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Valojen korjaus alle 5 EUROLLA – Audi S2 ep20

Hello I’m Asko and this is “sweat pants garage” Last time we did some painting and while those things will dry I took rear lights off there was a crack on drivers side light and turned to be bigger than seemed Had to order new one, that was so broken that it couldn’t repaired we’ll see that later but in other light has some light cracks so took that also off Thought I try to fix that with windscreen repair fluid what ever that is, glue or something… smells really bad just like dentist patching thingy but let’s see do we get it repaired or what ever happens what a mess again. Needs to be cleaned but let’s look that light first this is the drivers side and it had this “little” crack.. don’t know how well you can see like so.. and when I took it off noticed that it was broken on the back side also broken from there and there so.. No reason to try to fix it so I ordered new one and theres the other one that I thougt I try to repair this has.. just a little crack there dunno how well it focuses so.. I thought as I have that windscreen repair fluid this one bought from ebay like 3 euros let’s see.. Thought I open that crack a bit with knife so fluid has better change going it that crack but lets see how it turns out Ok, seems to be working quite well got it flowing quite nice in the crack there you can see…. all those bright things there are also cracks it wouldn’t flow there altho it wen all the way there don’t know if there is a path between anyways If you would be brave enough you could drill small hole and push that fluid throug that to there have to see this first, those could be fixed afterwards also Have to leave this here now and bring it outside to the sun tomorrow for curing but seems very promising.. atleast you can’t see the crack anymore ok that has been outside in the sun in UV light for 2 hours it’s now cured and it had this plastic on top of it and that’s why theres some residues from windscreen you scrape that off with razor, but I leave it be for now I will polish these on some point anyway but as you can see it works well you can barely see the crack anymore of cource you don’t see as good as I see, but just a hint of crack can be seen using right angle and this small bottle will definitely be enough for this size of lights even how cracked those would be and that you can get almost car part store but I bought it for like 3,5 or 4 euros from ebay this short clip starts to be it and that other light there can’t be repaired. I have new one on the post office wating should get that so I could install those back but think this is a good tip for all who are wondering those cracks on the lights try to use that windscreen repair fluid seems to work very well you should notice that take the light on the table and put in position where that fluid can flow to that crack as that flowing works with gravity so it needs to be in position where fluid flows downwards but this was it for now and we’ll return with the Audi on the next one Bye for now!

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