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Trying soft pastels for the first time | Drawing mr Bean and more [SUBS]

Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel or welcome if you are new today we are going to play with soft pastels! I have never used soft pastels before so let’s have some fun first I wanted to start of as an exercise with a human head nothing detailed, nothing serious , just to get the hang of these I am using a brush to blend the colours in it’s quite fun if you guys would like to see any other types of video – let me know down in the comments now I am proceeding with a little more detailed eye drawing again nothing serious, I just want to find out how to blend them I am using the brush again found out that pastels don’t show as well on white paper then they would on a toned one so I added more colour on top now the real deal! let’s draw mr Bean! I decided to start of with the light parts and slowly build the colour up I am using a blending stump instead of a brush here so I don’t really have the best palette for portraits so I thought I would build up the skintone it looks kinda creepy now 😀 now it looks like the Joker from Batman blending with my hands seems to work better than the stump cleaning out the edges a bit we are slowly getting there, feel free to skip :p it’s quite of a messy process here I am adding a bit of details with a pencil as well and feathering the harsh edges a bit with a brush

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