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Trying BEST FUNNY PRANKS ON FRIENDS — Family Funny Prank Wars by 123 GO!

– Hey guys how are you doing? My name is Robbie and today we’re doing nineteen best funny
pranks to do on friends. (spooky sound effect) 1 2 3 Go. Watch out 5-Minute Crafts I think they’re comin’ for ya. (upbeat music) (creepy music) (screaming) (laughing) Okay guys so for this one I actually don’t have a giant stuffed teddy bear but I do have a giant stuffed Snorlax so I guess what I have to do now is start taking the stuffing out. This is gonna take a while. Here we go. (upbeat music) Oh my gosh there’s so
much stuffing in here. Woo. Okay now I’m gonna
attempt to try to fit in this with some of the
stuffing still in there. So wish me luck. Oh boy. I don’t know if I can do this. One foot. Another foot. Oh boy. (drum roll) Oh my god it worked. Woo! How funny does this look? Okay that’s a lot of stuffing falling out. Oh no I ripped it. Okay guys so now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna set it exactly
where it was before and then I’m gonna start calling Tori. I’m pretty confident that this will work. She’ll never see it coming. Now I just have to get in there. Ah oh that kinda hurt. Okay. I’m ready. Tori Dobransky! Oh Tori Dobransky!
Man, its so hot in here. Boo! Did I scare you? – No I can see your butt. – What? You can see my butt? Oh gosh. Woo it is so hot in there Tori. – You didn’t take out all the stuffing. – Did I get you? – No. – You know where I was the whole time? – I could see your butt.
Your butt was sticking out. – Dang it. I should have covered my butt. – And also the camera is just like in the middle of the room
pointed at the Snorlax. – Tori Dobransky, are you saying that I did a bad job on this prank? – I mean you could’ve hid
it a little bit better. – Well guys I guess we’re gonna have to say that this one doesn’t work. Well maybe I just did it
wrong. Probably the second one. – [Woman] Enjoying the view?
Um, the one off screen? I think it’s time we get
off our phones for once. Cut a slit in a water bottle like this. Make sure it’s as long as your phone. – [Robby] Okay guys so
here’s our water bottle. I made sure to grab a really big one. That way Tori’s phone would fit. Now we just gotta slice this bad boy open. We just uh, boom. I’m gonna go ahead and
test it out with my phone. Ya ready? 1 2 and boom. Sweet! So I think it works so far. Oh how do I get it out? Ah its kinda wet in there. Should probably dry it off
before I test it on Tori’s phone. Just dry it of a little bit on the inside. There we go. Okay now time
to test this out on Tori. Oh Tori Dobransky! That’s how you call
the wild Tori Dobransky if you didn’t know. She’s coming guys. There she is. – Hello – Hey Tori Dobransky do you
wanna see a magic trick? – Sure – Can I see your phone? – Oh I’m gonna go grab it (robby laughs) – Well this is awkward – [Tori] Okay I found it here you go – Okay Tori Dobransky so
see this water bottle? – Okay – I’m gonna make this
disappear are you ready? 1 2 boom Oh no how will you get
your phone out, Tori? It’s stuck in the water bottle forever. What are we gonna do? – I don’t know should we ask the Benj? – Benj, you’re a problem
solver. You know what to do. The Benj what do we do?
How do we solve this? Can you do it? Benj,
can you figure it out? – [Tori] I don’t think he knows – [Robby] I think the Benj
is stumped on this one. Can Tori Dobransky figure it out? What oh my gosh you’re sticking your hand in the water bottle.
