Laughter is the Best Medicine

*UNBELIEVABLE* ASMR CRACKS Chiropractic Adjustment Compilation

we're here with us deep breath in let this Jew go got it let's do this sigh big breath in blow it out Oh there's another one and here's another one I'm gonna grab the ankle how's that feel here's another one nice so just say daddy all right you ready daddy not as bad as you thought I'm gonna do one more there's another layer Oh what do you think of that well it's so good your pop oh good one more got it and one more did not though bring your head back soften up the SCM die drop that Wow and here's one on this side nice I think there's another layer I'm gonna get it like that and get that one to Erica's got it Wow then relax that here one more drop deep I'm gonna come down a little lower was it okay good and there's one here there's notice this one you

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