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[TUTORIAL] Virtual DJ 8 Pro Infinity Edition (CRACK) 100% WORKING HUN [2019/2020]

Hi guys my name is Kristóf I’m showing how to install Virtual DJ PRO Infinity Edition First step is download this package from my video description Open it You locate a lot of files and you need to extract it Before you extract the files you need to turn off the antivirus because….. [TURNING OFF THE ANTIVIRUS] Yeah we already has all files First of all you open the patch file with administrator mode Press the Enter to close the CMD Next Step is Install the Virtual DJ Install Waiting to finish the install IMPORTANT!!! DO NOT OPEN THE PROGRAM!!! The third step is start the CMD Command Line or cmd The command is : start WF.msc The next step is you need to add a few rules to the firewall Click incoming rules , new rules What Kind of type to create? You choose the program You need to add the destination of the executable file . (virtualdj8.exe) Next Disable the connection You choose a name of the rules. Click Outgoing Rules , add new rule And same method again Close it The next step is start the keygen With administration mode You must enter the name and an email. And click the GENERATE button Product has been activated! Close it The last step is open Virtual DJ Open settings and there is the product activated…. Thanks for watching if you like this kind of video press the like button and we meet the next video Bye bye

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