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100 thoughts on “Unbroken (9/10) Movie CLIP – Don’t Look at Me! (2014) HD

  1. What a shame they actually couldn't show the melting faces of the people in that nuke they dropped. HIPPOCRIT

  2. I thought the asian guy was a woman at first. Dude looked like he was getting turned on for a second LMAO😂😂

  3. that prison captain should have killed his friends instead of punishing him would have been more traumatic and he would have broken.

  4. He raised his arms with the board above to prove to everyone that he was strong and immoral against the enemy.

  5. I would've probably smiled at the guard the whole damn time (something in me causes me to smile and laugh when I receive physical pain, I don't know why, but I'm fine with it).

  6. Does anybody come watch this clip on a bad day just to see how weak your problems feel compared to this? Or is that just me?

  7. Drop the plank of wood and he gets killed
    Don't drop the wood and he gets a brutal beating. Damn he did what he had to!!💪

  8. The American POW camps were paradisiacal by comparison. Even the Germans treated Allied troops with some semblance of decency.

  9. Finally a film not about the "poor japanese oh no they got nuked" or about "heroic USA saving the world".
    Just a down to earth film that the nippon army was a POS.

  10. This movie is so good, but look at the COMMENTS !! they're HILARIOUS, in 10 Years i'll just come back here to read them, u GUYS ARE SO FUNNY <3

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