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Val and Tina’s happy ending – Episode 11 | Wansapanataym Finale Recap (With Eng Subs)

Remember when… …I got you your favorite
mung bean cake? We ate it in school together. Life was simple back then, but we were happy. Here, Onang. I brought mung bean cakes – Let’s share them.
– My favorite! How about the first flower that I ever gave you? The one I picked from
the school garden? Life was simple back then, but we were happy. Nay. How about the first time
you told me that you love me too? I felt like I won the lottery. Life was simple back then, but we were happy. Onang? Joey? Can you guess my dream? Is it winning the lottery? No. It’s making you happy. Because… …I love you. I love you too, Joey. I’m sorry. We’re having dried fish again. I really want to buy
roast pig, but… …that’s all I can afford. It’s fine. Dried fish is really great
with fish sauce, tomatoes, and vinegar Don’t worry about it. Didn’t we promise to
love each other for better or worse Dear, why don’t you
show your Papa the dance I taught you? – She’s amazing!
– Let me see. Ready? 1, 2, 3! For better or worse, I will stay by your side, now and forever. Nothing will
ever change, Onang because I love you. Onang, these past few days
made me realize… …who I truly love. And that’s you. I want to love you
and make you happ for the rest of my life. I hope… …you’ll choose me too. Please give me another chance. Fine. That’s enough.
You look silly. Tina, about what you saw… I mean, me and Mister Joey… Honestly, it’s not
what you think. I know, ma’am. Tatay already told us
what happened. Nanay also knows the truth. Actually, they’ve alread
patched things up. That’s good to hear. Ma’am, um… I’d just like to
apologize to you… …for what I said
the other day. That wasn’t so nice. Don’t worry about it, dear. Past is past. Let’s just forget
about it, okay? Yes, ma’am. Let’s start a new. – Deal?
– Deal. Oh my god!
You have to see this! Oh my god!
James saved a dog’s life?! Yes! And because of that, people
are talking about him online! The netizens are very
impressed with him! Oh my god! Listen to this! According to Hottest Bachelor’s
latest voting poll, you’re now in second place. Also, James is
in first place now. Don’t worry
That’s not a problem. I’ll just do better
during the finals I promise Val? Amorosa. You already got everything
you wished for, Val. Ma’am Gretchen
and Mister Joey have rebuilt their respective
families with their spouses. Thank you, Amorosa Now, it’s time for you
to fulfill your promise. Do you remember
what it is? Yes. I remember. What will I lose? What is the price for
the happiness Ma’am Gretchen and Tina’s
families are experiencing? You’ll find out… …when the right time comes. Bachelor number 9
is a disk jockey! Please welcome
James Ricafuente! Go, James! Hey, guys! What’s up?
I’m DJ James DJ, Vlogger, and dog lover. They say I’m a hero for
saving that dog’s life in that viral video. However, I firmly believe that I’m not the only hero. I believe everyone is a hero, every day in their own
little way. Thank you very much. Go, James! Alright! Up next,
we have bachelor number 10! He’s a disk jockey
and a vlogger! Please welcome… …Val Cruz! Go, DJ Val! Oh! That’s something different! – Wow!
– Wow! My name’s Val Cruz a.k.a.
“Mr. Cutepid of the airways. When it comes to
the topic of love, I’m ready to listen
to you. I love you, dear listeners – We love you more!
– I love you! I love you more, Va
I love you so much! And the award for
Metropolis Magazine’s Hottest Bachelor
of 2019 goes to… Number 9! Goes to DJ James
Ricafuente! Are you okay, son? Even if you didn’t win I’m still very proud of you. You are still the
hottest bachelor in my heart. Thank you, Nanay. And thank you
for being here. Dear, even when
we were apart, you were always
in my heart. I’m so proud of you! – Val…
– Thank you. Are you okay? Of course. I’m just thinking
about Ma’am Gretchen and our co-workers
at DZLL. I’m sure they’re
disappointed. For me, you’re
the real winner. He only won because
he rescued that dog. I should’ve entered
the contest. I’ve rescued
so many dogs. And cats, too! Love, your looks
won’t cut it. And you’re too old. – But you still love me, right?
– Of course. And I love you very much. I love you all. Most especially you. You look sad, Val. Yeah. But I’m fine. I’m more concerned
about Ma’am Gretchen and my co-workers. But if you ask me, I’m fine. Wow, you’ve really matured. You care about the
feelings of others now. Is this the condition
you were talking about? Because if it is,
this is nothing compared to all the
blessings I’ve received. I’m glad Tina and Ma’am
Gretchen’s families are okay. Val, you’ve grown so much. In the past, you were unaware
of all your blessings. All you could see were
your misfortunes. All thanks to you,
Amorosa. When you turned
me into Cupid I realized giving is
better than receiving. Wow. I think you are now
deserving of true love. Really? You think I
deserve true love and true
happiness now? – Am I next on Cupid’s list?
– Not yet. You need to finish
one last step first. And I’m ready to give
you your final mission. Okay. That’s James Isn’t that Tina? James and Tina are
your final mission. Why are you crying Is it because you lost? What’s wrong? I love you so much, Tina. Please remember that. I love you, too. But why are you crying Because someday, you will forget how
you feel about me. That will never happen. – Believe me.
– It will. But you’ll be happy. You’ll be happy
with someone else. Val, are you
breaking up with m You’re the one who’ll
break up with me, Tina. What makes you say that? And why would I do that? Because I’m not
worthy of your love. What makes you think
you aren’t worthy? Because you’re
too good for me. A good person like you doesn’t deserve to be
with an arrogant shallow, and selfish
person like me. But despite my
shortcomings, please know I love
you very much. I love you so much. That’s why I’m ready
sacrifice everything for your happiness
and your welfare. You’re so weird. I really am weird. I’m ready. I’ll be honest with you. I love you very much. I love you, too. I’ve always loved you and
that will never change. It’s time, Val. You need to fulfill
your mission. Tina… Did I mess up again? I hit Tina. But where’s the
other arrow? Amorosa, what’s
going on? I said you deserve
true love, remember? But there was
something missing. But what did I do
to deserve this? First, you didn’t complain. You didn’t act like a brat trying to run away from
his responsibilities. Even if it was
hard for you, you still fulfilled
your duties as Cupid. Second and most
importantly, you showed you are willing
to make sacrifices for the person you love. You prioritized her
needs over yours. You were willing to sacrifice
your happiness to ensure hers. Val, that’s what
true love is You just proved how
much you love Tina. Thank you. I’m very proud of you. – Val… Val!
– Tina! Val, how come I suddenly
became so happy that I feel like
I’m going to burst?! I suddenly feel
so full of love for you! I feel the same way. I love you so much, Tina I love you so much too, Val! I love you so, so much! – Yay!
– Yippee! This place is so full
of love now! I’m all better now! – Yay!
– Yay! Long live
Kuya Val and Ate Tina! Long live
Kuya Val and Ate Tina! Bye-bye!

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