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100 thoughts on “Twin Swap Prank On My Boyfriend with The Merrell Twins!

  1. When Veronica spilled the drink on her shirt and switched with venessa later on and Tyler said “ wear did the thing on your shirt go” lol Vanessa should’ve said “oh I switched it around so that nobody could tell I spilt anything”

  2. Ya I can tell them apart I’m a fanboy supertime for both of your channels and the merrel twins you are all the best

  3. ◦•●◉✿ im Bacon and I’m proud BOOIII say hello to my little friend ok? Dood? Ok Dood? ✿◉●•◦

  4. Maybe for us when we look from here from the screen can tell Roni and Nessa apart.. But I guess for him it was tuff because they may look alike when we see them in person 😉

  5. Once you watch the Merrell Twin's videos a lot you can easily tell them apart! When I first started watching them, however, I definitely couldn't! Poor Tyler!

  6. Literally everyone in the comments: omgg I can Totally tell them apart, is that weird? Am I the only one??? It's sooo obvious!

  7. I can tell them apart that's because message has deeper dimples people that can tell them apart squad where are you at

  8. you have one twin i have three twins the four have the seme face even that were 3 boys one girl and we always do Twin Swap Prank

  9. Tyler: how would i notice they have different nails?
    Also Tyler: i noticed that she no longer had a coffee stain on her shirt

  10. I can easily tell Roni and Nessa apart. I feel terrible I noticed all of them except number 6, because that one was sneaky.

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