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Unbroken – Motivational Video

You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something: your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. Because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart, even when it leads you off the well worn path. And that will make all the diffrence. Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma: which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. You’ve got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work… is to love what you do If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. and don’t settle. what you truly want to become. You’re going to have some ups and you’re going to have some downs Most people give up on themselves easily. You know the human spirit is powerful? There is nothing as powerful – it’s hard to kill the human spirit! Anybody can feel good when they have their health, their bills are paid, they have happy relationships. Anybody can have a larger vision then, Anybody can have a large vision then, anybody can have faith under those kinds of circumstances. comes when get knocked down. It takes courage to act. Part of being hungry when you have been defeated. It takes courage… to start over again. Fear kills dreams. Fear kills hope. Fear… Fear… put people in the hospital. Fear can age you can hold you back from doing something that you know within yourself that you are capable of doing, but it will paralyze you. At the end of your feelings is nothing, but at the end of every principle is a promise. Behind your little feelings, it might not be absolutely nothing at the end of your little feelings. But behind every principle is a promise. And some of you in your life the reason why you not at your goal right now, because you just all about your feelings. All on your feelings, you don’t feel like waking up – who does? Everyday you say ‘no’ to your dreams, you might be pushing your dreams back a whole six months, a whole year! That one single day, that one day you didn’t get up could have pushed your stuff back I don’t know how long. Don’t allow your emotion to control you. If you don’t discipline and contain your emotion, they will use you. and you’re going to go all out to have it. It’s not going to be easy, when you want to change, it’s not easy. If it were in fact easy, everybody would do it. But if you’re serious, you’ll go all out. I’m in control here. I’m not going to let this get me down, I’m not going to let this destroy me. I’m coming back! And I’ll be stronger and better because of it! That this is what you stand for! Take full responsibility for your life. Accept where you are and the responsibility that you’re going to take yourself where you want to go. You can decide that I am going to live each day as if it were my last! Live your life with passion! With some drive. Decided that you are going to push yourself. The last chapter to your life has not been written yet, and it doesn’t matter about what happened yesterday It doesn’t matter about what happened to you, what matters is: ‘what are you going to do about it?’ This year I will make this goal become a reality. I won’t talk about it anymore. I can. I can! I CAN ! To persevere I think is important for everybody. Don’t give up, don’t give in. There’s always an answer to everything Subtitles by the community

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  1. The date today is August 6, 2019. I have gained 2 licenses in a span of 3 months. I am now a Licensed Real Estate Broker and Licensed Real Estate Appraiser. Don't give up, don't give in. There's always an answer to everything.

  2. All these comments saying they are gonna reflect on there work in a year, but I hear the same excuse, I’m gonna start tommorow, next week, a month and even a year?

    It starts today.

  3. "Your gut…"

    Thats what caught my eye, those two words. What is interesting here, is that the subconscious mind picks up on over 400 billion bits of data, every second. The conscious mind perceives approx 2,00 bits of data a second. So, when you have a"gut feeling", it would be wise to at least consider it. Im not suggesting just go all-out, due to a feeling, just consider it.

  4. Hello everyone. My name is Ivan, I'm 14. I am from Ukraine and I love football. But I have no talent for this. I don’t play in a good club, I don’t score many goals, I’m not sure of myself. I'm a loser. And that is why I want to prove to everyone who does not believe in me that I can. I can become a professional player and enjoy life. Right now my only support is my mom. Even my father does not believe in my dreams, my friends do not believe. No one except her believes in me. And because of this, I will work hard, every day, only to make her happy one day. Wish me good luck and patience. I will do it.

  5. It's the 12th of August 2019 …
    I will live my best life and I will work my ass off … 
    I'll keep you updated on a monthly basis …
    Much love to you guys out there and stay true to yourself

  6. Today is 14th Aug 2019. My goal which I will achieve by next year would be to make my parents love me again.. Wish me luck epic gamers.

  7. it's 8-22-19 and i will check back in one yr. I am on a weight loss journey to lose 70 lbs, already lost 22lbs.. i will check back with you to see where i am.. I CAN! I CAN!

  8. Todays date is 23 august 2019
    Let me see how much ill change within a year,
    (Someone remind me😁)
    23 august 2020:

  9. I voted for Bernie Sanders in 2016 to be apart of the solution and got Trump. I will be Voting for Bernie Sanders in 2020 will I get Trump again ? Mr. Pipe Dream motivation talker ??? 🔵🔵🔵🇺🇸

  10. When a video like this gets one emotional, then inspired, there are truly some issues we do not realise that play a fundamental role in us not achieving what we want [or don't even realise we want]. This video got me all up in my feels. I was controlled by my emotions for too long. I want it. I will do what I need to get it. This video will be my guide in so many ways. THANK YOU

  11. Already 12 pounds down on my weightloss journey. I'll be back in December to see where I am then. Pushing myself to the limit.

