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Trying 17 HILARIOUS CRAFTS AND PRANKS By 5 Minute Crafts

– Hey guys, how you doing? My name is Robby and today, we’re gonna be doing some crazy pranks! Are you ready for these crazy pranks? Let’s do it, let’s do
these pranks. (laughs) (uplifting music) Okay, so this one’s very similar to the knife prank that I did awhile ago. If you guys wanna check
that out, click right here, but it’s basically the same
thing, only with a screw. So, I guess our first step is
to break the screw in half. See if I’m strong enough. (grunts) Ah man, I’m not strong
enough to break it in half, what the heck, it just
doesn’t wanna break. I’m bending it, ah, I did it! I bent it in half. Oh no, it’s kind of bent, that’s not good. Well, good enough for government work. Dude, this looks so ridiculous. Well, it’s time to test it out. Tori, help me! I accidentally fell and I
put a screw through my phone. – Is that a worm? Is that a worm? – [Robby] No, it’s a screw. – Oh, it’s a screw.
– I put a screw through my phone.
– Oh no! – [Robby] It went through
my phone and, oh, okay, no. Oh wow, it broke off! – Wait, wait, wait–
– You fixed it! No, Tori, we’re supposed
to make it better. Make my phone better, look
it, it went through my phone! – Oh no, Robby, why did
you do this to your phone? – [Robby] I fell and it just,
it protected my leg and, oh… – I fixed it for you.
– You fixed it, you’re the best girlfriend ever! Thank you for fixing my
phone, I love you, goodbye. – Wait, do you want your screw? I fixed your screw too,
it’s just, it’s good as new. – [Robby] You can keep
this to remember me by. – Remember you by, what do you mean? – [Robby] Okay, I gotta go, goodbye! (upbeat music) Okay, so this one looks pretty easy, all I gotta do is draw a line like that. I think it’s more like that. So, I gotta draw a line like that. Okay, easy peasy, then I grab the card, just go whoop, like that? I think that’s how they did it. I’m gonna double check. (sped up upbeat music) Yep, that’s exactly how they
did it, now let’s go try it. Lock ourselves out. (whirring) That seems pretty locked. (funny music) It doesn’t seem to be working. I lost it, oh no! Oh (beep), I don’t have my keys. (knocking) Can someone let me in? Oh man, what am I gonna do? (gasps) (chilling music) – Buy, sell, trade. – [Robby] I tried to
break into my own house and it didn’t work. – I love a good breaking and
entering five minute craft! (upbeat music) – [Robby] Okay, so we grab our Snickers, then we gotta pound this baby. (sped up hammering) Okay, I think that’s enough
pounding of this Snickers. Okay, now we get our bowl. Snickers in our bowl, oh yeah,
that looks super appetizing. So, in the video, it
looks a little different. It looks more like a Milky
Way bar when they open it. Now we gotta pop this
baby in the microwave for four minutes. Okay, time to get in my
dirty (beep) microwave for four minutes. – [SpongeBob Narrator]
A few moments later. – [Robby] Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Dude, it only got to two minutes! Holy (beep), this is
smoking up my whole house! Oh no, 5 Minute Crafts,
what is wrong with you guys? – Oh, my God.
– It said do it for four minutes and there was smoke plummeting out of the microwave. I’m sorry, Tori, I just did it because 5 Minute Crafts told me to. Just get out.
– Get out, get out! – Get out!
– Get out of my life! – Get out, get out, get out of my life! – [Robby] So, do you wanna
see the wonderful creation? – No, is it gross? – [Robby] Okay, and this
is what we’re left with. I think theirs looks quite
a bit different than mine. Anyway, let’s try to put
it in this toothpaste tube. Cut that off, oh, there’s still a little toothpaste in there. Oh gosh, we got our fork, oh
my God, that is so hard, ugh. So, we got our hot creamy… Oh no, it’s so burnt. (laughs) Get that, put it right in there. It doesn’t look like it’s
going in as creamy smooth as the other chocolate did but, I mean, we’re
working with what we got. That seems like it’s full enough. I don’t need that anymore,
and I guess we just, like they did in the video, just kinda tape that up a little bit. Oh yeah, that looks real secure. I feel like if the
chocolate was all liquidy, it would seep out of that. So, we open up our toothpaste tube. (chocolate crunching)
(Robby grunts) It’s not coming out. (Robby grunts) Guys, it’s not coming
out, what do I do? (gasps) I have an idea. Get out! I’m trying to exorcize this Snickers! Dude, it is not coming out at all. It does not wanna come out. (banging) I’m gonna say that this
doesn’t work. (laughs) (upbeat guitar music) Okay, so we get our matches. I don’t know why they
spread them out like that. Oh, these are the wrong matches. These are my glue gun matches. Man, these really got me out
in a pinch that one time. I’m really thankful for these, I’m really thankful for these. Light this match right here
and put it on the googly eye. Oh my God, ow, that burns! All over that googly eye, yes. He’s perfect! I wandered through the
