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US School Shooting Update in 10 Jokes | ‘United States of Europe’

Hi it’s me Greg Shapiro, and I don’t even
want to be on camera this week. I just want to share some thought provoking
stuff I’ve seen about Florida. Donald Trump – before blaming the neighbors and classmates – says the problem was
‘the Florida shooter was mentally disturbed’ You can tell he was mentally disturbed because he was
wearing a MAGA hat. Speaking of “mentally disturbed,” when the president met with first responders and hospital staff for the Florida victims,
he struck this pose – apparently thinking he was posing with Olympic medalists. And if school shootings would be an Olympic event, then yes – America would win Gold. If you have any thoughts and prayers please leave them in the comments below.

12 thoughts on “US School Shooting Update in 10 Jokes | ‘United States of Europe’

  1. In Europe teachers worry about if their students will get good grades. In the USA teachers worry about if their students won't shoot someone or get shot.

  2. Fellow Dutchman here, it is absurd that the US is not able to do anything. Not even implementing a federal screening system. To me, it is unimaginable that someone will show up at school to kill as many people as possible. I have never witnessed one in my entire life. We don't think of schools as a place where you could be shot (or shanked). The worst thing we have to worry about is whether we receive good education, not if we will come out in one piece. It is truly sad that the cycle of 'thoughts and prayers' keeps repeating and that nothing happens.

  3. Yeah I have something please get an other job joking is not your thing your not funny at all I guess thats why they wont allow you in the us anymore there sick of your bad jokes

  4. Best way to describe the problem I found on the internet was:
    How Australia deals with shark attacks, they put out nets to try and protect bathers.
    How the USA deals with shark attacks, they sell sharks to people to protect from the sharks.

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