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Unmasking the Mastermind – Review – Comedy Central

– Forrest, go away!
– Okay. I just–I have something
that I need to explain to you that’s gonna change absolutely
everything, okay? Just please. Please, this is the last thing
I will ever ask of you. – What is all this?
– This is all gonna help you understand
what’s happening, okay? – Great. Come on in.
– All right. There’s a lot to walk you through here,
and all of it is important, and it’s hard
to know where to start. The first clue that I had that
something was wrong was this. This is a list
of every single review that has ever been
sent in to the show, and all of the ones
that I’ve done are circled. Do you know who circled them? – Grant?
– Yes, exactly. He told me it was all random. Keep your voice down,
please. You’re gonna wake
up Eric and my mom. (Forrest voice-over)
I laid out all of my evidence
to Suzanne. All the pain. My review of having
a perfect body, okay? Oh, [bleep].
What is this? And my penis has never been
the same since then. No. [bleep].
Is it still like that? I had the thing taken out,
but it’s still weird. It’s like there’s too much skin
now ’cause the implant came out. Let me just show it to you
so you have a sense of– Move on!
I don’t want to see it. Fine. All right.
Fine, fine, fine. I don’t think that that was
any normal magic eight ball. I think Grant
was controlling it. – Okay.
– Why did a pillow fight have to become so violent? And it turned into
a [bleep] bloodbath. This was supposed
to be a show about life, okay? Grant turned it into a show
about death. My death. That’s what’s happening here. And so I’m gonna tell him
I have figured it out. This is not what I signed on
for, and I am out of here, and I’m going back to my wife
and my kid, and I’m going back
to my old life. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Forrest, I think it’s really simple. You signed on to
an insane television show, and then you constantly
put that show above your needs and the people
that you love. I’m just not seeing
this evil plan. The only person that you need
to be afraid of is yourself. Oh.
[scoffs] I’m gonna prove I’m right,
and then I’ll be back! (Forrest voice-over)
If I was going to convince
Suzanne of my conspiracy theory, there was one more thing
I needed to know. Why? Why was Grant
trying to destroy me? What had I ever done to him? This question plunged me deeper
into the darkness where I made a shocking
and upsetting discovery. I’ve been doing some research
here on HTML, There’s no trace of Grant
anywhere on the internet prior to 1995. It’s like he does not exist. Now, 1995 happens to be
the same year that this woman supposedly
married a Chinese guy and disappeared to Hong Kong. This is Gretchen Edelberg,
and she had a really big crush on Suzanne when we
were all in college together. You see where I’m going
with this? Gretchen, okay, Grant. Gretchen, Grant. Gruh, Gruh, Gruh. She didn’t move to Hong Kong. She got a sex change. He loves Suzanne so much,
after all this time, that he’s gone
completely crazy. Get out of here,
you son of a bitch! (Forrest voice-over)
Now that everything
finally made sense, it was time to confront
the monster in his lair. Of course
he’s not gonna open that gate because he knows
that I know the truth, and he’s too much
of a [bleep] coward. Hey, you’re too much
of a [bleep] coward to look me in the eye–
oh, [bleep, bleep]! Oh, God.
All right. Come on.
Let’s go. – You [bleep] monster.
– Forrest. I know everything now.
[bleep]. – What a nice surprise.
– No. – The guy’s will bring it in.
– Ah, [bleep]. I’ve figured it all out,
and I’m quitting the show! Again? Everything you’ve tried
to hide from me is out in the open now. You’ve ruined my life
for the last time, Gretchen. You bitch.

44 thoughts on “Unmasking the Mastermind – Review – Comedy Central

  1. Comedy Central: you need to put Review on posters everywhere! This show is MASTERFUL comedy, and is easily the best show you have right now. The only reason ratings aren't higher is because no one knows about it! Everyone who knows thinks it's genius. (Look, I got love for T-Noah, but he's dragging his feet. He'll get there eventually, I'm sure.)

    And it is……when was the last time you saw a show that was gut-wrenchingly hilarious, philosophical and emotionally draining at the same time? When? There's no funnier show than this! It's mastery; don't you dare think about cancelling this. This show should be immune to cancellation, and if it ends up getting cancelled I'm going to march over to your offices and strike until the show is back on the air. Freakin' revolutionary.

  2. this show had so much potential, and season 1 was amazing, but they screwed this up in season 2, very weak unfortunately.

  3. Who else noticed the Phil Lloyd cameo in the next part of this episode? It happens when they get a request from Myles in Sandwich, Massachusetts. Myles Barlow was the original life reviewer.

  4. You idiots, Comedy Central. If you had the foresight to advertise this show properly, it would’ve been ratings gold and you wouldn’t have canceled it. Pathetic!

  5. “There is no trace of Grant on the Internet prior to 1995.” That is very smart because the Internet didn’t exist before 1995.

  6. Can someone show the link to the next part of the show, since YouTube is so f**** stupid they only show you the one before. And they still haven't learned after years. You hear that YouTube? you're so f**** stupid

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