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UNLEASHED Trailer (2017) Comedy, Movie HD

I’m calling it Night Sky. It’s genius. It’s gonna make millions All the lawyer said is ‘He Said, She Said’ He Said’s got all the evidence. At least I get to keep you guys now You get naked in front of them? Them I trust, they never judge me. They’re always happy to see me I wish there were guys out there like you two. Be careful what you wish for ‘Cause astrologically shit’s about to get very real for you We’re talking Transmogrification. *inaudible* I’d lay low Hey can I have your coat? Yeah What’s…what’s this? My name and my phone number. Okay We’re human now, she’s only gonna take one of us Why are you giving me tips then? Because frankly you need all the help you can get. You gotta know people skills. I have people skills. People love me! It’s so nice to meet you Hey, not now Are you the one who lost this beautiful cat? Don’t come to me. I’ll come to you. (purring) Oh yeah that’s good So should we sleep together now? All you did was sleep? Why? Because it was amazing. I felt so loved. I don’t think I can get down You’re acting like a couple of idiots. You have no idea how lucky you are to have a chance with a girl like Emma Sit Up Oh I know. Bad boy, bad boy

100 thoughts on “UNLEASHED Trailer (2017) Comedy, Movie HD

  1. So I'm guessing she obviously gets together with her neighbor Sean Astin, but does anyone know if she ever gets the credit and money for her app? Not going to watch it so if anyone knows let me know. If not I'll probably forget all about this movie by tomorrow just like everyone else would.

  2. Lol at the end of the trailer when he said "i know bad boy,bad boy" it reminded me of my dog when he does that and i tell him "Sky! You bad boy" 😂😅😂

  3. I just watched it and its not beastiality…it's kids at heart friendly…and for cats and animal lovers, no bad stuff, but i still wouldn't recommend for kids.

  4. Why, why, why, why, why, why?? Why does this have a single thumbs up?? If anyone that for some stupid reason gave this thumbs up is over 13 years old you have the WORST taste in movies or anything ever! This horrible movie and all the horrible people that like it are a disgrace to everyone, just why? just stop!

  5. Do you morons that like the WORST things possible realize that your making the world impossible to live in and to tolerate for the rest of us normal people with half a brain? Please your killing us! I just cant take the stupidity and how pathetic, useless and braindead you pricks are! ahhhh! your officially the worst people to ever exist, Humans cant be this dumb! Such an embarrassment. *crying….

  6. One of the most refreshing films in recent times! It will make your day! I laughed so hard, smiled and even I might add cried! So good!

  7. Unfortunately it was worse than it looks. Yes my mom has me watch it with her and no I’m no just ashamed I’m mortified.

  8. comments will ruin the movie for you😏😅.. I am glad I watched it (full movie) first before reading the comments 🙂 the movie is so hilarious and no bestiality by the way, she never slept with any of them😉

  9. I want the cat and the dog to fall in love then the girl dates the other guy that was saying they were lucky to have a chance with her idk

  10. hahaha teaching to be handicapped since birth and telling them they have a condition when really it's just parents on drugs

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