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UNBELIEVABLE!! Ann Coulter Smart SILENCE Liberal Reporter With One Line

yeah and thanks to Tom we're joined now by Ann Coulter of course as a leading republican commentator and key Trump supporter and also Christine Tate who's a great voice very strong voice for millennial Trump supporters there joining me next to the ice as we slip slide our ways to a result tonight and how are you seeing at both the Trump on everything we expected to happen has happened the American people have risen up and taken the country back and it doesn't matter how much the media threw at Donald Trump Hollywood his own political party threw at him the people have taken the country back tonight he won it's over it's fantastic well we've got some pretty tight races too close to call still you're being very confident at this stage Kristen absolutely what we're seeing is an overwhelming rejection of the ruling class and DC conservatives no longer feel like even the Republicans in DC represent them anymore Paul Ryan John McCain all of these guys we're seeing just overwhelming turnout for Trump because he has enthusiasm behind his campaign something Hillary Clinton did not have you know Obama Inouye in 2012 he relied on high turnout because he really got people excited Hillary Clinton just represents more of the same and she just did not excite those different demographics like the black book the Millennial vote all of these groups we had to Linda Sarsour here a few moments ago she's become a leading voice for speaking out for Muslim women she said her daughter is at home tonight in tears because she's scared of what a trump presidency could mean for her how would you respond that well there is a question of that how would you respond to that if there are children tonight scared of what a trump presidency might mean for them stop watching the media Donald Trump had a very clear message about what could happen in terms of allowing Muslims into this country is she a terrorist then she should be afraid there's an extraordinary thing to say I mean Donald Trump has made a very clear message which some parts of the Muslim electorate here have taken extremely badly and it's not at all surprising is it no it's not surprising watching Media but there's seven billion people in the world no one has to run to Donald trum say-so didn't need I was saying no one has a right to move to America if immigrants are coming here and many of blowing us up and telling us their religion teaches us that yeah of course there's gonna be extra video betting for Muslim immigrants but for a Muslim who's already here a little girl to be crying about what Trump will do about her that's because the media lies too toward the American people about what Trump has said so it's all something cooked up by the media and nothing to do with yes Donald Trump has said the American people tonight ha well it's a certain section of the American people isn't it but it's very clear that the votes have come from a very clear section of the American electorate well women Latinos doing better with Latinos than they thought he would do he's doing better with women than they thought he would do from day one the media has underestimated Trump with every single group I mean even in Florida he overperformed with Latinos Latinos who are in this country those are our working folks they don't want people coming in unlawfully either so this stereotype that is broadcast by the media that all Latinos are voting for Hillary Clinton is just downright wrong and the fact that that girl is at home crying like Ann said really speaks to the media the lies and the fear-mongering that they are spreading what can we expect from a trump presidency if indeed he gets the prize that he's been longing for tonight more accountable government smaller government spending will be reined in and will be kept more space because we will see a secure border I think that's the most important thing and I think people will be surprised that a trump presidency will be very inclusive to all Americans and making us stronger together I really believe that why why would people believe that when we've seen an election that has divided this country in a way that it hasn't been divided before for one thing people say that every election it has not been coming from Donald Trump's camp it has become come from endless slanderous attacks from the media from his own party from the other party Trump has never attacked Hillary Clinton supporters he's reached out to Bernie Sanders supporters it's Hillary who referred to his supporters as deplorable referred to Bernie Sanders supporters as living in their parents basement he has always been inclusive even Republicans who attacked him in the primaries and betrayed their pledge to support him he invited them to speak at his rally he reached out to them he has constantly reached out and he's at his hand bitmap what about accusing some Mexicans of being rapists is coming in here what about calling women dogs and pigs is it reaching out to the parts of the electorate it's sake this is the friend that came out at the first debate the dogs and pigs are things he said is a reality TV host he's joking on what about the Mexicans can't tell the speech stop saying he's calling Mexicans rapists yes of course Mexico is not sending their best people they are sending drug dealers they are sending rapists and you know who knows that best of all the legal Mexican immigrants who are trying to get away from those Mexican rapists how do you think he'll bring this country together you've got your hands on your hips you've made me put my hands on mine it's absolutely you tell me how he's gonna get this country back together after this toxic campaign I don't I don't know what kind of get the country together he's gonna build a wall he's gonna bring back jobs he's going to bring back the economy Americans have been suffering horribly for 30 40 years now especially in manufacturing jobs the entire Midwest they're gonna be very unhappy on Wall Street very very unhappy so this town will not be happy with Donald Trump's election but out in America where they need jobs where their schools are being overwhelmed

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