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Tyler, The Creator Best/Funny Moments (2019)

I know I know if I worked real hard then I'll give a fuck what I be where you guys going station where you going you're cute I don't know where they're going yo yo girlfriend bad bitch look God is some nice pants bit my bitch look Gert is some nice pants niggas see me I'd be like shake god damn ak-47 suck in that nigga nice photo y'all got alone niggas started on some J shape who that nigga that looks swag down that's me baby we're doing play-by-play here in the sunny Street oh it's a sunny day and it's a very sunny day and guess who's out people all the technical shit that no Holland's do they do it and I do it well I watch a Robot Chicken since I was like 16 hey guys it's me Tyler here with those my world I'm sure I adopted her from Mexico she doesn't know English yet I've donated to charity too I'm really a good guy Elmer Aldo calm down okay we'll get some tacos are you fighting the urge to make out with me right now not really I got you I'm a bigot there with a fucking rim what are you saying in your lyrics it's nothing shit appears all white people off like you is that right my lyrics are no no I'm sorry if I keep talking my lyrics aren't offensive oddly no some people find it offensive don't night yeah finds everything offensive okay Mark's here and he's gonna show us how he makes his world-famous Eggos with cinnamon all my life I've really liked syrup I just liked eating waffles all day I'm not finished I always like to make it waffles I was like hey it's a different way to make these and stuff so let's get started first off you oh my god can you let me do what I need to do I have a really horrible UK accent I know take some cookies for my dog I love T&L I'll step off tomorrow and now I'm from Britain as would you call a British accent when I first saw your name in print Tyler the Creator I was I was intrigued not really I wanted to know what is what's going on here is this guy have his own religion what is happening yeah I've been trying to start a coat and I failed and I just only see her as a friend and I see how serious and professional and how she killed it I took a step back I was like oh shit this is tight she's a fucking piece of shit yeah oh my god what the fuck what Elizabeth Taylor is my jewelry idol and I'm Elizabeth Taylor yes white diamonds yes yeah our use of coral is crazy she's dead now though what's really bad Starbucks was cool because I stole cheese danishes everyday beer they're just older dudes like just pushing boxes but okay with it and it scared the living hell out of me so I quit after a week in four days Kevin Spacey took her is an American Beauty he got shot but he got a good week bang get on the floor bitch up I went back again and let me do my one true step I love it when you want to step body watch your stuff we about to get it on make stuff I'm gonna show you what I keep in my possession mine hailer Wow yeah I've asthma I'm bitch fat guy lungs it sucks because I'm really skinny you gonna bring me a birthday gift on my birthday to my birthday party on my birthday with a birthday gift happy birthday rocky that's what you doing some to throw what shelter you find me title Oh cuz I got the test and local doing and get the pink boxes money running well fuck you get those are brand new how did you find those brand new I'm down he's had me downs fuckin bum he's the janitor security guard but he just got some thug dick i won so i'ma just roll up in that yep that's what i'ma roll hey y'all i'ma just roll up in this dumbass nigga thought it'd be cool to just go out and walk up to people and shoot them and something hit my fucking mouth it was tight for like the fuck like I thought we were cool guys I feel like you're at a restaurant they bring you water and you're drinking it right and then like you're halfway done and if you turn around in some fucking bitch put some more water in it like I just want to finish my shit like let me get that filling finish ASAP Rocky you getting jiggy here with my man's I love bitch don't fire truck right here that's fucking fire yeah he's not like a honey ant indeed I was thinking about getting an eagle there holding a snake fighting with the dragon is actually called the Battle Royale someone would usually get it on the back or their front but getting it on my face would be the most next-level thing I think you could do God Battle Royale on the cheek Wow that's so sick would you baby Battle Royale Shh a sword that's it it's gonna get his sword tatted up my face oh shit I was fucking really underwhelming it's time with someone that he trusts do you do it the fuck what the fuck you fucking weirdo these are all from the internet that question is not tight Wow whose purse is this because there's no girls here oh this is your problem bitch is that first of all you said the key things no girls I'm sorry I'm working and girls are a distraction I know they're not because I'm Rocky cool but I don't know and their time with Arlen and it was like and now look at us if you can hang out a day with either pirata Ryan Sheckler which one would you choose I wouldn't choose neither fuck them how your leg is comfortable they they like black people in this network this is crazy I'm Sabrina Williams that's Mars my sister we're at this tennis court let's go play to this I'm a crazy bitch where's the Bologna I don't know nigga bitch where is he bitch I'm sorry I'm so sorry oh shit oh and she fired me and I hope she's watching because I still hate her oh you gift well keep on rocking in the free world and dude dude fuck the free world dude do the loop doo doo did a little fuck the free world say can I get it fuck the free world fuck the free world fuck the free world 3 almost Duke do the loop doo doo doo you don't play golf no more why not I'm not that good I'm not that good either I'm great [Laughter] you must Yosh the house but it's all older Caucasian men and women here any black guys in the audience just ask yes yes we have two three you're mixed two and a half what the fuck are you doing now Mitch a lot no bitch all atashi hey guys Mia Bronson is getting married New Jersey what the shit is crazy Youngjae you know why you out here with your boxes on bro I ain't got no underwear Luke Duke [Laughter] this one of me Rihanna really bad tonight like forget the nomination or whatever I'm really just excited to meet all these famous people dude I'm stoked I didn't know Meek Mill was that tall really are you filming get how nice those chandeliers look look how beautiful that chandelier is fucking fire right now the bus is on fucking fire right now this is not funny he'll make us really think if I may say my own eyes but they don't know who the fuck you are I'm riding in the car I go to the Martha I was crying out of the den me cuz life is so hard Thomas this shit look at the ghetto look at the ghetto it's so dangerous out here fuse look how fuckin smaller houses shit man we got a car you got it so hard I just want everyone to know that we the best thing about being a musician is not paying for that I would have paid for and I could do whatever I want do we did your cous if I wasn't a musician I will probably be dead or I'll probably be like working at like Walmart freshly squeezed freshly squeezed thank you

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  1. He seems like such a nice person to hang with, I make fortnite videos, you don't have to watch but I'm trynna get to 1k so if anyone can sub then forget about me I wouldn't care

  2. God damn and all my life i thought i was the wierdest person in the world but now i know it's oke and fun to be who you really are. I feel like tyler is the most similar person to me in this world

  3. So you gonna bring a birthday gift on my birthday to my birthday party with a birthday gift 😁this guys amazing

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