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Using a Windshield Repair Kit on a Cracked Smart Phone

So I read online around April 1st that you
can fix a cracked cell phone using a windshield repair kit. Naturally, even though it was
April 1st I was intrigued and I decided to try it on my own. Even if it didn’t end
up fixing the cell phone, at least I got to learn the basics of car windshield repair.
The iPhone 5C is 100% functional except for the cracked glass on top of the screen. The
repair kit comes with glass resin and plastic shields that help the resin cure smoothly
over the crack in the windshield. First I’m going to go ahead and clean the screen off.
The point of windshield repair is to get the resin in-between the glass chunks inside the
glass itself and this makes the crack effectively disappear. Normally on a car you would use
some suction cups and a pressure pump to squirt the resin down into the chip or crack, but
with a cell phone, the added pressure might crack the LCD. So I tried to “v” down
into the crack with a little razor blade hoping that the resin would absorb in. Once the resin
is applied, I can put the plastic curing strips over the top. This helps cure the glue when
placed under sunlight. With UV light from the sun, the glue will dry or cure within
5 or 10 minutes. With this UV light from my shop it will only take about 2 or 3 minutes
to cure. After the glue is cured, you can peel off the plastic and scrape the hardened
resin off with a razor blade. The windshield resin did not hide the cracks completely,
but it did make the cracks much smoother. It also made the phone smell toxic, so that’s
a plus with holding it up to your face. So it looks like the myth is more or less busted.
A windshield repair kit works well on windshields, but not on a cell phone. One thing I would
do differently if I try to do this again is see if I can get more pressure on the glue
to force it down inside of the crack and help it hide there. Either way it was a fun project.
I learned something new and hopefully you did too. Hit that “subscribe” button if
you haven’t already. Hope to see you around!

100 thoughts on “Using a Windshield Repair Kit on a Cracked Smart Phone

  1. but what he do is just pour it so for me it didn't go right into those crevices. he should try using the attachments and lets see what will be the result .

  2. There are other videos that shows you how to change the glass even though is mote complicated or you can pay a tech to change the glass for you and probably charge you like $300 which is not worth it, for that you just buy a new phone unless your phone is like $800 dollars.

  3. The sealant should dry for 30 minutes in sunlight/uv lighting. Also, the first step to sealing a windshield chip is to suck out the air trapped in the glass. The air is what creates those black areas.

  4. depends on the viscosity of the glue, and whether capillary action will draw in correctly. i suspect your procedure is faulty, as i've seen this work personally.

  5. Just use a big cookie jar attach a vacuum to the lid and it'll create a vacuum chamber. Havnt done it myself but as soon as I find a windshield repair kit I might

  6. For this application you to use a "thinner" resin.especially if you just let gravity seep the resin down into the cracks..

  7. This does actually work, I've done it several times. JRE just tried to go too quickly with it. First do it in a place with minimal UV and take your time applying a little resin and forcing it down into the crack with a plastic edge (I use a plastic gasket scrapper). Then when you finally have it worked in well put on the curing strips and just let it do it's thing naturally and slowly in indirect UV to help let air get out. (This is why on a car you use a vacuum pump, to pull the air out of the crack).

    Using a UV lamp to speed up the curing only means more air stays in the crack making the crack more visible. It won't fix it 100% and shattered edges will still be visible, but it keeps the shards together so they won't come out over time which is a big plus. The smell will fade with time, just have to keep it out of a cover at home for a few weeks.

  8. I don't care about visual cracks but will it fill the cracks so the bits of glass wont break off? I have a badly cracked phones screen and want it still usable. Don't care about looks.

  9. Isn't there ANY way to get rid or Atleast hide the cracks? I literally just bought my phone and the glass cracked but the screen works fine

  10. i have watched other videos and yes, youd have to push harder on the glue in order for the cracks to disappear.

  11. An idea to force resin into the crack, apply the resin evenly, cover over the resined screen with plastic. Now put the phone into one of those vacuum food saver bags and draw out the air with the food savers pump forcing capillary action to fill the cracks.

  12. If you had bought some REAL stuff.. and stopped trying to speed shizz up with your Carving it out and drying it to fast before even trying to push the resin into it…. you can't debunk something if your too dumb to actually do it right.. i had 5 successes in a row after someone seen me do this. buy the real stuff that requires the pump.. and just don't use the pump or that Stupid under graded UV light. does not work.. maybe you should Call SAFE-LITE and find out for yourself first.. this Vid is invalid and stupid.. ya mite as well have dumped fkn Super glue on it…. SMFH

  13. Funny part is.. you will find hundreds of video's showing how to do it. ( The correct way ) and your basically only one trying to make it a myth,,,,lmfao.. don't leave your day job

  14. What I want to know is this; I have a crack on my phone 8 plus screen at the bottom near the home button. If I used windshield repair kit would it prevent the crack from getting worse?

  15. The reaaon this didn’t work is because you have to isolate the phone from air by creating a vacuum and then closing in the surface area of the vacuum to put pressure on the resin into the cracks. But you would have to have a kit designed for each phone Individually in order to perfectly isolate the screen.

  16. I’ve thought this a few times. Even though this is an old video, I’m glad when they pop up as I keep learning. Thanks Zack!!

  17. Well…not surprising that it didn't work though I have personally seen this method work many times as the cracks I witnessed in person were not this deep so I can't say "myth busted" when u use it once …

  18. In your case, you should try putting it in a container and pressur the container with air… I've thought about this… cause I use to have a small chip on both my car and my s7

  19. Now I hear the putting it in water works. Leave it in water the take it out. The phone has to be one for you to see it working.

  20. i mean if youre trying to not cut yourself on the glass and you dont care about the aesthetic of the phone itself, then maybe it's an ok fix

  21. Not sure if this was mentioned before — but when I attempted to repair a crack in my windshield many years ago, the kit that I bought came with a syringe pre-filled with resin and an attachable suction cup. The idea was that you would scrape the top layer off to expose the crack and remove any contaminants, place the cup with the syringe attached over the crack, suck the air out of the crack by pulling up on the plunger, then "force-inject" the resin by dropping the plunger. You would then repeat this process until you didn't see any more bubbles rising up during the suction phase. Because of the vacuum required, the crack could be no larger than the diameter of the cup — or about 1" — so the procedure wouldn't have worked with the crack on your display. And while I must confess that it didn't really work for me at the time, I can appreciate the potential validity of this process — at least in theory — and speculate that perhaps with better equipment (e.g. a larger syringe that could produce more vacuum — the one supplied was small, to the point that I frequently ended up pulling the plunger out completely, by accident), the outcome might have been different.

  22. With my Samsung Galaxy S8 I've got a nasty crack, but it wasn't from a drop it was crushed by my couch.

    So there is a hole aswell, i was hoping to fill the hole for water resistance, I've covers it with a screen protector, but I would like my phone to be rain proof.

  23. Do this but try a Loca (wet install) screen protector on a cracked screen. something tells me that may have better results.

  24. Someone please answer. Has anyone tried the back glass of an iphone 8 or X? It is super cracked and the glass and getting every where. I just want it to stops shedding glass and not worried about what it looks like cosmetically.

  25. I wanna try this but want it try to leave it for an hour before putting it in the sun light to cure. Hopefully that will give it time to fill the crakes in.

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