Laughter is the Best Medicine

[LAUGHTER] Oh! Oh, no. This is the Make Me
Laugh Challenge, Part 6. And we are excited to do our
very first long-distance laugh challenge. Joining us via the power of
free video chat is our friend Alex Wassabi. Hey, guys! Thanks for having me. I’m excited to not
laugh, because imma win. All right, we’ll get
to Alex in a bit, but let me remind you
guys of the rules. We’ll take turns in a chair with
our hands tied and our mouth full of water. And then one of us
will come in and try to make you laugh using
any of the props, costumes or gifts here at Vat19. You guys ready? Let’s do it. You must be the fella from
Craigslist, is that right? No. All right. Well, I appreciate
you showing up. I got the livestock for
you that you ordered. But I just want to tell you,
she’s a little wild, all right? She’s a little wild. Can you handle wild, sir? You got to get up
in there, all right? Come here, boy! Come here! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Hi, hi, get down! Get him down. Get down. All right, all right. Who is this? It’s gotta be Adam. It’s got to be Adam. It was Adam the whole time. It was me. Love that. Good start. Well done. He’s back on the stage. Ladies and gentlemen,
it’s Joe Pocus. Oh, John. There’s nothing in
this hat, or is there? Um, yeah, can we reset? Yeah, I think I got to go. Am I late? Sorry, guys. Let’s do it over. We’re going to do it over. All right, Alex, you’ve
seen how the game works. Are you ready to take a turn? I’ve been ready. Let’s go. This is a very special
technique that I’ve perfected over the years. So I’m going to
show you right now. Oh, no. OK. [FARTING SOUNDS] [LAUGHING] Is he farting on command/ This is what we
call “back farts.” You nasty. [LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE] [HUMMING GAME OF THRONES THEME] Alex of Wasabi, welcome
to the Game of Thro– I mean, the Game of Sitting
in Chairs and Laughing. Release the dragon, Dracarus. Is that my dragon? Oh! Whoa! Whoa, that’s alive! That’s alive! Whoa. [HUMMING GAME OF THRONES THEME] That’s so cool. I didn’t expect that last part. I’m tired of seeing
Eric in dresses. “Jo-we” Graves, you are going
to look so cute at [? Bitcom. ?] Let’s get started, baby. You want all the
blonde off, or you just want to keep the grays? Oh, my god! What is in your hair? What have you been bathing in? [LAUGHING] I will not lie to when our
enemy walks through that door, it will not be like
what your mama told you about when you were a kid. It is not a fun
story and game time. So I need you to be prepared. Are you prepared? Because we do not know what
will come through that door any time. Hey, guys. Oh, sh– holy hell,
it’s a teen wolf. [FIRING PROP GUN] [LAUGHING] Hey, uh, is there a bath here? I’m looking for a bath. I think it’s around
here somewhere. I’ll just go ahead
and take this off. All right, there you go. All right, let me just
get ready for that here. Do you mind holding that for me? Yeah, I’m just going to go
ahead and take this robe off– take a bath. I’m glad you laughed
there, because I don’t have another layer. This is it, man. Mm. Well, I know that
something ain’t right. I know that something
ain’t right. Clowns to the left or
me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in
the middle with– ahh! You cut off my ear. A little Reservoir Dogs. Oh, no! What is that? Be gone! Be gone! Come here, come here. It’s OK. It’s OK. Now be gone! Be gone [? T-rex! ?] Oh, totally going to get him to
[? puke, ?] just a little bit. [APPLAUSE] All right, good job, Alex. No costume. For those of you
who don’t know, Joey used to go to the gym every day. But he stopped going. But I didn’t. That’s why I got abs abs, back
abs, hand abs, and butt abs. Oh! Oh, no. Oh, god. You can’t undo that. Take that back, out of my eyes. [CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING] [LAUGHING] FastBreak393
ponderers, “Have you seen the new movie,
Constipation?” It hasn’t come out yet. [LAUGHING] You know what also
hasn’t come out yet? The Vat19 movie,
due November 2nd. Did you just plug the movie? Where did he come from? Well, thanks so
much to Alex Wassabi for having fun with us today. If you’re one of the
seven people on YouTube who doesn’t know who he is,
make sure to watch his videos. And if you liked
this video, make sure to watch the rest of
the Make Me Laugh videos from us at Vat19. You guys forgot I
made crotch abs. No! No, no, no!

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