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(Updated) Gta V Activation required Fixed 100% with Reloaded crack | Latest Patch 2018

Hey what’s up you guys welcome back to a new video on GTA V and today I’m going to
show you a demonstration on how to fix the activation requirement in GTA V. so first I should mention that we were talking about how to fix this issue
in my previous video with a date changing trick and yeah, that was some nice
stuff for a while but for unfortunate we were using the 3dm crack with a lot of
bugs. so the people were asking a new way to fix this issue without using the
3dm crack though, that the date changing trick was fine enough. That’s no
need to say about the toughness of using that crack because it limits the
game features to the less. And the best part, you can’t even mode the game with
any mode. so that’s really awful for a Proper gaming experience. so I thought to
bring a latest patch of GTA V with the reloaded crack. so let’s get started
right now so first I’m showing you how to complete
remove the 3dm from your game and then we can perform a clean crack so if
you have a fresh copy of GTA V, then you can skip these steps and seek in
to the area where we are doing the clean crack. head into the game folder and find
out all the files which are related to 3dm. so as you can see this is the
Launching “exe” and from the top of the list you may see other files which comes with
3dm. here the registry.exe and other files
3dmgame.dl, what else. so I’m gonna select them all and delete them.
all right so now you should back up your game progress. so head into documents,
Rockstar Games Rockstar Games and then GTA V and folder of profiles. so here are
the savegame files, not these other stuff. so select them and I’m going to
copy them to another folder so I’m going to copy them all
into another folder right here. I’m backing up the savegame files because you
have to delete that Rockstar Games folder folder to get rid of detecting
previous game data. so someone may think, this step also can be skipped
as you didn’t even play the game and no any progress yet. It’s alright but you have to
delete this rock games folder instead of backing up saved game data.
Alright I delete them. alright now head into local disk;C and then into programs
folder where contains 32-bit applications and search for the Rockstar
Games folder, right there also so right here it is and the data of social
club contains in the folder. so delete this folder also and do the same in
other program folder where all the 64 bit stuff installed. right here find out
the Rockstar games folder and delete it. so the next thing in view settings in your
PC in view settings, hidden items show hidden folders that case must be turned on and
program data right there, now head into there and find out the social club
folder and I’m going to delete that also. alright one more thing to remove the
3dm crack completely. just we have to delete the temporary data to prevent the
game by using previous data that used on social club. to do this take “run” app
search for the run app I’m gonna take that right there and type this
command in that box. so this is the command you must type a little command
and click OK. alright here are the temporary files
that were used on your PC so if you need of these files to keep somewhere else,
just do a backup. or delete them once like I’m done. and
that’s all. alright. finally we could remove the 3dm
crack properly from your GTA V. well that’s a good thing right..
okay now we are performe a clean crack with the reloaded latest patch. it’s
very simple, just copy these files into game folder. I had put the links on the
description of each files as same as on the video. so once it completes, copy this
update folder which should be the fifth version as I remember, and I should
notice that if you have downloaded the 3dm crack version five, you don’t
need to download the update file. because the 3dm crack also comes with the
same update file in same versions. so finally install the social club and
that’s all you have to do. nothing big stuff to do right.. but doing a single
step wrong can take you into trouble line again in previous cracks. so be
careful. finish the setup and here we go. fine so head into your game folder and now
you can directly use GTA V launcher.exe to play the game. that’s the best
part which seems like originally and I prefer and
once you double-click on it a message will appear like that, no More
there’s no more doubt about the game I’m pretty sure this time must be worked fine.
so one more important thing. if you need your game process that you had before, a new
location would be created for saving at this part. local disk;C/ program data/
social club there will be a folder named RLD. not RDL, copy that files
that we backed up before and you will have the previous states of the game. usually this
happens when you’re using a reloaded crack, display calibration, click enter. yeah
so we was talking about yeah because because the save locations are different
with the previously used 3dm crack. the game is loading and don’t go away,
because you should have to ensure the games works or still asking for that
shitty banner of activation requirement. but I say Hell Nha for that, this time all
the stuff must work fine. hmm so let’s see, as I told you before, we this reloaded
crack you can use any of those mods graphic mods, car mods, enhancements mods,
skins, any scripts like native trainer, okay.. Congratulations!
Finally you got to working of your GTA V and ready to play in GTA V on your PC
flawlessly and that’s it. so don’t forget to subscribe my channel and also share
this videos to solve this problem anyone who faces the same and just smash
the like button if you got this to work. still any problems? I may take my time to
listen your matters, just coming right below. so thanks for watching and see you
back later

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  1. Hello Redux Dreams Lab.. I installed gta 5 and did all the following steps correctly, but when i use to start the game, it uses to stop at the loading screen of rockstar.. Please help me bro..Save my day Please.. I request you. Please reply..😃😃😄😄

  2. Thank you! to Redux Dream Lab for making this step. I'am so proud of u, coz from now on i can play my gta v again. Big thanks and like from ur subscriber!

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    Thank you soo much bro

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