How are you doing that? – This is so scary. – [Robby] What oh my
gosh you figured it out. – Whoa – [Robby] Whoa oh my gosh did I get you? – Not, I mean yeah sure Robby. (robby exclaiming) I never suspected a thing – [Robby] Well guys I guess
we can say this one works. – [Woman] Ice cream? Oh yeah that’s bad. – Okay so this one looks pretty easy all we gotta do is grab
some shaving cream, put it in a cup, yeah that looks pretty
passable as ice cream, stick a spoon in there and
boom we got some ice cream. Now let’s see if it will work on Tori. Oh Tori Dobransky I have
a sweet treat for you. I made you some ice
cream do you want to try? – Yes – [Robby] It’s some good ice cream I think you’ll really enjoy it. – It doesn’t really look
like ice cream, Robby. – [Robby] Tori that is one hundred percent real authentic ice cream from real cows. – It looks like whipped cream. Oh my god it’s so gross. (laughing) – [Robby] I got you. I pranked you. – That’s so gross, Robby. – [Robby] Yeah spit that
out before you get sick. I don’t think you should
actually eat that. – Well I already ate it so… – Well guys I guess we can
say that this one works. Did you like? – No I don’t like. I don’t approve. – [Robby] I got you. (cheerful music) okay so first we’re gonna need some like a lipstick stuff but I
don’t have any so I’m just gonna use this acrylic paint that I have. I’m sure it’s like the same thing. So we’re just gonna put that on our hand. And now we just kinda mix
it up with our little brush. That’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna be like oh no I
cut myself what do I do? So do that and then just kinda get some glue and then we dab that on there. I’m not sure exactly what the glue does um but I mean I did it so uh then we get some toilet paper. Just gotta rip that up.
Kinda like that maybe. Yeah just like that. Then I’m not sure what they did here, I think they kinda ripped
it up a little bit maybe. Maybe they just ripped some
o the excess off like that. Yeah that ought to work. Now add a little bit more glue on there just kinda ya know make
it a little more liquid-y maybe it will dry better like that. Then they put a little bit
more red stuff on there. Maybe it’s to give it some texture to make it actually look like a gash. Then the went ahead and added some black. So I’m just gonna do that. Again I’m pretty sure its just to make it like have some more texture . So uh oh yep I definitely
put way too much on there. That’s no good. Do you think
I gotta dab it like that? Yeah sure that works. And then last but not least they put some petroleum jelly on it. Just gonna scoop that up
and stick it on there. Yeah that looks uh that looks pretty good. This doesn’t look like a real cut at all. Oh my gosh okay no lets try
to test this out on Tori. Okay guys so what I think I’m gonna do is I’m gonna pretend to fall
and then cut my hand. Just gonna place the camera right here. I’m sure that she’ll never notice it. Okay? Just be real quiet. Shh. Tori Dobransky where are you? I love you so much where are oh (scary music) Tori, I cut my hand. Tori, help me. I’ve fallen and I can’t get
up cause I hurt my hand. It hurts so much. I really gotta clean my carpets, Jesus. Tori, ow it hurts us. Tori! She’s taking forever what’s going on? Tori Dobransky I’ve
fallen and hurt my hand. Tori Dobransky I’ve
fallen and I hurt my hand. Are you gonna help me? Look it hurts so bad can you kiss it? No I don’t want a gummy worm
I want you to kiss my hand. No I don’t want two gummy
worms I want you to kiss hand. Not three, Tori! – I don’t want to kiss it. – [Robby] Tori, can you believe that I fell and hurt my hand? – You fell? I didn’t know – [Robby] You didn’t hear,
you didn’t hear me crying? (Tori laughs) – I joke, I joke I heard. – Wow what a great girlfriend. I can’t believe she didn’t
come when I hurt myself. Can you kiss it? – I don’t want to it’s really gross. – Gimme kisses. – Robby, it’s black. – I want kisses. – I can give you a bandaid. – It’s not the same. Can’t believe that my girlfriend doesn’t care that I cut my hand. What kind of girlfriend even are you? Wow it’s all better. Doesn’t hurt anymore. Thank you so much. I love you. – I love you too oh no – What you don’t want
me to get my cut on you Tori Dobransky – I don’t want you to
get your fake blood on me – Tori Dobransky it’s real blood I need you to give it a kiss. – No. – Give it a big kiss. Whoa – I don’t give hand kiss cause hand gross. – It feels so good now thank
you so much Tori Dobransky. – No problem. – You really healed me. – Did I heal you? – Well guys I guess we can say that the power of kisses works. Wait that wasn’t the prank though. – So it didn’t work? – I guess this prank doesn’t work. Boo. But seriously can I have kisses? – I don’t want kiss on there. It’s gross. (cheerful music) – [Robby] Okay so I think
I’ve done this one before but I didn’t do it correctly and Tori ended up getting it really quick. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna get our glasses like these and then I have a whole box full of locks right here. Just gonna go ahead and
unlock that really quick. And then we go ahead put
them on the glasses like so. Almost there. Ah-ha! Uh oh. It’s not going on. Dang it. What am I gonna do?