  12. I share this video as well as other similiar videos because they make me feel good and get pumped up.
    I've always wondered why NOBODY on my social media pages like these types of videos. Not one single reaction or like.
    Yet, I can visit these videos and they are full of people who love these videos and the message they give. Yet, none of them want to be on my social media page lol

    Like, wtf?!?! Lol

  13. 30/08/2019

    Ill make bunch of Money, Goal is set and will be accomplished

    Bunch of bad things happened to me, i have a bad aunt and his son wanted to take my pants off, i thought it was a game of fight and i pushed him but now i understand, i weight 49k, i must get 38k

    i must get money, i must work to get what i want, even if im a kid, even if im just 11 years old, if they tell me i can't, i make sure i don't care, when they laugh and tell me they can do better, i make sure i do better for real, if i want a good pc and want to be able to buy what i want without asking my parents, i have to work, work harder, work more, work alot, i must not give up, i must do it, i must concentrate, i must concentrate, i will have 800€

    ill come back in 1 month and say the results…

    For everyone who got left by girlfriend, or got bullied, make sure u fight, fight for your dreams, fight for going forward, if they bully u, u tell the teacher, if they no stop u defend yourself, sometimes u cant get free from bully just by telling the teacher, u must defend yourself.

  14. The whole gender thing is a lie!LGBT are sexist!Males?I ask if you say'Males are emotional?(NO?)Your right females are emotional!They talk about emotions!Does males talk about emotion no they do not!

  15. My life goal is to develop an algorithm which can figure out the perfect shape and number of turbine blades, depending on the load and fluid flow applied to it, by using neural networks.
    I dont want the money which will come from it; cause the money will be less.
    I want to create something that was never done before, and bring turbo machinery engineering to the next step.

  16. I wrote a comment over two years ago on different account saying I’d go to uni to do games development. On the 16th of this month I start uni. Now the rest is up to me

  17. Father died in childhood, no one was there to look after us siblings, mother was ill, family properties confiscated by relatives, no one was there to give support, to give hope, to give dreams. There was a time when I wanted to die everyday everytime, i always wished that I don't wake up next day. Then after a difficult time, I went to a university, i was bullied there because of my ethnicity. Because i was not cool like them. My confidence and everything was again shattered to a level that it doesn't exist. It's been 5301 days since my father has left me but i am still struggling. Hope someday, i will find someone who can love me, i can achieve my dreams. It's 5 months left. I need wishes and prayers.

    Thatta- Pakistan

  18. Maybe people will believe me or not but i lost 70 lbs in 1 year and now i m ready to join Indian army. Either achieve it or die trying.

  19. This video always gives me the chills.
    Edit: didn't realize I said the same thing 2 years ago. Wow. What an impact.

  20. Hey Mat…Everything about this video is excellent. You are a superhero and you are truly saving lives. Thanks A Ton for the video.

  21. Everyone in this comment section better remember this name. My name is Tyler. I am going to be the greatest film maker in the world.

  22. Started Aug 26
    9 Classes left to pass highschool
    10$ in my account
    12,222 Subs
    63 Supporters on CODE MURK

    Let's see what changes by December 1st

  23. I watched it years ago, I'm not really motivated by it, however sticked to my passion because of it. A fresh new year in University of Toronto pursuing academic career. I wish all who saw my comment can do what they are passionate about and don't give up for anything you set the path to.

  24. I'll be back in 1 year to see how my life turns out to be I'm 24 years young. I will chase my success like a lion chasing his pray God Bless you all

  25. Watched this often and listen to it on SoundCloud a lot. Thank you for inspiring millions lives. It’s definitely something I go back to often to keep me on track 🙂

  26. 13 Semtemper 2019 My gf just left me. I am releasing my inner predator to invest in myself. I will come back in 1 year later.

    I can i can i can . dont give up dont give in

  28. Remember it's easy to get motivated and hyped up and even work hard for one day. The point is doing that every day, day after day, even when you don't feel like it. It has to be everyday otherwise you lose the rhythm and power. I'm on day 99 of maxing out every day. Let's see how long I last.

  29. I'm in control here. I'm not gonna let this get me down, I'm not gonna let this destroy me!

    I'm coming back! and I'll be stronger and better because of it!!!!

    Actually I saw this last year and now there's a lot of things that I've realize on my past relationship and it changes me. I hope some of you here getting better 👍 Just Trust the Process.

  30. Bullying, torture, abuse, these are things that have solutions to them with enough will, diligence, planning, perseverance and determination. People have always been cruelly, unjustly oppressed throughout the eons. Furries, homosexuals, the poor, the deformed, lesbians, transsexuals, all of them and more have been victims of inexcusable torture. Always try to make friends and be yourself, and if people can't accept who you are when your differences do make you weird don't yet don't pose a direct threat to yourself or anyone else, they don't deserve the benefit of knowing you, nor do they have the right to treat like garbage any people who DO treat you kindly. Cry as long and hard as you need when you're completely alone, if you want, but for the sake of being stronger, not for the sake of giving up on life. Never hold in your anguished emotions for any reason or for any length of time. Life is meant to be enjoyed the right way. You will not always feel happy or optimistic, but your joy can only be taken away with your permission. Maintain a joyful attitude always and enjoy the things that make life worth living: kittens: puppies, food, water, family, friends, a roof over your head, a warm yet ragged bed, every little thing you do have, be thankful for it, even if it doesn't seem like much. We do not live in a bleak, hopeless, Lovecraftian world where existence is meaningless and is ruled by cruelly indifferent Outer Gods that serve as every tentacle porn enthusiast's wet dream. We should make the decision to not let others change who we are and always be kind to others and do what we can to fight against evil, always proclaiming the truth no matter what someone may try to frame you for under any circumstances. Be strong and carry on.

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