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Tu mera bhai nahi hai | best comedy | theswagdesi | YouTube 2019

*not so decent dreams* Sunny!! Yea so what?? Is dreaming a crime as well now? oh yea? Dude such dreams are better known as “wet dreams” BTW why didn’t you go to the class today? OH SHIT! I am late again! Once again that moron Gopal must have sat next to Meghna in class Oh it doesn’t matter! That girl doesn’t show an ounce of interest in you in your own wildest dream, so what’s gonna be any different today? No bro, you know, day before yesterday, she almost proposed to me in class You Dumbass! That was her simply asking you for your notes! still… She could have asked from someone else as well, but she didn’t not quite! Apart from you, there are only two other people who sit near her 1st her friend Mamta, and 2nd that baboon Gopal Mamta has promised to never take notes and to understand Gopal’s handwriting, one needs to be a cryptography expert Still, I wrote down my heart on the parchment and gifted it to her YEA….she took the work of copying the notes and shifted it to Chaman C Gopal WHAT??? *Diabolical smile* Let me go and get my notes back right now hold on a second How do you know this? So…the thing is…. Me and Meghna will… after class…. The two of us will be going to eat Kulfi (ice cream) so obviously she won’t have the time to copy all the cases So, I was the one who suggested that she requests Gopal to do it for her And we all know how big ***** Gopal is What you did was not right!! Dude, I haven’t done anything yet I swear I will get my revenge for this! Dude first go and get your notebook.. God knows how many hands it has exchanged by now You can’t be my brother I thought she and I were meant to be Yea, but she feels I suit her a lot more than you 🙂 I won’t forget this.. “You served me right for all my love” “You served me right for all my love” “My own bro robbed me of my only love”

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