I think this prank was on me. Hold on a sec guys I think I actually got them actually stuck. How could I do this to
myself. I pranked myself. Okay, I undid it. Maybe
this lock will work. So I’m gonna set the
code. How about 3-4-5. Yeah that ought to do it. Nice and simple. Okay maybe this lock will work on this. I don’t think its gonna work. Maybe I have to do it like this. I think I’m just gonna put
two locks on it this time. Yeah that ought to do it. Ha ha take that Tori Dobransky. You’ll never be able to
use your glasses now. Now it’s time to test this out on Tori. Tori Dobransky guess what. – What? – [Robby] I have imprisoned your glasses. Oh no I dropped the key.
No no no no no no no no no. I have imprisoned your glasses and there’s nothing you can do. – Why would you do this Robby? How am I ever gonna get it out now? – [Robby] You’re never
gonna guess the combo. You’re never gonna be able
to use your glasses again. I forgot the combination
Tori and I ate the key. – No you didn’t you said you dropped it. – [Robby] No that was a fake
key that was not a real key. I got you! – It won’t open. – [Robby] You’ve been pranked – I’ve been – [Robby] Hey Tori what’s
that behind your ear? Its the key. – Wow oh my goodness. – Well guys I guess we can
say that this prank worked. Wait how’d you get the combination? (Tori laughs) How’d you guess the combination? How’d you know? – I don’t know how to open this one. I gave up on this one
so I just slid it off. – [Robby] Dang I guess
this one didn’t work. It kind of worked but
it didn’t work. Nooo. (upbeat rock music) Okay so first things first we gotta take our pencil and remove the eraser. That was easy. Then we get some bubble gum. Oh here we go. I wonder if this will be enough. I’m gonna try to blow
a bubble really quick. You guys ready? That’s way too much bubble gum. This hurts my jaw. Okay anyway now we just go ahead and put this on our pencil. Here we go. Okay I think I might have chewed a little bit too
much bubble gum for this. Okay yeah that looks uh just like a normal pencil eraser. Perfect. If there was one flaw
that I had with this, I forgot to sharpen the pencil. Just gonna sharpen that up really quick. Yeah that looks pretty good. This looks like a normal
pencil eraser if you ask me. Now it’s time to test it out on Tori. Oh Tori Dobransky. I’m gonna pretend like I’m practicing my signature and then I’ll ask her to write hers and then I’ll be like “I think we ran out of paper so I think you have to
erase it and try again. I think that will work. – Hello – Tori Dobransky I’ve been
practicing my signature and I wanna see how yours is. – What’s wrong with your pencil? – It’s a normal pencil. I don’t know what you’re talking about – What’s wrong with it? – Here, write your signature. – Ew that looks so gross Robby. – I ran out of paper you
have to erase it somehow. – Uh – Tori what are you doing?
Your eraser’s broken. What’s wrong with your eraser? – I don’t know. It looks like it melted. – I got you. – That’s so gross. – You’ve been pranked Tori Dobransky. That’s not an eraser that’s bubble gum. – No, really? – I got you. Well Tori Dobransky, you’ve been pranked. – Ew it looks so gross. – Well guys I guess we can
say that this one works. You want some bubble gum? – I don’t. – Here have some bubble gum. Taste it. Okay guys now it’s everyone’s favorite part of the video where we
recreate the thumbnail. Woo! So instead of green paint I’m
actually gonna use blue paint. And I’m gonna have Tori help me. Tori, I haven’t pranked you all day are you ready to put
some blue paint on me. – [Tori] Oh I’m ready. – I’m gonna take off my shirt first. How should we do this?
Should I get in the shower? Okay Tori Dobransky, so I need
you to put this paint on me. Okay guys this is my punishment
for pranking Tori all day. You excited Tori Dobransky? – [Tori] I’m so ready. – Try not to get it in my eyes okay? – [Tori] I’ll try. – Oh boy here we go. Ready? – [Tori] Ah oh no don’t shake. – You have to make it look
like I was in the shower. Like from more of a- okay that’s good. That’s good. That’s good. Yeah I think that’ll do it. Okay now lets take the photo. (camera clicks) okay guys thanks so much
for watching the video. If you liked it make sure
to give it a thumbs up. It looks something like
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Awkward ending. Okay bye.

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