actually sleeping inside of the pantry right now because that is our new guest room. So let’s go ahead, and sneak up on him. (Johnnie snores) He’s sleeping, perfect. We’re just gonna go ahead,
and break out the markers. Here we go, use the red one first. Yeah, a little big bigger. Then we go over, do it in pink, maybe. Just do that. Yeah that looks like a
real good cut right there, and then we get some black
to kinda darken it up. Oh my gosh, yeah. God that looks so real, that’s perfect. Okay guys, now it’s
time to wake up Johnnie. Johnnie Guilbert! Oh my gosh, you have a cut on your arm! Johnny, oh my, what’s going on? Are you okay? (dramatic music)
Johnnie! – What happened to my arm? – [Robby] I don’t know. I just came in here and you have this big
old gash on your arm. Are you okay? You’ve been pranked! That’s not even a real cut! That was Sharpies the whole time! – Stop pranking me. – [Robby] You’ve been pranked! – I’m going back to bed. – Well guys, I guess
we’re gonna have to say that this one works! Either way, sleep well, Johnnie! Enjoy your watermelon! Okay guys, now it’s time
for the part of the video where we recreate the thumbnail, whoo! Okay, Johnnie. So, since I’ve been pranking you so hard, I felt kind of bad, so you can go ahead and do the thumbnail for me. – Oh okay, that sounds great. – So we gotta be really careful. We’re gonna zoom in, and
then I’m just kinda be like, (eerie music)
(egg drizzles) oh! – [Johnnie] Oh, the
yolk went down so quick. – Okay, it’s in my eye. Well, I really hope that works. I should have grabbed
napkins before we started. Okay guys, thanks so much
for watching the video. If you like them, make sure
you give us a thumbs up, that’s right down there. If you guys like this video, and you guys wanna watch me
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  1. Haha when Johnny grab the onion I laugh hit my book bag two times I was like hahahahhaahahahhahahbahahahahhahahah ha ah hahahha

  2. Do you also love Kinder Eggs cuz I used to love them when I was little and now they're illegal in our country so we go to Mexico so we could buy some you know there's like this like it's like Walmart and there's like a whole entire staff of real Kinder egg don't like that cheap off

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