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Vari kotha ainaka | Village Paddy farming part -2 | my village show comedy

Anil… What are you doing here..? Will go and make that grass like a heap before sun arrives What..?
Paddy Heap..? You make me to Rice paddy to drag out,
Planting, and distributed the paddy Even I sprayed the Pesticides
Few days back, I cut the grass too… Is not enough..? It’s been six months Please give me my money Anil… Once we make that paddy heap and sell it to the buyer I’ll pay your entire amount I’ll clear your entire money Please come with me Ok I’ll come, you go My fate What can I do..? you go first Bring two Sarees, while you are coming Ask your friends for help in this work If it rains, Entire grass will be drenched I don’t know, It’s your responsibility I’m leaving Friends ah..? They are running away from me,How could they come…?
Last time also they cheated me… I worked in her paddy for 6 months Still she is saying paddy heap and Rice heap I know, She is trying to escape without giving money Why did i accept this work..? My fate Humming…
Village boy… The hard working guy how many days it’s been without money how could I do that paddy heap..? God.. Why did I accepted this work…? Anil Brother, You looks like thinking about something peacefully… What happend? While I’m working here without break, Where is the rest where is the peace sister…?
My life has been ruined Is it a life..?
Hey Anil Brother, Stop, crying like ladies and tell us what happend..? Ching chong, What are you saying..? Don’t you know the difference between elders and loungers..? I know What you know..? Elders will be strong like us youngers will cry like you… You will know my pain when you work hardly You will simply play and and roam
What do you know…? Even grass cutting has been completed…
What do you know..? I know everything Haa know, saying like everything know
I have too many works Sister I have to sweap the grass
Make it like a haycock, have to arrange a paddy heap again have to spread
finally have to sell them No one is coming to help me
my life is strucked over here It’s ok
we will come to make haycock Yeah even we will come to support you Really..?
Yes… Hey do you know how to work…?
Yes, We know. Yes, We know.
But, what do you give us..? What do you want…?
Pizza, Sprite, Biryani, Ice-cream I wanna go for movie, I want cake
What do you want..? I want noodles Kids are very reasonable, I’ll use them slowly to make my work finish I will buy you everything which you are asking
Let’s go Hey anil brother What
When is this going to be finish, When you will buy..? why you are jumping on the grass, make it like a haycock
Soon it is going to finished, Make it fast Anil
Falling even single grass heap is also not fair keep it there slowly and come back He left with the grass heap and it’s been hours He might be speaking in the phone with the bujji.
Came with these little childrens kept them in my paddy
They are destroying all my grass Why you took this much time..? While I’m dying here to work in this hot temperature always whispering
your always saying Bujji, phone, Married girl with a kid Is everything your wish…? First take this heap What are you getting toilet…? Go to home What is this..
Do you want me do this things too…? Hmmm
Lets’s go Anil brother…
It makes us itchy is it itching…?
You will get itching, while you are working in grass… Take rest for sometime It’s ok, when you will buy for us
I will buy it once this work has been completed You go and sit under the tree Yayyyyyy hey anil, You brought these children’s for work
Do you think, are they working…? Why you came here for work or what..? Do you want sprite , lolipop and thumsup or not..? We want If you want work quietly Not like that Properly Pitty grass Come , Help me in picking up God Anil brother
Everything is fine Where is my pizza
What is Pizza…? You don’t know about pizaa, Just calm down Where is my ice-cream..?
When we are going to movie..? Where is my cake..?
Where is my noodles..? I’ll buy everything for you First everyone eat this mangle pickle rice.. Anil..
How much time you will spend here by feeding them… Looks like it’s going to be rain, we have to form paddy heap Make it fast will go
We are eating Don’t you even allow us to eat…? Kids,Will eat fast make paddy heap…
Once we finish it Gangavva will give us money and i’ll buy everything which you are asking Sprite,Thums up, and lollipop Is it ok..?
Now let’s go… It’s raining , Let’s go
Quick Our six months efforts to make this rice crop has been wasted by this rain.. See this Anil Our paddy became wet and water is coming out for the paddy. Don’t cry No use of crying You make one heap here and another heap there
I make it together and covered with curtain This heap was drenched in water
See, Now will cover this paddy heap with curtain Tomorrow will dry it entire day in the sunlight and will sell it Is this rain has to come this time to spoil our paddy.
Come let’s do it… Hey kids Come here Anil Brother When you buy for us Kids,Today our paddy was drenched in water and didn’t get a chance to sell them Tomoroow will sell everything, Will get money and buy it for you ok… Go to your home safely Maa… Anji uncle is coming
I’ll ask him to check the matcher Not anji uncle, he is not our old anji uncle
Call him sir… Call him sir… Ok i’ll call him sir Sir, See our paddy heap sir..
We brought here since threedays ago and dried completely Please sir. Your line is not yet came
There is big Que, Will see when your line arrives Sir sir
Please sir once come and see Is paddy looks like this…?
Entire paddy is wet Spread it and dry them completely
We are doing it since last five days sir What five days
You just kept the paddy heap and covered it with curtain Make it dry completely by spreading Sir Sir
Spread it There are 280 heaps in the line when we will get our Que , When we will get matcher
What is this When we gonna sell this paddy
Everyday we are spreading and making heap What is this..?