desert, cold and alone. No! I have to keep going for you. Then we pick out the best one. I choose this one,
don’t need all of those. And then we decapitate it. Put that matchstick right on there. I don’t know if I’m doing this right. There we go, okay, and
now for the next part. Poke a hole in it like that and then I gotta make wings, I guess? It’s kinda cool that they’re showing us how to make bottle
rockets out of matchsticks. This just seems a little bit
dangerous for younger kids. It’s like a little rocket stick! Okay, this looks like it’s all good to go, let’s try it out! Maybe I’ll do it down
here and see what happens. And we’re gonna light our match. Oh! Ow, ow! Okay, it didn’t work, what the heck? It just burnt through the aluminum. (Beep), I was kind of
excited for that one to work. Okay, so I remade it and
we’re gonna try this again. Let’s hope it doesn’t explode on me. It didn’t work again! It did a little fart though. (laughing) That was kinda funny. It’s a cute little idea, I appreciate it. (happy music) So, I don’t have any
of those dowel things, so I’m just gonna use this chopstick and a pencil that I found. We get our string, cut cut. Ah, that kinda looks
similar to what they made. Mine’s a little bit askew but
I’m sure it’ll do just fine. Okay, so I got my sticks,
but it’s so cold out here. I wish I had a jacket or
something to keep me warm. Oh my gosh, thank you! (gasps) Is this a peace, love, wifi sweater? My gosh, these are so warm and they’re perfect for the winter time! Did you guys know that
you could buy these? There’s a link to all my
merch and also stickers down in the description down below if you guys want anything. Okay, so let’s try this bad boy. Yeah, get it nice and soapy and wet. I think it might be working, ready? You ready? (gasps) Oh no, oh no! (gasps) Oh, it worked for a second! Oh, it’s working! (blowing)
(gasps) It kind of works! (happy music) Whoa, that’s so cool. I’m gonna go get more
soap, I’ll be right back. Ugh, okay, put all that soap in there. Get it all bubbly. If this doesn’t work,
I don’t know what will. No, now it’s too soapy! No, come on.
– Too many bubbles on the top of it. – [Robby] (Beep) more bubbles,
why you gotta do this? Bubbles!
– Bubbles, bubbles soup. – (Beep) you, bubbles! (Beep) you! I think I did it, nope. Wee, I did it, there’s a giant bubble! It works, guys, it works! It actually, oh, it broke, but it works! Woo! (happy music) Do you guys like this blue background? I put it here because my
desk is just so (beep) dirty from all these crafts I’ve done So, this is the new backdrop
from now on, I guess. So, we’re gonna get a
little bit of wax paper. Gotta draw ourselves some vampire teeth. Grrr, I’m going to suck your blood! That’s the right shape, right? Yeah, that’s fine. (whistling) Making myself some sick vampire teeth. There we go, then we gotta let
these dry for a little bit. Okay, it’s been a few
minutes, peel that off. Okay, not bad, let’s do another one. Okay, and now we let that one dry. Now this one looks done, peel that off. Yeah, these kinda look like vampire teeth. And we just grab our glue gun and we put three little dots on there, hold them together, just like the video. Now it’s just sandwiched together and these are my new fangs! Now it’s time to test these babies out. So, I’m supposed to just slide
them onto my teeth like this? Ah, uh-huh. I think I might’ve done this wrong, it’s completely melted together now. Oh no, oh no! I don’t think I can
sink my teeth into this. (fake laughing) Oh man, that was dumb, I’m just
trying to rip them apart now so that I can put my teeth onto them. Oh yeah, grrr, I’m so scary. I just gotta keep biting onto them. Okay, now to test this out on Tori. Tori, Tori, I have something to tell you! I’ve become a vampire, mwa-ha-ha! – It’s not even (mumbles), you’re just holding it in your mouth. – I’m a vampire, mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. – Why?
– ‘Cause I’m a vampire. – Do you feel like one? – Well, I’m not a vampire
but I feel like one. ♪ Well, I’m not a vampire
but I feel like one ♪ – I gotcha, I’m gonna suck your blood now. – I think your teeth fell out. – Oh (beep), those are, no,
those are my real teeth. – Oh, I’m sorry.
– Argh! Suck your blood, suck your blood! – Dude, you spit it out (mumbles). – [Robby] It worked, did I scare you? – No, not really. It didn’t work at all. – I made you think that I was
a real vampire for a second, didn’t I?
– Yeah, sure, Robby. – Okay guys, so if you liked the video, make sure you give it a thumbs up on some of this fire right down there. Also, I have a whole
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free to click right here or down in the description down below. And get yourself some merch! Okay, guys, I love you so much, and I’ll see you guys again on Thursday. Peace, love and wifi (mumbles). Okay, bye! (screams)

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