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Hi Everyone! Welcome to another episode of TSL Plays. And today, we have our special guest from SGAG! Hi, this is Sue-Ann and this is Kenny. Woo! And today, we’re gonna do a Bad Jokes Battle. So, here are the rules. PD: The winner will actually get a prize. Huh?! Nice! A pair of tickets to watch Jumanji. Woah! Welcome to the Jungle! I want to watch this movie. PD: Ok, are ya’ll ready? Unleash first – HA HA HA, HA! HA HA HA HA HA HA *weird animal noises* Resting face game 100% Where does a sick horse go? Mehhh-donald? Sick la. A horse-pital. What is the quiestest kind of dog? I don’t know many kinds of dogs. Sleepy dog. Hot dog. A Hush Puppy. Oh. AHA! PD: Ok, SGAG gets 1 point. I’m sorry! Woah, very tough eh. Walao! Why are Elephants never rich? Why are Elephants never rich? *Elephant noises* Mmm, this elephant – why is she never rich? *Elephant noises* Because they work for peanuts. PD: Ok, TSL one point. Which animal has the biggest chest size? King Kong. King Kong not real animal – first, ok. I say uh? Yes. Zebra. FAUZI! I cannot. I really cannot – I’ve been controlling all day. What do you call a pig that does Karate? A pork chop! HA! Ha. Why couldn’t the leopard play hide and seek? Because he was always spotted. Just like your… Your pants, your hair band. What’s brown and sticky? Oh, yeah. What’s brown and sticky? My… Ok let’s not go there, what’s the answer? You wanna know the answer? A stick. It’s so stupid! Why are you losing this game for us, Xenia? Xenia! Where did the sheep go on vacation? The Baaaahamas. Have you been there? No, never. But I’m just thinking about this sheep. How can he afford a plane ticket? He’s a amaaaazing. Sue-ann… Why is she laughing at her own joke – I don’t know. What’s the most… Ok, what’s the most… musical part of a chicken? The drumstick. I cannot. I honestly don’t know why. What kind of pictures do turtles take? Shell-fies. Mmm, shell-fies. Twitching uh? Ok, ok. Which side of a Cheetah has the most spots? The outside! Backside. What do ducks wear to weddings? I know this answer. Duck-xedos. Noice. You’re a duck. I don’t know why I did that. What time is it when an elephants sits on the sofa? Time to get a new sofa. Walao! PD: Minus 1. Eh, Xenia! Damn hard… You in our team or not? I am. I told you, I’m a bit lag. That’s true. What would you call 2 spiders that just got married? I know. I’m married… to a spider. That’s very cool actually. Newly-webs. Wow, you are having a hard time. How does a penguin build it’s house? Close your mouth. Igloos it together. This one funny sia. Cannot la. Oh, boy. What happens when frogs park illegally? They get toad. Toad, you know… the car… Toad like T, O, A ,D. I know how to spell. Spelling is my forte. How to spell Mississippi? M,I,S,S,I… S,S,I,P,P,I. Correct! There’s 4 P’s. (Kenny i think you mean ‘S’) Exactly. Where do you find a horse with no legs? Right where you left him! You laugh so loud for?! I was trying so hard for the last round to make them laugh! Then, Fauzi laugh. No! I still don’t get it eh. Right where you left him what. PD: So, the winner is, SGAG! Yay! You are winning a pair of tickets to watch Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle! If you guys want to watch it too, we have 3 pairs to give to you guys! So, If you want to win these tickets, remember to… Like this video, subscribe to our channel, and tell us your best lame joke in the comments section below. Thank you very much for watching this episode of TSL plays, And thank you SGAG for joining us. Thanks for having us. You can like, share and subscribe and watch our other videos there! Until next time, bye!

100 thoughts on “TSL Plays: BAD JOKE BATTLE (feat. SGAG) + GIVEAWAY

  1. What is the heaviest food in the world

    Wan(one)ton Noodles.

    Who is the strongest cook in the world?

    The person cooking the wan(one)ton noodles.

  2. Char Siew Bao and Mantou went to watch a movie, Char Siew Bao cried and cried and cried like crazy but Mantou didn’t cry at all, why?

    Because it has no filling (feeling) meanwhile, Char Siew Bao has so much fillings (feelings)

  3. what sound does a guitar, a drum, a cow and a pot of glue makes when it drops into a hole?
    it goes, fringgg (guitar) , pummm(drum), mooooo(cow).
    if you ask about the glue.. I KNEW YOU WOULD BE STUCK ON THAT!!

  4. My brother froze a dollar in a block of ice. He was very proud of himself. Our neighbor saw the block of ice and told us "Now that's what I call cold hard cash"

  5. Thank you for participating in this giveaway! Congratulations to Mav chan, HVIPING and Audrey Cho for winning a pair of movie tickets to Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle !
    – Jes

  6. Im late for this but i wanna share still.

    What is the horse favourite dance move?

    The neigh-neigh (nay-nay)


  7. This is from sgag but its funny to me so yea.

    When a chinese and an indian marry. The child kena call Chindian ah.
    Then ah,when a chinese and a bhai marry…wut the child kena call?



  8. My worst lane joke: Why did the cloud say to the wind "We can't be friends"?
    A: Because you keep pushing me away.

    I don't even get myself…

  9. Me"hi"
    My friend"hello"
    Me"what do u do at school holiday?"
    My friend"i did my hw"
    Me"oh ,what thing u do after u finish your hw?"
    My friend"doing Hw again "
    My friend" because i only can do my HW at home"

  10. When xiao long bao and da bao went to watch a sad movie, xiao long bao cried and da bao laughed. Why?

    Because they got different filling ( feeling )

  11. Why was Xiao Ming not in here?

    Uh no im not making a joke hes known for making bad jokes he would have excelled in the game lol

    Btw xiao ming is in sgag

  12. Whats a difference between a teacher and a train

    When u chew gum in class:
    In class with the teacher…
    Student:*chews gum*
    Teacher :*spots it* spit out the gum u have chewing in it mouth now!!!

    In class with a train(sounds weird lol):
    Student :*chews gum*

    I know it suks OK!

  13. when a train goes inside the tunnel it will come out but when and airplane goes into the ocean where will it come out?

    The newspaper

  14. Do you know which rice are the most brave rice?

    Nasi beriani

    Beriani=berani(in Malay)
    =Brave(in English)

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