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Valentine’s Day Gone Wrong | Relationship Comedy Short Film

The fuck did I do this time? She’ll have the salad. Really? You’re always talking how you’re trying to watch what you eat. I thought a salad is what you wanted, Beth. Forget it. You know knew this was a waste. Should
just order the pizza and save the money for that hoity-toity restaurant. Was this an inconvenience free to take me out to a
nice. You know what forget it you obviously don’t do this shit! Are you
fucking kidding me? I give a shit! I give all these shits! I’m like romantic
diarrhea. kRomantic diarrhea? That just came out I’m Sorry. Me too. We just haven’t spent much time together. Just trying to keep this romance alive. Just after Sandra just
Sandra was a mistake. A stupid childish outlash that in no way reflects how I
feel about you. I married you. You’re the mother of my son. I’m not the same size
Do you understand how beautiful you are? It takes me an extra two minutes to get
out of bed every morning because I can’t stop staring at you. I didn’t say this
tonight but you look gorgeous. Heads turned, and the waiter. He couldn’t stop smiling at you. I just haven’t felt this pretty in a while just wanted to get a
little gussied up but not just for you but for me too. Can we start the night over? Please. you you

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