Laughter is the Best Medicine


hey guys real McCoy former one welcome back to my channel I'm delirious so let me tell you what we're doing today okay we are doing an absolutely lazy I'm chilling at the house and gotta go nowhere hairstyle okay we're using two products equal Iko Iko Iko I think Ecostar yeah because I don't know anyway it's new to me we're using this because it has argan oil in it okay and we're going to use the blueberry blitz twist and shout cream as a moisturizer okay as a moisturizer I'm not doing twisted a girl I don't washed it and I have shampooed my hair and did the leave-in conditioner using my ball team boots I think my ball team boots has a lot to do with the thickness that I have created in my hair since I've started this journey with its clean curls and we're just gonna put it in as a moisturizer not using a lot but just all over our hair as a moisturizer now I have tested these two products together and there is no product reaction which means we do not get those little white balls all about heat okay so into the news today that was a big grown black man big brown black man an adult black man that decided he was gonna pretend like he was licking my ice cream and putting it back itself one thing he paid for it but because he was pretending to do that fraudulent activity he still was charged better you to me I sure was gonna do it I was I told to come peep at work I was gonna do it you know because it's just don't make no sense what they're doing so I was gonna go in there and act like I was doing it and then you know yeah somebody say but that didn't work out that way you took me too long to do it and somebody else did it and he didn't pay for it you know I'm saying he paid for and everything but it's still an act of tampering with food even though you pay for in their van I didn't know that so I'm just glad he did before I did there may be selfish I don't give a damn if they're selfish you're not because they cost money and that would have cost me some money that I don't have so y'all don't even go in there pretend not only even going there pretend that she's messing with these folks table just yeah I'll grab the food and go just grab it and go don't be licking on it in putting it back putting your nasty-ass mouth back in there cuz I'll lose your next ass now it's your nasty smell okay warm water let's get started I have my hair sectioned off in four quadrants one two three and four we're gonna go ahead and spray them back without warm water I've taken a shower but I had to read definite three definite and this is this is not a Adina branch this is just one of their bristle brushes I am black I just got curler here so we are going to run into some kings along the way yah yah yah yah yah yah blame it on the juice baby blame it on my juice I love MS o li z zo check my nails oh yeah don't be on I took them nails out I had you know I left one day with my daughter and everything but uh I couldn't do them like I used to do it with my pills I was like oh my god I have nails changed you know what she did the dip over the creek so I thought I was gonna be cool you know but uh no hey take them jumpers Oh for real for real so I went that I've applied sort of jail and I'm just gonna let it just sit here okay because I'm gonna apply another banging once I get this part done but yeah oh girl she's ahead of the said girl with great confidence and I loved it I mean if she promised she would have came out before I had to get you my pants I probably wouldn't had the gastric bypass but I had to have the gash in my pants because of the breast cancer I mean I was confident but nowhere near stuffing it and she is but Oh y'all see the white so you can tell yes the moisturizer did get in my hair okay so you was thinking this gel would make a very good wash and go with that cream I don't know y'all can see it look at those curls like every day you learn something every day but anyway back to ism baby how you feelin good as hell she say if you don't love you anymore they'll walk your fine ass out the door I do my hair tells me I love her I love her I love her I love her I'm attack her in its video maybe she'll tell me I love you too so I'm just trying to get all together y'all bring it all together bringing it all okay so you know I got one time on your right now I'm gonna put the second time on here to hold the sides and I want to let my curls because my curls they want to come out to play and I don't want to punish them because when I need them to come out to play and they don't mean you be mad but my hair is really like in this jail and it's really liking this cream it's like in this combination so it looks like this in the pine tail it's bringing it up to the front I probably have to put a little more hair back but don't focus on the ponytail just think I got it up to up in a ponytail at this height which I do thank you and I'm just leaving the front out to play so you guys tell me down in the comment section what do you think about this style what do you think about it do you like it because when you have short thick hair you have to be kind of creative because watching goes wash and gos wash and gos you want to be creative you want to do other things that the long hair girls are doing I do I want to do things that the long haired girls are doing and when I try to think of a way to do it I want to share it with my short curly dick and girls you know I know so I was thinking like you got that piece right there you got that and then you just leave this part to play however you can also just keep gelling it and pull it back in upon tell that to me is what I was gonna do but then this happened and bang I think she cute you think she cute because I really think she cute not me she you know curly thick short hair so hit you something tie that down they have to add little more gel if you feel and you make it add some accessories around here do your thing you know make it work for you sis make it work for you okay cuz this works for me because I'm about to just chill get my thoughts together today you know chill want to lift it up do all kinds of things do your thing you know make your curls they want to work they want to come out to play make them come battle come out to play look at these lights do not do justice you have to go over to my Instagram page to really see the curls so Z let me spell it th e re al MCC Oh Y for one one the real McCoy for only that's my Instagram handle get over there and check it out cuz um she ready alright keep God first and everything I can in it I can say that if I been have I been just being funny if I've had a rant i cursing or whatever I can always say he got first and everything you do and I do mean everything because guess what in spite of it all he still comes from first you get it in my life I don't know your life but as for me in my house God is firs so keep God first and I'll see you guys on next video oh wait a minute if you're new here go ahead and click the red button and subscribe ya have to do that and then once you click the red button the notification barrel is gonna pop up and now they made it all fancy do you want oh notifications do you want to customize it you just want to click all you want to click oh because you just want to click alright you do want to see more of me right I'm gone I mean one telling you this is the beginning real McCoy 401 and the gang we're about to take off we're taking off we're going on you better get on board if you want to go cuz we we're gone ok he's out if you want to go you know I'm over subscribe ain't bland –which love you guys next video you


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