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100 thoughts on “TTS – Necrons Laughing Condescendingly

  1. If you could upload the scene where Emps says "For the love of all stop signs, cease and fucking desist", that would be amazing. I need it for…. reasons. If you've already got it up somewhere, I obviously can't find it, and would appreciate being pointed in the right direction.

  2. i come back and rewatch this almost everyday…i'm just waiting for the right moment to link this vid in one of my families inane arguments on facebook chat. i wont have to wait long….

  3. Just popped up in my recommended for some codex release reason.

    This is an accurate depiction of me upon reading that Deathmarks and Lychguard are now troop choices.

  4. Literally me every time one of the following occurs.
    – Reanimation protocol brings back 9/10 immortals i lost in a single shooting phase.
    – My Overlord kills my friend's Dreadnought in 2 attacks.
    – My squad of warscythe lychguard charging, then mowing through a squad of Flamers without suffering a single loss in the enemy overwatch.
    – My 6 wraiths survive a volley of 36 attacks. (3+ save woop woop)
    – Quantum Shielding works

    Playing Necrons is a cunt-eriffic.

  5. Every now and then after listening to some 40K lore I usually end up watching this video, several times

    That wheeze at the end fucking kills me everytime, I love this video so much.

  6. necrons on hard mode in Dawn of War: Dark Crusade campaign watching someone try to attack one of their areas

  7. When I read "Millenials are killing Diamonds/Hooters/whatever cloud old people yell at that day" articles.

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