Laughter is the Best Medicine

Ultimate Everyday Teen Fails | Comedy | Kamri Noel

[Music] hey guys it’s cameras in the camera NOLA channel and i’m here with bella and today we’re gonna show you most common films before we get started make sure you subscribe and like this video now let’s go yes hello I’d like to order two large cheese pizzas please yeah I decided breadsticks um Camry okay thank you so much love you I I’m so sorry I don’t I know what I mean then I’m sorry goodbye good man I’m so busted a Kailyn was gonna come over and she was like totally gonna help us make cookies because she’s like a professional Baker I mean everyone loves cookies but she’s moving home white whoever she was moving to a white I mean you’re not even to Hawaii right yes hey Karen what job I do think you get my text what text [Music] [Music] [Music] one camera NOLA is you player up here she steps up to the line [Music] she missed where’s my phone [Music] oh there it is I don’t even get down [Music] I wonder if trimming down the aisle okay back together oh they do I think it’s like 50 times colors of the rainbow of course you did good brain always in our place Oh Siri I’m sorry – I’m sorry I’m sorry mom my place is we need ketchup not me good put me again oh wow I just gotta grab me one really quick why’d I come here again okay okay hold on I got to get the bathroom away quick oh oh oh uh yeah can you go get me some toilet paper that you I don’t know I missed it [Music] yeah miss my friend um it’s my friend yes this is my friend zone hi Bella Wow sorry 5% what oh you gotta gimme mommy very much tomorrow Brooklyn’s taking me to the store to get some [Music] okay mom I got some peanut butter hot sauce from a little space food in oh no I forgot the bread every dance and everything on your wedding ring is next see myself I’m up I’m up oh you’re right oh it’s copyrights all right so the best kind of chocolate chip in these partnership ease I can get one on to buy them Oh okay thank you guys so much for watching this video you would like me to say that you cannot relate to at least one of them I definitely saw all of them but make sure you subscribe by clicking right here if you missed last week’s video you can click right here and find it and if you want to watch my other videos click right here to see and do it’s a favor and like this video see you next time bye [Music]

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