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TWDG| Potato (humor/meme)

[Music] fucking really hate that fucking dickhead shit fuck oh that’s a little much don’t you think I think you’ve got a future in whittlin I like saying whippin wait bit okay I’ll stop oh that’s uh that that’s a potato it’s a heart yeah I see it’s a heart that’s super cool [Music] where are those guys practicing a lot with the two days walk Russ [Music] thanks for being here listening blowing on the strings coming here to help me with my project even after everything I put you through and everything I had to work through for myself everyone hears the jokes the piano and after that they stop listening [Applause] [Music] you have to ask Ruby for a kiss seriously the most legitimate of dares [Music] yes [Music] [Music] so we’re checking the walls yep from up there that’s the best view you ready for a climb looks a little dangerous oh it’s more dangerous than walkers for that deathtrap you call the car come on you’re not right No [Music] [Music] too loud right there right above your head six days probably time for your lookout shift ready yeah [Music] [Music] you

100 thoughts on “TWDG| Potato (humor/meme)

  1. Lmfao, guess all the kids are experts at keistering?? You forgot the one where Lou legit pulls a knife out of his ass in the scene with the traps! XD

  2. Hey could you Edit something to the climbing scene, right at 4:01 – 4:03 cause if somebody would go up like this you would Definitely come up but Fall down right after it.

  3. меня одного смущает что все на англиском а игра на русском

  4. ⚠️I do not accept requests and no longer work with TWDG. This means that the video with this game will no longer be! Do not wait!⚠️

    Не беру реквесты и с твд больше не работаю. Это значит, что новых видео с твд не будет! Не ждите!

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