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Types of workers | my village show comedy

workers querying for tea sir, will you please say them to bring tea? you came just now and asking.. do the work hey, catch it properly.. son! will you please bring tea? i’m suffering from headache.. and also feeling low by lifting this much weight i will say them to bring it is boiling.. they will bring wait for some time brother, please give us tea we are working since so much time didn’t you hear what i have said? why are you so desperate for tea? raju brother, i have brought tea for you venny, did you add ginger? yes, i have added. hey! the entire work should be completed today total building should be raised today you.. supply bricks.. my sister has added ginger in my tea drink and come. he will supply. mix the mortar, we have to finish this building today hey, bring bricks.. chandu! don’t stop mixing the mortar. anil! supply all the bricks raju brother! shall i bring lemon juice in the evening? oh my god! do it fastly! we have to finish this building, come on do it bring the mortar! venny! as it is summer season add salt and sugar nicely okay! i’m going.. raju brother! you may get sunstroke be careful! you also.. oh my sister..! lazy workers – then owner is worker shiva! i have arranged a lady for supplying bricks and mixing mortar.. do you think these people can supply? say her to come fast! why mama? you have 4 members around you.. aren’t they enough? what work can these people do? they will not do any work. say her to come! what kind of people are you? you don’t have any relativity to what you say and do bricks! where are the bricks? they are bringing, wait! put mortar here. shiva! bringing.. bringing.. bring the mortar.. mortar.. why are you watching my face? mix the mortar i cannot mix even i cannot! we are women, how do we know mixing this? cement should be mixed properly.. sand.. it should be neatly mixed otherwise it will not stick to brick take some water from that can take some more cement from there and add it mix the sand properly.. mix the mortar upside down properly bring the mortar fast! bring..bring.. bring it fast! it is too hot! what happened? why did you sit silently? take the mortar and go! who is owner you or me? who should work? who should work? i’m sick old woman! if you are sick you should be at home.. then why did you come here? you will take the money without any hesitant but you don’t do work who taught you this? talking more – working less it is 11 a.m and still our mason has not come? what will you do by knowing it? he is like tsunami! why are you talking about him? you do your work anytime did he come on time? what raju? who are you talking about? what work are you doing? who mixed this cement? what brick is this? how did you keep this brick? it doesn’t have any mortar under it, what is this? is this the way to mix mortar? there is no cement nothing. you have mixed totally with sand, why? come.. come and mix if i will mix then what will you do? you are saying me to mix, mix it properly! add water, mix it such that it should look like curd hey, ranadheer! water it! if we are working here, can’t you water that side? what are you doing? what gangavva? are you still sitting there? take them.. take.. bring them! what is this work? raju, bring that hammer! raju! bring that tape.. tape.. bring that shovel bring the shovel, fast! if owner comes they do work – otherwise chitchat bring the mortar.. bring the mortar! don’t see that side! no, i will not. owner came.. owner came.. thums up worker! chandu! where are you? there is work for 2 days here and they will give 500 rupees per day come fast! brother, i’m going to jagtial and i’ve also crossed mallial hey, just come here! i will ask him to give 100 rupees extra also there is lot of work here we will be benefited. i’m sorry brother, i can’t make it.. please don’t feel bad! raju! after completing work let’s drink thums up yes,sure! thums up..! brother! what is the work you have said? there is lot of work like supplying sand and bricks do it fast! you said that you will not come.. you said thums up.. he is born for thums up only! don’t you want money? i don’t need. thums up is enough for me! drunken worker! i will join my hands, i will beg you! don’t supply the bricks, you just come and see the leveling come! you.. drunkard.. i am the only one to do this since morning catch it properly! you are looking and behaving like a frog! what are you saying? you are saying me frog? otherwise.. me..? you are saying me.. he has really thrown it in my dress! social media worker! mama! this pic is super! is it? for instagram stories.. take a video.. slow motion video.. slow motion is it needed? you just take it! please! one minute! come fast! we will take a video for instagram stories.. slow motion.. is it okay? yes! take another one okay? have you taken it nicely or not? you have taken the video excellently slow motion video is super! brother! you keep this slow motion video for our “MY VILLAGE SHOW” instagram stories leave it! shall we say subscribe first? this video has become lengthy right? okay friends, our anil has taken a slow motion video.. we will keep this in “MY VILLAGE SHOW” instagram stories.. you also follow.. “MY VILLAGE SHOW” page on instagram! but now.. like and share this video.. and also subscribe “MY VILLAGE SHOW”! we are too tired.. so we have said the subscribe slowly compulsory watch the slow motion video.. on “MY VILLAGE SHOW” instagram page!

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  1. Suuuuuuper comedy😂😂😂😂😂😁😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😋😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Omg😂😂😂owner unapudu lenapudu ,drunk &work,thumbs up 👌👌👌👌but social media worker endi😂😂😂😂

  3. My religion was very nice and is very call me and advice and comedy there is a lot of former . Village bodyguard nice

  4. హాయ్ బ్రో మీ వీడియోస్ చూస్తే చాలు కుటుంబం మొత్తం చూసినట్టుంది బ్రో చాలా చాలా థాంక్స్ బ్రో ఇలాంటి మంచి వీడియోస్ తీసినందుకు థాంక్స్ బ్రో

  5. శ్రీకాంత్ అన్న మీ మై విల్లెజ్ షో చాలా బాగుంటాయి అన్న

  6. Anna me videos atleast daily 5times chustanu. Old Aina no problem.but avi manaku chala relax chestay.thank you all of you guys.

  7. chai matram lekuntea same gitlanea cheastharu 5 rupes a kani chai ki isthea matram full pani chesi pedutharu😂😂😂

  8. ఏమైంది మీకు చెత్త వీడియోలు తీస్తారూ చుస్తన్నం గదా అందుకన

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