What we will do, We are in struggle… With god grace if everything is fine that’s fair Otherwise will bring one large curtain and cover it on paddy heap What we can do other than that
See sir is coming Sir Sir Sir
Please come and see matcher sir Yeah
we got the matcher Sir will you give us the number Number..? There is debris in the paddy
You have to clear that Sir already it’s been one week
Please sir give us Ok Come i’ll give you the number Go and get your bags bring the bags
I’ll clear this debris Will offer two coconuts to mallana swamy for his blessings Maa
Once we get the matcher, Our paddy has been almost sold out
Once we get the money I’ll construct one building, I’ll buy one car I’ll search for one good girl and i’ll marry her. We will go for a ride in the car
Anil.. The man who is doing show-off in front of everyone wife is elephant thief Your expert in show off With 10,000 rupees you gonna buy everything Go and bring those bags. I won’t give you more than 10,000 rupees Always you are making fun on me and laughing all the time. Wait, I’ll bring the bags. Workers,
Don’t weigh the bag more than it’s weight.. Look at the number properly while weighing Paddy has been sold out Maa, Finally the paddy has been sold out
If you give my money I’ll clear the amount with Shive brother and will give treat to childrens I’ll go to Hyderbad and enjoy in pubs. Give me my money Take this 2000 Why you are giving 2000..?
Is it advance..? This is not for you. Go and give to workers
What about me We just weighed the paddy bags, we won’t get the money immediately
After 20 days, our money will be credited in bank After that I’ll clear your entire amount without single rupee. Again I have to wait for 20 days..? Then what do you think..?
Go and give that passbook xerox copy in bank Anil brother
Where is my pizza Your paddy has been sold out, let’s go give us the party Anil brother , where is my pizza..?
Where is my maaza Where is my sprite
Where is my noodles Children’s
I brought everything kept it in gangavva home. Go there , eat , drink and enjoy Hey
Come let’s go I’ll search here, you go and search there… Sister, there is a letter in the shelf Sister it is very big Read It What happend sister, Is it suicide letter..? Dear Sister, I don’t have money to buy pizza Not even have single rupee to buy thumsup I can’t even show my face to you , that’s why i’m writing this letter My sincere apologies Even I cheated children’s just because of lack of money in the hand at proper time Is it a life..? Eat, at least you eat properly
I didn’t even feed children Anil, We got 83,000 for our Rice Crop. Go and clear all the loans of lenders properly. It’s been very hot outside Please count the money which you given to gangavva,
We got the money and I’ll clear it now Anil, This time you didn’t sell your rice crop to us…
Where did you sold that..? On market only
It’s 40 Quintal From the starting on wards, including Urea and seeds Total 30,200/- 30,000 ..? Please give me some discount
What is there to give you discount Is it fix..?
Yes fix Is that total amount..?
Yes, 30,000 is there Remaining 200..? Leave those 200 and clear the bill You will sell your rice crop somewhere and asking me to cut down 200..? I can’t
Give me the 200 Anil…
Hmmm… Tractor fair 20,000
Administor 10000 Old amount 5000, Total 35000..
35000…? Give me some discount Dude
Discount…? It cost me 10,000/- rs to repair that tractor engine you know the Diesel rate…?
But It’s not your money That is Anji uncle money right…?
I can’t consider relationship when it come’s to money matter I’ll treat you well when you visit my home…
But I can’t give you discount… Is that fix..?
Yes Fix… There is no fixed rate for farmer rice crop Everything in the market has fixed rate Maa, I Paid the money to everyone Even I cleared Shiva brother money also You have been left with 3000 rupees after I paid everything It’s ok
At least I’m happy, that we cleared the amount What…?
Are you happy..? In 80,000/- rupees you just had 3000 rupees in your hand don’t you feel sad about this..? What is there to feel bad..? Everyone is eating happily while I’m harvesting Even I had few rice bags to feed my stomach
We are satisfied With the god grace, If we get the entire crop with out any issues That is the biggest achievement Maa, Every time I felt Money makes us happy Money, Money, Money I thought I’ll get everything with money only But, we can’t get everything with money Even If you buy everything with money, there is no satisfaction in that life Till this day, I thought rich people are great Rich people are kings But, Farmer has the capacity to work hard he has the ability to convert his blood into sweat with the work He has the commitment to feed the world Even with the empty stomach he has lot’s of patience Other than all these things, without considering all his problems He strictly wants to do farming only I thought This six months I did messy things I wasted my time But I realized farmer struggle while I’m working in paddy Maa, No matter how many issues are there I’ll live like a farmer only I’ll stay like a farmer only I’ll stay here only Don’t cry You are my golden pot I’ll take another 10 acres for lease Will harvest it happily Take this 500/-
Bring chicken while you are coming You gonna cook Chicken curry…?
Yes.. Maa, Also prepare Pulav..
Ok… Take another 500/- Order for white water Ok friends,
Thanks for watching this video… This is the sequel of Paddy farming part -I Hope you all like this video We tried to explore the farmer problems in this video How many likes you want…?
50 lakhs…. Not 50 lakhs
Ask for 50,000 Expecting 50,000 likes for this video and 50 lakh views How is the video…?
It is very nice.. We struggled a lot for this video… Even I’m crying now Now Like, Share the video Subscribe My village show

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